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Is it normal that this happened?

I bought a Dell monitor that had a pretty good discount. They failed to send it to me, so I was wondering 'jeez, maybe I should call'.

Turns out they didn't want to ship it to me because of the discount, and that if I wanted the monitor I had to pay full price since I called after the weekend special.

Now when I receive Dell emails (which I opted out but it takes their systems 10 business days to do it) about discounted products I find they're attempting to scam people into buying at discounted price, only to tell them they need to pay for the full price.

Any thoughts on this ordeal? Because of this I'm tempted to not think about buying Dell in my future. It feels like I got baited into buying a product only for them to change the price at the last second hoping I'd buy it full price since I needed a monitor.


p.s. not a rant, just wondering if it's normal. I never buy electronics online so maybe all companies do this?

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They "didn't want to ship it because of the discount?"

That makes no sense at all. They offered something at a certain price and then just decided they didn't want to ship it?

There has to be more to the story than that.

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They said they didn't ship it. The Indian lady said if I want my monitor I have to pay full price since it's post-discount period.

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help me understand this...

you ordered this after the sale/discount was over? Then you pay full price. You can't expect to use a coupon after it expires, which is what I understand you want.

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I ordered it during sale. Even the invoice said it was for after-discount. I got it during the discount. I called them a week later because they haven't send it to me (it was past the expected delivery date). She told me I now have to pay full price if I want it since it's not the weekend sale.

I ordered it during the sale, and the invoice had the price with $60 off.

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Then sue them

that is fraud!!!!! Go to the highest Dell boss you can get too and I bet you wind up with a FREE monitor!! A few years back their was a big shake up over those refund deals, now they are getting business with discounts? LOL

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I agree

If you have written proof that you bought it during the sale, then go after them. It doesn't matter when you called to inquire about the status of your order. All that matters is when you placed the order. What that phone rep tried to do is against the law.

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The reason they pull

this crap is too many people don't carry thru and go after them. I would never quit if I had to take out ads in the local papers and tell everyone what they are! And also take it to the top of the company!

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I just realized we have a Dell staff person here in CNET

Go for it!

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I do.

The invoice also has this:

"Congratulations! You have qualified for savings with your Weekend Only Sale purchase! - $60.00"

$60 was deducted.

Weird thing is.. When I checked to see my order status, the order number they gave me was of a much older purchase (done in Feb of 2000...) so they told me I couldn't track it or make sure I'm giving them the right number..

No offense, their tech support is bad.

AT the moment I'm looking to see which email I'm supposed to send it to.

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Frank go here...
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I just sent one to their customer service email..

Maybe they'll reply. If not I'll do a follow up.

And thanks for the help Happy

I'm not pleased with their service so far Sad

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send the idiots a link

to this discussion and let them see what we think of Dell!!!

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(NT) Good way to lose customers.
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If that's accurate

contact FTC and report a "bait and switch" on them.

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Too much hassle

I don't want to waste more time because of Dell.

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Did you actually miss the discount cut off?

What you're describing sounds like what was common practice in many of the old New York City stores that also had mail order departments. Camera houses were notorious for running ads that, when you called, you could not get the advertised price without buying a bunch of other stuff that was over priced. I do presume you were dealing with Dell and not just some "authorized" dealer. That could be the difference in customer service. Other folks sell Dell as well.

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I bought it from

It was an online purchase. So it was through Dell. It's weird, though, that they pulled that on me.

Invoice/receipt was after they took off the $60 (proof that I got it on sale). They didn't honour it.

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In that case they are clearly incorrect.

Their fault, their problem. They have to honor the sale.

That's how it works in the UK and I suspect the US has similar regulations to cover this situation.

It's your choice if you decide not to proceed, but if you don't take it further, make sure they have not taken their payment from your credit card account. If they have done then they have accepted the transaction and the sale.


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I made sure

I made sure that they did not charge my credit card.

I still don't think it's fair that they did that.

I proceeded to emailing them.

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Suggestions for Frank

I'm sorry to learn that you are having a problem with your order. You did not mention to whom you sent your recent email. Dell is a big company. Your issue has nothing to do with Dell Tech Support, so I'm not sure why you mentioned that.
Dell Liaisons are on Twitter, Facebook, and Dell Community so those are the best ways to contact them.

"I find they're attempting to scam people into buying at discounted price, only to tell them they need to pay for the full price."
I have not noticed that, and have been able to purchase items advertised as specials. I always mention the special when I order so it can be confirmed. There have been cases in which I was charged full price and that was followed by a credit to my card for the $ off that was advertised. Thus, there are different ways that sales specials are handled.

If you are sure the emails were actually coming from Dell, I suggest that you forward a copy of your invoice to Dell Customer Support and/or post at Dell Community.

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I did, they can't do anything. A manager from Dell said I can buy from him, but yea.
Whatever, I'll just not buy anything from Dell in the future.

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Not Normal Unless...

That does not sound quite right. Some details must be missing someplace either here or in your dealing with Dell.

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Here's what I did wrong.

I went online. Made an account with Dell.

It was $60 off, so I clicked add to cart.
I used my credit card to buy. My shipment never came so I called.
In the invoice it says I qualified and it said it would charge me the discounted price. If you check the invoice everything is fine.

I call, they say I need to pay full price if I want it since now it's past the discount date.

It's sad. I didn't do anything wrong on my part. I did the same thing with NCIX and Canada Computers, none of this happened.

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