Is OS X sending info to

After upgrading two Mac Mini servers from Snow Leopard Server to Mountain Lion + OS X Server, I noticed that "background network traffic" went up ... that is, traffic on the network when I'm not even doing anything.

Sniffing w/WireShark, I see that both of my upgrade Mac Mini's are now exchanging quite a bit of traffic with IPs that appear to be associated with (or, at least when I telnet to port 80 on the IPs, I get a redirect to, but reverse DNS for those IPs does not return anything).

I didn't notice this before the upgrades, and I am not seeing it on my other computers that are still on Snow Leopard. I did not install any apps from the app store other than OS X Server.

Was curious if anyone else noticed this? I believe is a site for tracking location of cell phones, so I can't imagine what on my Mac would be doing this.

Oh, and I did upgrade Parallels as well to 8.0, but don't think that is a likely suspect. And I didn't install any other new software since then.

Curious if anyone else has seen this and has any idea what it might be?



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Reporting: Is OS X sending info to
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I can't tell you what it is, but I can tell you that something on my network has been contacting "" starting in the last week. Since the only change or addition to any device on the network has been updating my iPad to IOS6, the OS or recently updated app would seem to be the best candidate. I only picked it up by looking at my list of recent domains on Open DNS.

Given what do, I'm not best pleased about it.

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Any Symantec software on your network?
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Many thanks for that - my bad. Should copy + paste rather than typing! I was searching for rather than I queried a file in Nortons the other day, probably the only time I've done so, hence the first time I'd seen the reference in the DNS requests list.


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That software is only available from the App Store,

as a purchase, so I doubt it was part of the OS, has something to do with Find my Phone.


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Nothing to do with iOS

To make it completely clear my response to the original post was completely in error so please disregard. I found the entry in my DNS log, but typed instead of cut and pasted and mistakenly googled "" (note the 's') as opposed to "". My incorrect search led me to conclude it was connected to a<span id="INSERTION_MARKER"> tracking app for iOS, so I drew the wrong conclusion - is actually invoked by Symantec software, among others, as helpfully pointed out by @R.Proffitt, and had resulted from when I had queried Nortons over a file in Windows, not iOS.

<span id="INSERTION_MARKER">So please disregard all my posts on this, however the OPs question is still unanswered.

<span id="INSERTION_MARKER">Sorry for the confusion!

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