It's no more expensive than other high-end PDAs, but it's a lot better! My Brother-in-law has a Sony TJ-37 ($300) He is so jealous now! I used to own a Sony NR70v (paid $600 new). Now I have the Zodiac - you can pick them up for $270. It is by far the best PDA I've ever seen! My sister just bought a Zodiac because she played with mine. We use it mostly for entertainment - music, e-books, movies and games. Oh, I keep phone numbers and addresses from work on it, but it really comes in handy on trips. My work takes me out of town about once a month. I like to travel light so the Zodiac allows me to leave the laptop, MP3 player, portable DVD player, paperbacks, and travel alarm at home. For me it?s been a great buy.