I can honestly understand your concerns and how you would like to maintain control of your completed works. After all this will/could become your livelyhood.

There are lots of programs out there (macromedia to name one) that are suppose to be able to stop the pirating of digital media. Unfortunately, there is little to stop this from taking place.

There are lots of unknown programs available for free and pay that are designed to go around anti-piracy locks. If you do find something that can stop direct copying of your DVD to a hard drive, you still can't prevent someone from playing your DVD directly into their video capture card while recording it to hard drive. Of course they may not be able to have the nice menus and other slick navigation systems designed into DVD's but they will have the main content in whatever format they wish to record to.

My suggestion, build a name for yourself. Establish yourself as an expert that creates DVD's unlike any other and get your name spread by word of mouth. The work will eventually overwhelm you and you will become someone sought after for DVD creation. Be reasonable with your pricing and do not try to prevent your customers from using their DVD's however they like.

Try adding a order or pricing menu at the end of the DVD and contact information if they wish to order more or have another DVD created. This way, if your DVD is pirated, that information will be included in the copy for anyone else to see.

Best of luck,

Shawn Mosqueda
WireSmart LLC

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