Mark Gilbert,

The TV can detect a 3D signal if the "3D Auto View" option is selected in the Picture Menu. By default that's on. So when the TV detects a 3D signal coming in, it will prompt you at the bottom left hand side of the screen with the Samsung 3D Logo and instructions to power on your glasses. To answer your question directly, it should auto prompt you when 3D signals come in.

If that's not coming up, it's not detecting a 3D signal, and may point back to either that you're not using a v1.3 HDMI cable or higher, or that it's not able to accept the 3D signal.

2D to 3D processes 2D pictures, and can be adjusted so that it's not shallow. You can adjust the depth in the menu settings for that as well, but most people would probably observe that while it's a cool feature, it may not replace native 3D content effects.

I can't speak on the game consoles - maybe someone else has more insight on that, and I hope someone who has some knowledge posts on this. I just can't speak for game console manufacturers, and I don't know offhand if it's a generation issue or something else.