That's why iPods are so popular - once Apple made them available to work with pcs - they took off in popularity.

As far as I know, iRiver isn't getting out of the mp3 player business. I believe they are coming out (or already have) with the Clix 2. I imagine that it is hard to find it in stores because they want to have players that will sell - they will sell brands that have the top market share. So you're more likely to see iPod, Zune, SanDisk, and Creative in stores.

I can't tell you which one is better, though. I own a Nano and like it very much (I also own 4 other iPods). iPods are bashed for their lack of features - no fm tuner, voice recording, etc and I have no need for these extra features. They are also bashed for their need to use iTunes. I happen to like iTunes. If you want to try iTunes it is a free download from Apple. If you don't like iTunes, then you can strike the Nano from your choices.