True Touch environment notebooks like the Panasonic Toughbook series or the Fujitsu series (I don't remember series name) are not going to be in that pricerange.

For the cost you are looking at you are going to have to buy a consumer model like everyone else.

For battery life get an Intel Pentium M notebook -- the Toshiba M35 series (10% off custom online) or the Compaq X1000/ZT3000 series (all of these weigh 6.2-6.5 pounds with the 15.4" widescreen which is great for widescreen DVD's -- and get 3.5-4 hours battery life using wi-fi internet all the time or playing DVD's (or potentially longer if not using wi-fi).

See for the Compaq/HP or for the Toshiba and also Dell model reviews.

Cnet has reviews and customer reviews also for these models.