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Is it possible to get rid of OS9??

I am using OS 10.4.5 (Tiger). I have no need for OS9, however I have two folders in Macintosh HD named 1.) System folder from old mac (with a logo 9 on it) and 2.) Applications Mac OS 9.
Is there a safe way to remove them, as they are just taking up space now...? Or does OSX use any of the system files contained in those folders? Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!

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I have both OSX 10.4.5 and OS9.2 on my Mac G4.
I use OS9 Classic to run older apps. that only run on system 9.

A case in point: Adobe Photoshop V6.
Until I upgrade to Photoshop CS2, I run OS9.

You mentioned that you have apps. that are system 9. Which ones?
A good reason to keep OS9 presently.

You can just switch seamlessly between 9 and 10. No problem at all.

I will wait for Pete to fully explain it and add more info for you.
Do not trash OS9 until Peter explains it to you.


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I do not use OS9 apps...

Thank you for your answer! To clarify, I do not actually use any OS9 applications, just have a folder on my HD with them pre-installed. I have had my PowerBook for almost a year now - I switched from WinXP -, and always used OSX only, first Panther, now Tiger. OS9 I have never even started up yet. So that is basically the reason I was wondering if I need to keep it on the system. Thanks!

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Removal of OS9

The best, quickest and cheapest way to remove OS 9 from the system is to drag the entire folder into the trash and empty it.
Ditto for the Applications (OS9)
New Mac's do not come with OS 9 installed and are not capable of even booting into OS 9. Classic is something that Apple feels you should have got over by now. It has been 6 years, after all.

Enjoy your new found space on the HD. You can always reinstall OS 9 if you absolutely have to.
I have not used an OS 9 application for about 2 years now.


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Trouble uninstalling...

Thank you for your help - one more question:

I tried to dump the folders into the trash, but I get the following error message: 'The operation cannot be completed because item "System Folder (from old Mac)" is required by the System.'
This is the folder with the big "9" on it and 29 items in it. The "normal" OSX system folder has only one item inside of it call Library. Is it possible that it is using files from the OS9 system folder??
The OS9 Applications can be thrown away no problem. Any solutions?

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Try this

Make sure that you do NOT have OS 9 running. Go to the System Preferences and open the Classic Pane.
If it says that OS 9 has started (it's running) click the Stop button.
Now you can trash the folder. Only the one with the 9 on it though. If OS 9 (Classic) was running, it is possible that you have the "launch on Startup" box checked. If it is, uncheck it.
If all this fails, go to the OS 9 System Folder and drag the Finder to the desktop.
Restart the machine. Drag the OS 9 System folder to the trash and delete it. Then do the finder. With the Finder outside of the System folder, the folder becomes "unblessed" and it no longer a valid system folder which means that nothing can be using it.

Let us know


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Thank you!!

Thank you for your help - since OS9 was not running, I removed Finder, restarted, and had no problem trashing the folders afterwards. I only had to authenticate the removal of the Applications (OS9) folder.
It freed up about 340-350MBs on my HD, which space I can put to better use now.

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(NT) (NT) You're welcome
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You're Welcome

Pete, I knew that you could explain it.

I still use OS9.2 at home and & OS9 at work to run older programs such as Adobe Photoshop V6.2. and Adobe Illustrator V6.
Without classic I would be dead in the water.
Two years is not a lot of time not running classic.

Upgrading to CS2 would be neat. Please send me a few checks from the person that want's to print his own checks and I will order the newest and greatest from Adobe. :

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Company Scrooge's

I'm surprised that you do not have, at least, a copy of Photoshop 7 which runs natively in OS X. After all, OS X has been around for 6 years now and Adobe did get there, eventually.
I guess your bean counters will now be waiting for the Universal Binary version of Photoshop, et al. before they move again.

Two years with only launching OS 9, mostly accidentally, but usually for Filemaker, a couple of times a month, followed by two years without even launching OS 9 in any way, shape or form.

You will be surprised just how fast Photoshop is when it runs natively on OS X and not under OS X running OS 9.
It will even run faster if you missed out OS X and just booted directly into OS 9, if that is possible on the Mini.


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Company $crooges?

Pete, You are absolutely right.
Have to run Photoshop in the OS9 mode :

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