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iPod Mini Died - Choosing replacement - Advice Requested

My iPod mini died last week and even though it was only 11 months old, since I can't locate my receipt, the creeps at HP won't service it.

That said I'm looking at replacements and wanted your collective advice. I'm a 50 year old Sales Engineer and I use my iPod constantly. When I'm traveling from refinery to refinery, it's plugged into my car and when I go to sleep, it's in my front pocket. I mention this because I don't use it in lots of places where it can be dropped or jogging, walking around etc.

I have about 35 GB of music on my hard drive as well as audio books. So the units I've considered are:

IPod Nano 4GB at about $170.00
IPod Mini 6GB at about $150.00
IPod 4th Gen 20 GB at $100.00

All are refurbished. The Nano appeals because I worry about the mini-drive dying. Should that concern me since I don't shuffle around song lists a lot. But I worry that the Nano is a tad frail.

The 20 GB appeals but is it really bulky compared to the mini I've been using?

TIA - and apologies for such a long post but my iPod was about the only thing I own that I really care that much about.

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Reporting: iPod Mini Died - Choosing replacement - Advice Requested
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I don't think the 4th gen iPod is much thicker than the mini. The 4th gen is slightly thicker than my 5th gen, but my sister has a mini which is also slightly thicker, so I think the mini and the 4th gen are about the same.

As for the mini-drive, it's really no concern since you don't give it much abuse. My 30GB iPod still works fine, and I shuffle around songs alot, as well as physically abuse the thing.

And yes, the nano is frail, but keeping it in your pocket won't break it.

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Try something other than iPod

Are you sure that you want to go iPod again? Seems like if a device goes 11 months and breaks, it's Apple's fault, not HP's. I had an iPod Nano, and it crapped out on me after about 9 months. When you buy iPod, you're paying for a name, not for quality. Kinda like Abercrombie and Fitch. The only reasons that I would recommend you stick with an iPod are 1) You have an Apple computer, or 2) You bought all of your music off of iTunes. Even if you bought from iTunes, you could hold off and pick up the 30GB Microsoft Zune this fall, you can have your entire iTunes library converted to .WMA for free. So if you're using a PC, I would highly recommend you check out a brand like Creative or Toshiba. The Creative Zen Micro Photo ( is available in the 8GB capacity for under $170, and that's for a new player. It also scored a score of 8.3 (same score as the Nano, better score than the Mini). If you're looking for something with a bit higher capacity, try the Creative Zen Vision:M ( This 30gb player got a 8.0 rating (same as the iPod Video), and is available for under $270 new. Or try the Toshiba Gigabeat ( which scored better than the iPod at 8.3, and is available in 30gb for less than $260.

Bottom line: Unless you're using a Mac, you should check out other brands, if you want a quality player. I highly recommend the Creative Zen Micro Photo.

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call Applecare?

I don't understand, if the iPod broke why are you calling HP? Call Apple. They usually can estimate the date of purchase from the serial number. Also, if you have 35 gb how can that fit on a Mini anyway? Didn't the mini top out at 6GB?

The warranty is for a year, so you should be able to get it fixed.

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Apple won't help because...

There were a series of Mini's and Shuffles that were jointly branded HP/Apple and they were sold through Office Depot. When I enter the serial number at Apple, they say it's not theirs and that it must be an HP/Apple. And HP says without a receipt you're out of luck.

And it is only 4 GB. I have 35 GB of music on my Laptop hard drive and I have made smart playlists that rotate the music when I sync based on what hasn't been played recently.

Thanks for the suggestions though.

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Dead mini

I think you should call AppleCare at 800-APL-CARE first and see if they will fix it for you. My nephew put his 60GB ipod through the wash and they fixed that for him...

If that doesn't work out, well, I love my nano, it's not frail at all... people sit on them all the time with no damage...

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Seems so strange

Why would you look to buy another Ipod if the one you got died after 11 months. Do you feel the price you paid for the unit was a fair price for something to last less than a year? Just doesnt make sense to me.

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Another Apple Product because...

Well - that's a fair question. I suppose it comes down to this - although my post didn't indicate it, I don't intend to give up on getting this thing repaired under the warranty. That said, I realize this could take a while so I'll buy a replacement and then once the mini is repaired, sell it and recoup my cost.

And I've pretty much decided on the Nano since I am convinced that the weak parts of all MP3 players are the mini-drives. With flash memory, I foresee a much longer life.

For what it's worth - I'm not a Mac-Addict. The only Apple stuff I've ever owned was the Shuffle then the Mini. That said, I really like the design, functionality and sound quality of the Apple units.

However, if the next one dies I'll not go that way again.

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Zen Micro Photo 8GB, $169

split the middle. available at amazon. nearly identical to the Mini, but with color screen, photos, and a 2 yr warranty for just $30 more. plus it works with rhapsody. plus you might like the 15 hr battery life. The zen sleek photo is same size and features, but 20 GB, a tad older in the Creative line, and $179.

iPods are defective by design.

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Why don't you try Philips MP3 players?

Try Philips GoGear range of players, its black and has amazing touchpad which is very cool with great sound quality

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