The A75 is a basic point-and-shoot camera and it is also a more advanced camera.

For people who just want to take good photos and not think about the process of taking pictures, just put the camera in "Automatic" mode.

For people who look at a photo they just took and see something that could make the picture even better, the A75 has a full set of manual over-ride controls.

Digital cameras smaller than the A95 fall into the point-and-shoot catagory.

So, if you are wanting a camera that gives the photographer more control, stick with the A95. It offers a lot for the money.

If you see yourself as a point-and-shoot person and want a smaller camera, there are plenty to choose from.

If you want a small 5 megapixel camera that takes a photo as well as the A95, it will be more expensive than the A95.

Good optics and small size equals more money.