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Is Site Sell a scam?

I have a friend pushing Site Sell like it is the mecca for website hosting. I can't find any legitimate reviews for it on Google only hucksters singing its praises. Just wondering if there was anyone not actively trying to market Sitesell that could comment.

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In reply to: Is Site Sell a scam?

It's not really a scam, but everyone trying to sell you is an affiliate. They wouldn't be trying if they weren't getting paid. Here are the details of the affiliate program: http://affiliates.sitesell.com/

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my openion

In reply to: Eh,

I don't think because they are running an affiliate program that means they are not scammers. Myself I don't trust websites that selling there products or subscription to show people how to make money, for me this is a pure scam most of the time. Plus I see many pages are already written to defend Site sell, looks to me like the owners are promoting their site.

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Absolutely Not a Scam

In reply to: Is Site Sell a scam?

I just stumbled across this post and since nobody with first-hand experience has yet responded, I'll share. Not as an affiliate, but as a user of the service.

I am very happy with SiteSell (and its product called Site Build It! -- a.k.a., SBI!, for short). Please don't confuse SiteSell with a web hosting company, module or tool that builds websites. It is an e business, self-study course with a unique and extensive set of tools that helps people create sites that get significant traffic and generate sizeable income.

Prior to finding SBI!, I had never built a website before. I had Internet research experience and I used email, but that was the extent of it. Since I wanted to build a site, I decided to give it a try. Some of my friends suggested I get cheap or free hosting to begin with, but I decided to go with SBI. I'm glad I did because I have learned so much and really only paid the subscription fee once since my site has always earned enough to cover the subscription cost. In fact, the more training and experience I get, (even after using other non-SBI tools and hosting), the more I like SBI and appreciate what it does.

Performance is one of the biggest reasons I'm happy. My site is now up to 3000+ visitors a day and I earn close to four figures a month in near-passive income. I acquired this by following the training step-by-step and working hard.

Because of Content 2.0 (an SBI tool), my visitors contribute their own work to my site and my site has expanded more than 10 times its size and 3 times its traffic volume as a result. I only occasionally work on my site now, as it pretty much creates itself. I can do other things with my time and still have income coming in. Even though I only work on my site occasionally, my content remains fresh due to the regular updates contributed by my visitors. Most of my pages are in the top 10 search engine results and in addition to the influx of new search engine traffic, my visitors come back again and again.

I've come across some people saying that SBI is no different than what you get elsewhere on the Net. In my experience, it's always been people who haven't used SBI who say that. With all the tools that are included like the Brainstormer, Analyzer, Link Fix It, Search Engine Tracking (not just traffic reports), Value Exchange, Form Builder, E-Zine Builder and Content 2.0, etc., you can't find a single product who gives you these tools in one place. Some of SBI's tools don't even exist anywhere else.

Supposing you did find and acquire these tools for yourself, you would be paying a good deal more (Content 2.0 would cost $1000's). And other tools are not designed to be as search engine friendly to help your site naturally, honestly and ethically do well on the Net. Others are spammy schemes based on black hat principals that could get you outright banned, or at will at the very least become ineffective once they are outlawed and blocked by the search engines.

Probably the best thing about SBI is the training and support you get for learning and growing your e business. The Action Guide (the owner's manual, or study guide) gives you step-by-step instructions. The SBI community is one of the friendliest anywhere and people really work to help each other. The Support team is professional and competent, while Ken Evoy runs the company with a very refreshingly honest, "customer first" philosophy.

It is with this training that I have learned a great deal through SBI. Not only do I have a successful SBI-based business, I know how to repeat the process on my own or how to help others do it.

Just to test my knowledge, I went to a free site and started building a quick, simple business. Even though I was provided with "tools," there was no background on how or why to use them. Fortunately, because of my training, I already knew what they were for and was able to build some very high-quality pages. But this service was nowhere near SBI in terms of performance because SBI does things for you in the background. My cheaply hosted pages just lie there and I have to do the extra work myself. I highly doubt that using this free/cheap site builder will ever give me the performance I get from using SiteSell, without me putting in a lot more work in the long run.

Plus, I noticed that while I am being given cheap or free tools, the process is slanted to benefit the service itself, not me. I have to work that much harder to earn less using these cheap alternatives and I can never take my property with me if I ever decide to move. That's because the domain name would never be mine - so I would have to start all over again.

I could go on forever with this post, but Site Build It is a very safe investment.

If someone is not inclined to put in some study and hard work, it is not for them. If someone doesn't like structure or process, don't waste your time, because that's exactly what SBI is all about.

But if you're looking to build a successful e business that eventually grows on its own and actually earns income (many times, significant income), SiteSell is your best bet. You get everything you need in one place and tools you won't find anywhere else.

There's even a money-back guarantee. There is no web-hosting, building, training product anywhere that gives you that.

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most affiliate business are scams

In reply to: Absolutely Not a Scam

most affiliate business are scams

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Affiliate Business Does Not Equal "Scam"

In reply to: most affiliate business are scams

Because the world is moving to online commerce, most large companies have an affiliate programs these days. In fact, the site you are on right now has an affiliate program which you can find at http://www.cnet.com/1991-13403_1-6722445-1.html

Well-known companies like T-Mobile, Ebay, ITunes, Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Borders and Sears all have affiliate programs.

They look for publishers to promote their products for them. Learning to sell as an affiliate is a bonafide way of monetizing an e business and is not a scam by any means.

The Internet is the future and affiliate program does not = scam.

However, my site (mentioned in my post above) just so happens to be an information site, and earns the majority of its income in other ways than affiliate sales.

The truth is, there are many, many ways to monetize a business on the Net. The key is acquiring the skills and processes that work in an ethical, honest manner. Caring about customers and helping them is part of that. I recommend downloading free ebooks like "Make Your Site Sell" and "Make Your Content Presell" for a deeper understanding of these concepts. Just do a Google search for them. These materials are out there, freely available.

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Does anyone know of a good live chat affiliate program that I could sign up to?

In reply to: Affiliate Business Does Not Equal "Scam"

Does anyone know of a good live chat affiliate program?

I'm a mother of five and I'm looking for a top paying live chat affiliate program can somebody recommend me the best one? I choose live chat affiliate program because live chat software is very easy to sell.

I already have my niche defined and I'm sure I can convince them to buy live chat software from me because having live chat operators on stand-by on their websites 24/7 would mean increased conversion rate by 20%. Besides, my target market really needs live chat operators and 24/7 helpdesk customer service because they are always on the go (my niche is a group of businessmen who can't afford to stay online most of the time), they need live chat operators to assist their visitors real-time, and competition is tough in their respective industry. I'm thinking of joining live247support.com live chat affiliate program but I'm still open to suggestions from you experts in this forum.

I will choose live247support.com because they only charge 6 cents per minute billing and it's cheaper compared to other live chat software companies which charge at least $39.99 per live chat operator. I'd appreciate if you could recommend a live chat software company that can compete with the business packages that live247support.com is offering.

Thank you very much.

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Now that Looks Like Spam


I'm sorry, but your post made no sense to me. It appears you are trying to stuff this thread with your keyword for some reason. If you're really interested in having a conversation, I'm afraid you'll have to be more clear as to how what you're looking for pertains to this thread.

If you're trying to be an affiliate marketer, I'm also afraid you're going about it all wrong. I suggest you get a hold of and study the Affiliate Master Course by Ken Evoy. You won't be very successful repelling people. Helping them works far better. Do a Google search for "affiliate masters course ken evoy" or download it here for free: http://aff-masters.sitesell.com/

Good luck! :o)

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It's staggering how people don't get SBI!

In reply to: Is Site Sell a scam?


Ken Evoy here, founder of SiteSell.com, the company that develops and delivers SBI! to tens of thousands.

SBIers' experiences are beyond the pale in terms of frequency of success, size of success, persistence of success, every way you care to measure success. There is so much proof and still, there are people who don't get it.

Just today, an SBIer won $10,000 as top affiliate of buycostumes.com...


And now, with our monthly payment option, you can understand why everyday people build real businesses. It's not the ONLY way to succeed. But it's certainly the best.

There are competitors on the Web who promote lies about SBI! being a cult or a scam or what-not. Personally, it's painful to me. But practically, they do YOU a bigger disservice as they go on to convince you to just set up a blog and cheap hosting. And THEN they start pitching one useless product after another. You spin your wheels for years.

Building a real business takes much more than GetRichQuick and all the nonsense being sold online. SBI! handles all the parts where folks get lost and enables you to focus on ONE thing...

Building your business.

Try it. If you don't like it, just refund.

But debating about the motives of so much proof out there, when no other company (all of whom have affiliate programs, too) is just silly.

If you want to build a business, just get started.

All the best,
Ken Evoy
Founder, SiteSell.com

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In reply to: It's staggering how people don't get SBI!

exactly ken!

Good Point too! And if you agree with Ken about Sitesell and if you are interested in a new web host then check out their site shown below. They will explain what seperates site Build It from its competitors.

Check it out for yourself here:


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Wow Enough....

In reply to: SBI !

Enough of the employee responses. I think this thread is advertising at this point. HavingFun2Day obviously has something to do with the site too. You guys are defeating the purpose of this thread, for honest unbiased opinions.

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Maybe there's some things that you don't get, Ken

In reply to: It's staggering how people don't get SBI!

I know everything is all hunky-dorey in your world of computers, but that is just not true for all of your SBI'ers. I found your video training very confusing and difficult to follow. I found your written scripts equally difficult to understand. I had a dream when I went looking for a website builder and host close to three years ago now. I did as much research as I could before I finally purchased an SBI site. I am frankly beginning to look elsewhere. Well the 'dream' finally died there a few months ago when I reached an impasse of 'techie' that I was not able to learn how to do the next steps. First of all - It is very difficult to build a website without visually 'seeing' it (at least for me). By the way over 75% of North Americans are visual-first experiencer's. It doesn't look or 'feel' or act at all the way I wanted it too. But I had to keep following the process outlined. Now I'm either stuck with it or I have to let it go. You know I started this with the intention of earning a living from my website, but could not 'get there' with SBI. It was to be the only re-tirement income I would ever get to have so Yes I am frustrated. Yes I spent a lot of money (for me) on it. To no avail. Do you want to know why Ken? It has taken me close to 3 years to understand why! By the way, I did work on it - a lot. I was getting up at 5 AM working on it till I had to go to my day job, then working on it again at night. When it came time for the C2 after 2 years of struggle, I finally gave up! It's so simple Ken, it is a different language than I have ever spoken. Do you have any idea how much digging and research I had to do to just understand some of the basic simple computer talk that is in the video's. Hours upon hours of research (at almost every turn of phrase in the instructions), that's how much. That's probably why I couldn't see my dream anymore - I couldn't understand the language to make it happen. You know, it is only two months ago that I finally found a video by someone else explaining keyword search that I finally 'got it'. What to look for in a keyword research. Yes I am frustrated and YES I know that SBI is THE BEST HOST PROBABLY ON THE ENTIRE PLANET. If a person has at least the language understanding, then there would be no other choice of host for quality, for extremely powerful tools, for hope and promise, and for ranking power. SBI does reign supreme - I suspect even better than google or Microsoft for the depth of toolware.

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Replies about SBI!

In reply to: Maybe there's some things that you don't get, Ken

Hello to a22burnett

I agree with you. I really don't like it when affiliates post to forums using their affiliate URLs. We have contacted that affiliate and told him he is violating our rules. (I doubly don't like it when they take advantage of a very rare post that I'll make by making a reply that adds nothing except that URL.)

As for the other person, HavingFun2Day, you may be being just a touch unfair. We actually do have tens of thousands of delighted SBI! owners. Only half are affiliates. But even those who are not affiliates recommend SBI! to friends and family or on their Facebook, etc. So why aren't they affiliates? It doesn't fit their e-business important monetization models. But they do love SBI!. Please allow for the fact that SBI! might really be for real. The social proof is extremely strong, and it's not all affiliates.

It's not the only way to succeed, for sure. And not everyone succeeds, that is also for sure. But for the everday person, I don't know of a better way. We really do our best to help everyday people build profitable e-businesses. This is serious, NOT GetRichQuick.

Hello leeman1,

I'm really sorry your efforts with SBI! are not working out. While it's the best of it's kind for building an e-business, there are 1,000 easier ways to put up a site or blog. Raw newbies, retired people, stay at home moms... they've all used the videos with great results. We introduced the videos because, as you say, most people learn better.

While SBI! removes the barriers, it does not make business-building easy. You still have to work and put in the learning curve. But we really work hard NOT to use jargon that the "newbie" won't understand.

Please don't give up yet. I'm puzzled by what's blocking you. Please post to our forums, where I post often, and let SiteSell Support know that you've posted and that I want to see it. The forums are amazing. I don't know if you've posted there yet to get over the humps, but please do. And I'll jump in and see what's blocking you.

All the best,

P.S. Thank you, leeman1, for the kind words after your complaint. But... all the good stuff is no good to you if you can't get over what's blocking you. You're trying hard. You deserve to succeed. Post at the forums and I'll meet you there. Happy

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back to you Ken

In reply to: Replies about SBI!

Ok, in case I was not clear - (entirely possible when I rant there, ya know!), If I can say nothing else then I say this. SBI is for real!! SBI HAS already helped countless people from all around the world (literally ) to build solid and beautiful income earning websites. Of the things I recognise in life, it is a system that is working really well for most people. As far as building websites that not only function extremely well, but are pretty much always listed in the top google 5 on first page search rank = (that is very high) then SBI does exactly that. (Actually SBI goes way beyond that for most of the people who own sites with them.) I know it very clearly and surely. Owning an SBI site offers tools that not ANYONE else does and they are very powerful and useful tools. I admit that - I know that. In my case, it is MY failing to understand the technical (even the small amount SBI uses) which makes the whole thing more aggravating for me. For me, being an SBI owner is like being in a candy store with the 'candies' just out of reach. In my case it is because I am only 3" high, eh! It is definieetly not because of SBI, their tools or their quality or their promises. They are for real and most people really honestly succeed at it. Look, even while I have been shopping around looking for other resources, I kept bumping into SBI sites in the TOP 2 to 5 rank position whenever I did a search. And frankly, every product I have been researching I look for the tools that come automatically with SBI. Also the online security that they have is way more than of the other companies out there either. I'm not finding the tools anyywhere else.

So Ken, I apologise for being grumpy and frustrated, but it is the tech language. I have asked for help a few times. The responses were too technical also. And honestly I felt really stupid. I have to go find the wikepedia or a tech dictionary online just to read a paragraph. STuff like that has taken me as much as a week to grasp - a paragraph - really!! It's unnerving because I know other hosts can't offer what SBI does.

I thank you for your kind response to my ranting. I don't know if I'll meet you in the forums. I have to think about it for a couple of days.

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Look for Yourself

In reply to: Is Site Sell a scam?

I'd like to correct a common misinterpretation of affiliate programs. We do have an affiliate program, as does Amazon and many large companies. Good affiliates join programs that pay well AND that sell great products.

Most people are good and won't recommend a bad product that will hurt you just to make money, especially not when there are excellent alternatives that they could be recommending.

There is a dark side to affiliate marketing, yes, but that is usually for very high-priced products that pay 50% (and higher) commissions for poor products. It's sad that these fraudulent rings are not put out of business by the authorities.

In any event, girlesquire1, my best advice to you would be -

If a friend is recommending SBI! to you, your very best way to be sure is to spend an hour or two with that friend. You will learn more from that friend in that time than reading 3 months of reviews online. Most importantly, you will see that SBI! is way more than just "website hosting." If you're still not sure, just try it for a month, and refund if you and SBI! are not right for each other.

Finally, don't forget to thank your friend. Happy

Sue from SiteSell Answers

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