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iPhone WiFi Privacy, What can IT c whn cnctd to works' WiFi?

if i am on my iPhone and i connect to my works' password secured WiFi connection, what all is IT able to view?

can they see my phone #?

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Reporting: iPhone WiFi Privacy, What can IT c whn cnctd to works' WiFi?
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I'm pretty sure that

your IT department can see every computer, and iPhone, that is connected to their network.
I know we can.

As to what they can see on your iPhone, I don't know if they can view the innards of your iPhone while you are connected.


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thank you.

so to clarify.. they can see that i am connected to the WiFi through my iPhone.

are they able to see the app's i connect to and/or websites i access thru my iPhone?

i dont really trust our IT guy so i access various app's through my phone instead of the work computer like Wells Fargo, Fidelity, Facebook, etc.

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Those pesky IT guys,

can almost certainly read the logs that show where everyone went to while surfing the web on the company dime.

What is your company policy on using the company Internet access for personal things?

Even though you are not using their computer, it's still their network and liable to scrutiny.


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thanks again!

i'm not a 100% about our policy but i do know that websites not approved by them are not allowed to be accessed.. some are even blocked.

Are you familiar with what info they will obtain about my iPhone when i connect to their WiFi?... phone #? websites accessed? applications accessed? history of all the above?

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Why don't you...

...find out what your company policy is towards use of their network for personal business(?)

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company policy

it states EVERYTHING is property of the company.

to rephrase my question.. what is the IT guy capable of seeing or gaining access to when i am on my iPhone using their WiFi?

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Re: IT guy

That depends on the software he has installed. We don't know. He does. So he can tell you.


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He can't easily...

...sniff your passwords if you (for example) login to bank of america for secure banking (etc.). He can find out where you are going though.

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Thanks/iPhone app

thank you all!

Do you all know if iPhone applications work the same as websites?

Are they able to see what application i am accessing? the application in particular i am asking about needs WiFi to work.

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The safest assumption

is that IT can see everything that you do and what you do it with.

Why not just access the AT&T 3G network and be done with it?


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unfortunately.. .

unfortunately i have a jail-broken iPhone and my carrier is TMobile.

one of my app's decided to stop working with Edge and will only work in WiFi. I called TMobile and they will not help since it is an IPhone. Called Apple and ATT and they will not help since i have TMobile.. the maker of the app says it has something to do with privacy restriction thru TMobile but every CS rep i speak to isnt familiar with such a thing... .



thanks for all the info tho.

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Which app in particular?

Just curious Wink

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the app's i normally use are Facebook, Loopt, Pandora, and Wells Fargo but the one that will only work in WiFi is Grindr.

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So basically...

Your IT guy can view the webserver logs and see by IP address which sites you are visiting when using the company internet connection. If such activity is against policy, don't do it- especially if you want to keep your job and/or aren't friendly with your IT staff Wink.

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thanks !

ya im cool with them just dont want them to see what app's i was using.

so basically app's work the same as websites and will show up on his log correct?

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Yes, that's pretty much how it works from a layman's perspective. Each app will be connecting to an ip address/server which the IT folks can look up.

Bring them beer and laugh at their jokes(!) Wink

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thats a good idea.. booze all does the trick.

thanks again man.

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I'm pretty sure

So they can see what your looking at, but can they tell who's iPhone it is. For example your name and #.

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I am sure.....

.....that in the last 3 years since this thread was started that the OP understands it now. Thanks.

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