Is LGs FPR 3d glasses are actually comfortable?

I heard a lot about the LG FPR 3d glasses that the glasses are too light weight and comfortable to use.

Even I heard that Active 3d glasses over FPR 3d glasses are useless know....
I've already experience the active 3d glasses once and I found them really awesome..!!
No issue at all..!
But never experience the FPR 3d glasses; don't even know how comfortable fpr 3d glasses are?

Here if someone ever experience the fpr 3d glasses, so pls do share your views that is it really true that fpr 3d glass is more comfortable than active 3d glasses.

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Reporting: Is LGs FPR 3d glasses are actually comfortable?
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yeah its actually works...

I heard also about LG FPR 3D TV glasses that it's actually more comfortable and the fact after this is that there is no power batteries attached with fpr 3d glasses.
hence, they are light weight and comfortable to use......!!!!!

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all brand 3d glasses are same....

I don't think so that LG has something extraordinary that its glasses are too light weight and all....!
All branded 3d glasses are same no difference at all apart from size and model.
And yeah I don't think that LG 3d glasses are actually comfortable. Wink

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LGs glasses are definitely on the comfortable side as opposed to some people's comments on the page.
They weigh on average 16 grams, ( SG glasses over 40) so you can actually notice the difference if you used SG glasses previously. And also, SG glasses have a much smaller lens than LGs 3D glasses so if you watch a movie during the day, you will notice some sunlight peek through the upper part of the 3D glasses. LG 3D glasses on the other hand, cover your entire eye socket so you'll have no sunlight peeking through.

If this still doesnt answer your question, you should just order one regardless if you have a passive 3D TV or not, just to get a feel.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&biw=1600&bih=720&um=1&ie=UTF-8&tbm=shop&cid=6497306646593023262&sa=X&ei=0ev_TYLND6Pb0QHv64W6Dg&ved=0CHIQ8wIwAg They're only 10 bucks.

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Glad to know

After going through your link i feel like LG 3d glasses are just like the usual goggles.
Isn't it?
And i already heard that LG 3d glasses weight somewhere around 10 grams but you have mentioned 16 grams, so do you have any idea which one is actually true.
that means while wearing the 3d glasses of LG we can feel as normal as we feel by wearing the goggles.
That's really glad to know... Blush
But I'm still confused that how it work, does these glasses contains any sort of films or radiations, which allow them to work as 3d tv glasses?

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I still not recommend you....

I also heard a lot about the LG fpr 3d tv and its glasses, but if we can't trust on brand then how can we trust on its products...!
I've no believe on LGs products whether its tv, 3d tv, AC or any other products....!!!

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Is LGs FPR 3d glasses are actually comfortable?

Yes, they are beautifully built to please the demand of the consumer...

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Yes they are....!

Yeah fpr 3d glasses are comfortable as compare than the sg 3d glasses.
if you planning to purchase then go ahead without any confusion.

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Yes, they are.

We have an LG "passive" 3d TV that we bought earlier this year.

The glasses are 100x more comfortable than the "active shutter" glasses from other manufacturers.

"Active Shutter" glasses have batteries and some mechanical means to keep the shutters moving so you get the 3d effect. The problem is...all that stuff adds both weight and bulk. It also limits the size of the lenses.

The "passive" 3d system is what you typically see in most theaters. Those real3D glasses that you get in theaters? Those are EXACTLY the same as the ones used for LG's "passive" 3d system. Essentially, they're like sunglasses with polarized lenses. You can get bulkier ones (and, in fact, the TV came with bulkier glasses...more like cheap plastic sunglasses you'd buy for your kids), but the aftermarket versions are surprisingly light and comfy. In fact, we even managed to find a pair of "clip on" glasses for our daughter (who wears glasses, already) that clip right to her existing frames and flip down.

We demoed "active shutter" TV's/glasses from lots of different manufacturers (Sony, Samsung, etc) and, in every case, I was disappointed with the glasses weight, bulkiness, and feeling that they weren't sturdy.

With LG...not so much. Not only that, there are "cheap" alternatives (we can get a 2 pack of glasses for $25) AND we can bring home the glasses we get from the theater, when we go see a 3d movie, and have extras for company.

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