Is Sarah "in the dark"?

THEY tell her what THEY want her to know/think,..... she goes out there and repeats it?

Playing dumb?...or a shill(an accomplice)?

Her salary is a Non Disclosure Agreement?

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Reporting: Is Sarah "in the dark"?
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Actually, I'm impressed by her

I like how she handles the press and almost never gets rattled. Then, again, I'm no fan of the press and would definitely lose it if having to deal with some of their shenanigans. IMO, the problem isn't with Ms. Sanders but with those with whom she must deal.

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RE: the problem isn't with Ms. Sanders
the problem isn't with Ms. Sanders but with those with whom she must deal.

I agree...but HER problem is more with HER employer than HER clients.....

How much would you take before you packed it in?

Even HIS legal advisers/lawyers are packing it in...

HE is toxic? HE's the guy standing off stage wearing the hazmat suit.....

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Consider this

I'd say that, more often, having to deal with the worst characteristics of other people brings out the worst of characteristics in that person as well. With Ms. Sanders, I'd say that having to deal with persistent and obnoxious media persons brings out her best. I find that to be admirable. Obviously, those who preceded her in the position didn't have something that she does have.

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RE:persistent and obnoxious

And POTUS doesn't possess those qualities?

No condemnation of HIS personality traits?

You do think he is persistent and obnoxious don't you?

When a person starts talking bout their wife's birthday and ends up talking about FBI and Mueller....THEY are persistent.

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Your reply sounds a lot like what I hear

from the news writers. If they're wanting to evoke a negative response from a leader but that leader remains quiet, they'll accuse him/her of "failure to condemn'.

I'm trying to keep to your topic here which is in regards to the White House press secretary so, if you want to drift from it, feel free to do so. But, I've no interest in following you.

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RE:but that leader remains quiet

remains quiet?

Do you mean sitting quietly in the Oval office(off stage), watching the press conference on TV, making sure Sarah says what HE told her to say?

THAT is NOT remaining quiet....That's using someone else as a mouthpiece.....

RE:I'm trying to keep to your topic here

The "topic" was... Is Sarah "in the dark"?

And who (if anyone) is keeping her in the dark

The media wasn't/isn't keeping Sarah in the dark...they are making their views known....

SHE is Taking one for The Gipper....Actually SHE has taken more than one for The Gipper.

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"Is Sarah in the dark?"

In so many words, I've answered that...but here's my last words. No, she's not in the dark. She knows what table she's sitting at and she knows the player's with which she must deal. She knows the traps they'll try to set and she knows how to avoid them. She's very much in the light. That's my own analysis based on the few times I've seen her in what the media allows to be fed to the public. I don't have enough solid information to go deeper than that and I won't sit here and allow any prejudice to cloud my view. Basta...Finito.

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RE: I've seen her in what the media allows

I've seen her in what the media allows to be fed to the public.

It's more a case of

You've seen her in what the POTUS wants to be fed/tells her to feed to the public.

As far as "media allows"...the press conferences i've seen, were live and uninterrupted from beginning to end with no editing, so I don't know about your use of the word "allowed".

SHE is HIS mouthpiece....SHE says what HE tells her to say....and ONLY what HE tells her to say.

The media follow her around like a bunch of puppy dogs waiting for a "treat"....


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You are missing the entire point here......

Sanders, like EVERY OTHER press secretary for a president, says what that administration needs her to say.......what's different about Sanders is how that media in front of her attacks her on a personal level either during the presser or later on as commentators. She always handles those attacks with grace and dignity which makes those attackers go nuts because they aren't able to rattle her, which is their intent hoping she will give them a tidbit that they can spin into crap about Trump.

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RE:what's different about Sanders


She has to go out, weekly or the next day and change the story that she is being told by TheRUMP...same with Rudy....

Even IF you consider someone a least they should stick to the same story/LIE....NOT change the story every second day...just to rub the fact that they are LYING in your face.

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I recall quite a few press conferences

under BO that had his secretaries squirming and spinning because the narrative was changing rapidly....especially during Benghazi. So Sarah's job is no different although you would really like it to be.

The Obama press secretaries were Robert Gibbs, Jay Carney and Josh Earnest.

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Sarah Sanders

She's a modern day "David" standing against multiple Media Goliaths and doing a good job of dealing with them.

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RE:multiple Media Goliaths

It looks like SHE is standing against ALL the Media Goliaths now, while HE hides offstage.

Even some of FOX are questioning TheRUMP....

Cavuto to Trump: 'How Can You Drain the Swamp if You Keep Muddying the Waters?'

In his Common Sense monologue Thursday, "Your World" host Neil Cavuto criticized President Donald Trump for a series of factually disputed statements and a history of changing the record on things he previously claimed.

Cavuto pointed to the change of tune since Trump first claimed not to recall anything about the payment made by his attorney Michael Cohen to porn star Stormy Daniels.

"You [now] insist that money from your campaign played no role in this transaction," Cavuto said of Trump's Thursday clarification.

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Miss Sarah

Standing in front of the media and trying to explain/spin what the child just said or did is not a job I would want.

Then having to come back the following day and having to explain/spin it the opposite way because the child has changed direction.

I hope she is being paid a bucket load of money to go through that non-sense.

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To be continuously insulted by

comics and the media she has to look at every day.........yep, I hope she is being paid a bucket load of money to go through that nonsense.

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The child

If the child would learn to stay on script and get his thumbs off the little box the comics and media would have nothing to talk about.

Then Miss Sarah would have an easy job.

Instead the guy driving the bus goes left then right then straight then stops and the media loves it.

He's a never ending supply of ammo.

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TheRUMP has a "bump stock" mouth

Ask one question...and he's on rapid fire...if you even have to ask a question...

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Tell me how many

insults that were thrown at her at the 'news media party' the other night had to do with Trump's comments vs her appearance? She is insulted on a daily basis by the press corps even with their wording of questions asked of her.....and you know it. She ducks salvos from them every day that are aimed directly at her appearance, her cooking, her children, etc.

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RE: her appearance?

SHE was responsible for her "appearance"...when it comes to the amount of eye shadow SHE applies.....

When I was watching the press conference when she had (in MY opinion) applied way too much eye shadow...I was wondering what was wrong with her eyes...she looked like a raccoon....

You would think a Trump supporter would be more forgiving of Wolf

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You gotta' be kidding

You want to criticize a person's TV appearance based on their makeup? You waste time dwelling on that kind of stuff and compare her looks with that of a nocturnal animal? IMO, that's a stoop lower than than the person's you claim are stooping low and displays no credibility whatsoever.

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RE: compare her looks with that of a nocturnal animal?
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(NT) Was the LIAR born in gramma pant suits?
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RE:Was the LIAR born in gramma pant suits?

LIAR?...Which one?...there are so many of them now...

Since it's you making the post...I'll go with Hillary...

IF she was, I'm glad I wasn't the one giving birth...IF I was a female...How 'bout you?

Could you drop one wearing a pant suit?

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so you would be OK if....

...someone referred to the comic as a glorified "scrub bunny"? Have you see the video of the entire event? I cringed through the entire delivery. It was horrible.

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RE:so you would be OK if.

so you would be OK if. someone referred to the comic as a glorified "scrub bunny"?

Why wouldn't I?...I've never heard the term.

Is that a complimentary or derogatory term? in your mind?

Is this 'someone" also a comic? Were they joking?

2 comics roasting each other? NO sympathy here...

Some sympathy for Sarah..a boss that sends HER to an event that HE won't attend....

I'll bet SHE didn't want to be there...

IF/WHEN I have to look up words used in a "joke"'s loses ALL the effect

In good comedy...TIMING IS EVERYTHING....

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The press

Should stick with the news.

The problem is Miss Sarah is the spokesperson for the admin and the media needs content.

Questions will be all over the map.

Personally I don't care what she looks like or her cooking or her children.

As for comics their area is anything and everything.

The child had said he would not attend but the staff would so the target became the staff.

Miss Sarah does not make policy so everyone should leave her alone.

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Now it appears Rudy was "in the dark"

Someone (TheRUMP), has ordered Rudy, to get behind the mike and issue a clarification of what he (Rudy) has said.

I call that throwing Rudy under the bus.

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Rudy will learn

The child and Rudy may have been 100% on the same page when they decided what was to be said.

Rudy goes to the media and says it.

Negative news comments show up.

The child can not tolerate that.

Now Rudy has to go back and rephrase what he said.

If more negative news comments show up Rudy will have to go back again.

The child does not understand that you can't just make up stuff and expect the media to not fact check it.

Making up stuff is how he ran his business empire it's not going to fly in Washington.

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LOL, it's flying just fine it seems

they are so distracted by his Tweets, they can barely even notice what he's accomplishing behind the scenes. Just wait till all the sealed indictments are delivered on former members of Obama and Hillary's group. Over a hundred in waiting already till they get all the corroborating evidences gathered for the air tight cases to follow.

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1. Signed Ryan's tax cut bill.

2. Took part of that away with the tariffs.

3. Convinced congress and world leaders that nothing he says can be believed.

Cases against BO and Hill's groups....time will tell.....I would not hold my breath.

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