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Is it ok to run 2 AV program?

I know it's not ok to run 2 firewall (I think) programs but how about anti virus?

My main concern actually is browser hijacking (I think that's the term). My notebook got infected 4x where the IE toolbar got the set up changed. The virus or whatever it was even add another toolbar in IE and change the startpage (which I couldn't reset back). Twice I managed to fix it with Spybot. But the other 2x, I had to reformat/reinstall the OS of my whole notebook. I tried using all kind of spyware removal (spywareblaster, stinger, cwshredder, spydoctor, adaware ...) and antivirus to detect the problem but still didn't help.

If that's the case, which one is to blame? The antivirus or the firewall? I did browse thru this forum and found a few similar issue but none had a clear solution.

Anyone have suggestion on how I could better protect my notebook from such problem? Or any suggestion to fix my computer next time without reinstalling everything over?

It almost always happened when I went to some international websites. I have to browse there sometimes because of my work.

Oh, all my notebooks (XP Home and Pro only) are protected by Norton IS 2005 with paid subscription.

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"Only use one AV program

In reply to: Is it ok to run 2 AV program?

because they can cause conficts with each other. I use AVG7 for free, just a personal choice, I don't like to pay for anything if I can help it.

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you can but have 1 run at a time use the other

In reply to: Is it ok to run 2 AV program?

to double check, 2 run same time can cause conflicts

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Running Auto-Scan with one and Auto-Update with both

In reply to: you can but have 1 run at a time use the other

Would it be safe to put 2 scanners into the tray while only 1 default scanner proceeds with constant auto-detection and both continue to run their Auto-Updates together and collect signature updates at the same time?

I've just installed the AVG Free 7.0 and I already had the Panda Titanium 2005, but I'm not sure which one I should set as my default scanner. And I'm wondering if I can default one of them for the constant detection while enabling both to run in the tray for automatic updates. Whichever scanner I choose as my secondary tool will only be launched for a manual scan as a "second opinion."

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David, The Primary Issue Comes When...

In reply to: Running Auto-Scan with one and Auto-Update with both

...an actual virus is detected...Although I also recommend running only ONE AV on the machine, even if you can get two to coexist while in the background,,,if a virus is detected by both machines, it can get real dicey as to correctly allowing one or the other to delete the files...I've seen conflicts arise from such a s thing.

It's best to manually update the backup program if you're going to keep two programs on the machine. Most antivirus programs don't have the ability to run only the automatic updater and not run the background scanner.

Hope this helps.


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My choice for the primary scanner

In reply to: David, The Primary Issue Comes When...

I've been trying to pick out the only one of the scanners to put into the tray, between my licensed copy of the Panda Titanium 2005 and my Free Edition of the AVG Antivirus. They both provide a pretty thorough scan but, since the AVG is only a freebie and the Panda license has cost me a little bit, I guess I'll use the latter in the tray and save AVG as only a backup/second opinion.
Thanks for this advice.

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Your subject really has nothing

In reply to: Is it ok to run 2 AV program?

to do with your question. Don't expect your antivirus to block browser hijackings. That's not what is it for, it is for virus's. You already said you have Spybot and SpywareBlaster. You can lock your home page with either of them if you have them configured correctly.

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I locked

In reply to: Your subject really has nothing

my homepage using Adaware. I'm trying to figure out how to correctly locking it with Spywareblaster. I'll read the help file to get it set correctly. Also I don't think I configure my spybot correctly either.

And you both actually answered my questions. Now I know it's not the antivirus that responsible for my problem.

So is that mean that it's ok to run many spyware programs behind ? I know some program like MS antispyware may have conflict with others but I uninstall that one already. I only download those fews people mention in this forum.

Thank you for your input.

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Antivirus Suite PLUS

In reply to: I locked

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Most of the reputable antispyware

In reply to: I locked

programns don't conflict with each other.

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Two anti-virus will never stop the Hijack

In reply to: Your subject really has nothing

I use AVG 7, SpyBot & Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta. I never have any hijack problems. Look at the SpyBot, enable your advanced tools and you will find a Host file tool and in this tool you can clean out any references to any other site. Then add the SpyBot host file list. Also make sure you are imunizing your system with SpyBot whenever you get a new update. I check mine once a week.

Another thing is, read the EULA's and Privacy Policy of sites and software that you might like to use on the internet. Very little is truly free, you will pay for it with a hijack.

-- Uncle Buck

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roddy32 is right

In reply to: Your subject really has nothing

your antivirus isnt made to block browser hijackings. first off you should get another browser (firefox, opera, maxthon, hell anything but ie)

second off, if you "need" 2 AV apps then you need to re-evaluate what you are doing on the internet. do not go to shady websites, do not open strange attachments, etc.

it is actually very simple to keep your system clean and running well, but it starts and ends with you. if you practice unsafe habits then 2000 AV apps will not save you.

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Hi, Nino! You mentioned "Spydoctor" which is .....

In reply to: Is it ok to run 2 AV program?

the name of a "Rogue Program". There is a legit "Spyware Doctor". If you did spell it correctly, then un-install and dump it and then run Spybot & AdAwareSE (legit). Spydoctor could be part of your problem. Put the following site into your Favorites List and always refer to it before Downloading or installing any Anti-Spy or Anti-Virus program:

Be sure when you enter your preferred Home & Search pages into AdawareSE & Spybot, that in each they are listed EXACTLY the same to avoid possible conflict between the 2 programs trying to hold 2 different addresses. I prefer about:blank for Home & google for Search.
If you use Mozilla or Firefox for your browser you'll be much less subject to these things but seek advice here before attempting any install. Hope this is usefull. G' Luck! Happy

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I mispelled it

In reply to: Hi, Nino! You mentioned "Spydoctor" which is .....

It was spyware doctor. I know Spydoctor is a problem and its site came out once before when there was a problem with my notebook. Thanks for the correction.

I'm not familiar with Mozilla and Firefox. I read many people here use them and I will take a look.

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(NT) (NT) Glad you got right one! U'll Need Sun Java B-4 Moz!

In reply to: I mispelled it

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IMHO, and then

In reply to: Is it ok to run 2 AV program?

I have ran 2 AVs on my system and others. Usually, there's no problem but it can happen to have a conflict. The conflict can come at a later date because of an upgrade/update process. Even then usually, I consider running 2 a 90% OK affair. However, after all is said and odne, just pick the AV you like and stick with it. The AV that seems to cause the most problem(s) with others is when Norton is installed, so I advise against having two in this case right off the bat. You can run 2 Avs, but if problem arise quickly, then be prepared to at least use the "restore" feature, thus make sure you create a restore point under XP/Me systems beforehand.

good luck -----Willy Happy

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Thank you

In reply to: IMHO, and then

Actually, since I've been a Norton user for many years, I admit that it has its drawback. I'm not sure if I'm technically correct but I've never had problem with Norton working with other softwares / AV/Antispyware programs as long as it's installed right in the beginning (new computers, after reinstall OS etc). I did encounter a few problems after installing Norton in laptops those had never had Norton before (used other AV and firewall beforehand). I had problems like rebooting, shutting down, hangs and stuffs but all were solved after configuring everything all over again.

IMHO (novice opinion), it seems to me that Norton is more like a selfish program that dictate the whole system to work accordingly to the way Norton design. It doesn't adapt easily to an old computer that has many softwares installed. AVG on the other hand (after a few days trying it in one of my notebook) is more user friendly and adapt easily without conflict even when I had tons of softwares installed in my notebook.

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More than one AV running

In reply to: Thank you

I will tell you straight up that having 2 security programs waiting to spring into action on the same data or file is a bad idea. Look at the way that they are designed to operate, and you will better understand why they are 'selfish'.

It's not that it can't be done, I have done it myself with a few hours of configuration and experimentation work. But the return on the effort is low. When a GOOD anti-virus product is installed, it sits in a protected memory space, and is expected to capture other programs as they are loaded into memory before they have an opportunity to perform any operation with, on, or as a result of, any other entity. If Norton is set up to do this, and McAffee for example, tries to do the same, you have an issue.

Best case, one program will MAYBE be able to quarantine the file and ask if you want it to be allowed to do whatever it is trying to do. Then the other one should take over and repeat the process. More likely one program will reach out to capture the program, and the other will do the same. They can't both stop the program from interacting, as the other program is TRYING to interact by examining and quarantining the processes of the program being scanned. Crashes, slow response, partial and unreliable scans and scan results are likely.

Run one good ant-virus program from the top 3 vendors, and fortify that with one more that you DO NOT run as memory resident or realtime. Use it for scheduled or manual scans only. AVG is a good choice for a secondary scanner. It behaves well with other programs and is highly configurable. In my opinion, it tends to alert on false positives a lot, and misses many common viruses when used as a primary scanner. It's also still free, I believe.

Any good anti-virus scanning software with a real-time scanning capability is not doing its job if it isn't selfish with program processes and threads.


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Forget Norton & McAffee

In reply to: Thank you

Norton & McAfee are designed to do two things, empty your pocket and consume your system resources Happy

I used to be a big McAfee advocate, but all releases after version 7 have become a resource hog. On the other hand, Norton has been a resource hog for a long time and to be quite honest you would not believe how many Norton protected systems are infected. Norton Utilities is not the same as they were years ago, they are simply riding on their name.

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Forget Norton and McAffee

In reply to: Forget Norton & McAffee

I found Avast! (FREE!!!) was able to remove viruses McAfee couldn't touch. I gave up on Norton due to it crashing other programs on my system. Also, I learned the slow and hard way about running multiple virus checkers and anti-spyware programs simultaneously. I keep the multiple programs on the system and run them independently of eachother when I want to do a complete scrubbing of the system. Some anti-spyware programs will miss one thing or another and the next one won't. As for antivirus protection, again, I like Avast! (personal choice) BUT will disable it and follow on with another program just to double check the system. My 2 cents worth.

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Not nec to us 2 AV there is a better way

In reply to: Is it ok to run 2 AV program?

I have 2 suggestions for you and I use both, and between them I can reverse just about ant problem.

First, get a copy of Norton GoBack. This is an excellent program that has saved me many times in the past. Get a virus (or other problem) simply revert your entire PC to a time before the problem began. You can also get back changed versions of files, try new software and or settings in a ''safe mode'' etc, etc. The only thing you need to be aware of is that you will need to use GoBack as soon as you notice the problem. GoBack only holds images of the hard drive for a few days (if you assign it more hard drive space it will hold the images for a few days more. Also, you will want to have something like Diskeeper running so that you do not need to do 1 large defrag. In my experience defraging once a month overwhelms GoBack (too much activity for GoBack to keep up with) and you will lose your revert points. For more info go to http://www.symantec.com/goback/

Second, once a week back up your entire drive using Acronis True Image. Another very fine program.

Between the two you should never have a problem getting rid of PC problems (other than hardware problems of course). When trouble hits you just go back in time to before the problem began.

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Norton Go Back

In reply to: Not nec to us 2 AV there is a better way

Just a couple comments 1.A go back system already exists in your microsoft system,so why pay for another? 2. I have used two virus detecters,Norton and AVG for at least six months with no adverse effects and most important never had a virus.(knock on wood)previously just used Norton.

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GoBack & Acronis very different from MS Revert

In reply to: Norton Go Back

MS Revert only reverts your system settings, it will not recover lost or damaged files. Also, it often does not work at all. I have on occasion tried to do a system revert and I get a message that the PC cannot be reverted.

The only alternative in the event of System Revert not working, or not fixing the problem, is to do a destructive reinstall of the PC. You lose everything but you do get a clean instal of the OS. Then you have to reinstall all of your software and data, as well as reset your settings. GoBack eliminates this problem as well as allows you to recover changed or corrupted files. The reason I recommend the 2 programs is because GoBack has a limited time that it will maintain your disk images. With Acronis True Image you can keep your images as long as you wish (I back up my PC to an external hard drive). Both programs not only back up your entire PC (OS, applications, data, and settings), but they also allow you access to your files/data without having to do a reinstall of the entire disk.

As I said, MS Revert is a very different and inferior solution to the problem of viruses and corrupted data. If MS revert worked as you seem to think it does then the person who started this discussion would not have had to reformat his drive and start from scratch.

I suggest you do a little investigating. I would not dream of operating a PC without these 2 programs.

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AVG & Norton too

In reply to: Norton Go Back

I use Norton 2005 and AVG for about 4 months now. Both run scans regularly, both update automatically. Is it safer? I don't know. Haven't had ANY robs since running both.

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Go back system (sys restore) isn't all that great

In reply to: Norton Go Back

System restore will actually hamper your efforts to rid a system of a virus, as they become "restoreable". The first thing any of the AV products recommend one does when fighting an infection is to turn off sys restore, so the virus isn't resident in backups. Personally, I think sys restore is the ultimate evil, as it puts people in that "safe zone", thinking that in a crash of software all they have to do is click something and everything is gonna be all right. My preferred practice would be to turn off sys restore for good, and get a burner to backup configs and critical data. Software is reloadable.

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Excellent FREE AV

In reply to: Is it ok to run 2 AV program?

I do have 2 AV programs in my system. I had really bad luck with Nortons previously and purchased McAfee Security Suite 2005. My daughters laptop still got "hit" with something and I tried every patch that McAfee told me to use. I finally spoke with a guy I work with who repairs and builds on the side and he told me about AntiVir. It is free for publis use and after installing it it found 3 virus and worn problems that McAfee never picked up. I have AntiVir on a scheduler to run every other day and have McAfee as the main and things have been great. At the time of the other problem she had also been hit by the AIM trojan from one of her college friends. He also told me about Trojan Remover which is free for 30 days. I had downloaded that one first and it found the AIM trojan and removed it. I found both of these programs at the majorgeeks.com website. I hope you have fixed your problem or that this may help. The guy I work with only uses AntiVir and Trojan Remover and got rid of his McAfee and has not had a single problem.

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In reply to: Excellent FREE AV

I use A2 and AVG which are both free and never get any problems. AdAware for the spyware is also free

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where are these products

In reply to: Excellent FREE AV

I am still trying to find this AntiVir & TrojanRemover, what web sites can I find them

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Running 2 Av's

In reply to: Is it ok to run 2 AV program?

You say your IE is getting High-jacked.
Layered Protection is the Answer not 2 Av's
1.Setup all Security Zones for protection.
2.I'm useing (AVG=Free
3.Sygate FireWall=Free
4.Spyware-Blaster=Free a must Program.
5.Spysweeper (Buy=Lots of protection for IE
6.Spyware-Doctor=Free=Keeps getting better
7.Se p from Lavasoft
8.Spybot 1.4->which sometimes gets False-Positives.
9Ewido=Trogan killer
10.ccleaner=free I use for Cookies,Temp,Temporary,
Internet files,also you can save the cookies you,
need that don'nt what to delete.
Keep your Prefech files cleaned out.
11.Registry Mechanic I've had this life saver ever since it came out.
Also if your running xp add some goodies in the Restricted zone.*doublclick->ect
Then you can laugh at the (Root-kit guys.
Plus i do have a copy of High-jack this which webroot,

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Thank you and yes

In reply to: Running 2 Av's

I did (almost) all in your list. To make sure that I started clean (lol), I even reformat and reinstall the OS in one of my notebook. I haven't got any problem so far even when I went back to the sites (that I know I had problem before). I know I shouldn't do it but I really couldn't help it and wanted to know how well my computer is protected. Surprisingly, the browser was saved. Got a few warnings from my AV prog but those nasty whatever things are didn't manage to hijack my browser. So one of more protections on your list might have prevented it.

Thank you to all of you. I really have learnt a lot just by browsing thru the forums here.

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Keep in mind

In reply to: Thank you and yes

You must keep in mind that no AV program will protect you against all possible attacks. A new virus, malware, spyware, Trojan, etc. can strike at any time and if your AV or other protective programs are not yet equipped to deal with the new problem you will be in trouble. The only solution is to have your PC fully backed up. Then, if GoBack is functioning you can simply go back in time to the point before you got the problem. With Acronis True Image you can do a full (clean) reinstall of the OS if necessary and then copy your entire PC back to the way it was using one of your saved (to an external drive) drive images.

The relatively modest cost of these two programs is well worth the protection and time savings they offer. Remember how long it took you to do the 2 reinstalls of the PC. With GoBack the time to revert the PC would be under 5 minutes, with Acronis, a few hours of unattended PC time. Both programs are very simple to use and are very effective. Do yourself a favour and check into both of them.

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