iPhone or Samsung S3

To start out I have had an iPhone since the first one came out. I now have the 4. I am thinking of getting a GalaxyS3 but have a few questions:

1. How can I connect the phone to the much of iPhone docs I have stereo, car, Yamaha iPhone stereo doc?

2. What about My paid for Apps in iTunes? Do I just for get about those?

3. Can I still auto upload my photos to MS SkyDrive or Google Plus?

4. I keep hearing there is a virus/malware for Android, is this something to worry about? Do I need an AV program

5. Is there crapware I need to uninstall like there is when I buy a PC?


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1) If your stereo, car stereo and Yamaha stereo dock are proprietary, i.e. have dock connectors/interfaces for iPhone, you would have to acquire different equipment. There may be a few exceptions if your equipment also handles USB connections. I've seen a couple decks where you could at least charge via USB but not play back music ,etc. YMMV.

2) Correct. Samsung runs Android so does not work with iTunes/App store.

3) Yes, if there are sufficient Android apps written for your device. Look in the Android marketplace.

4) I've yet to have to deal with one personally, but they're out there. I don't feel most users need an AV program though. YMMV.

5) Not necessarily, depending on what problems you have (or don't have) with the stock handset & apps/features that come preloaded. Keep in mind that some cannot be removed since they may be part of a carrier ROM. I like to buy unlocked handsets if this ever becomes an issue. $$$.

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iTunes support avail for Samsung G3 (and Note 2)

I have an iPhone GS3 that needs replacing and have been looking at the Samsungs as replacements. I haven't verified this yet (no Samsung to try it on) but I have found apps and discussions that claim to enable sync'ing Samsungs using iTunes. For someone interested in the S3 or Note 2, it's something to check out.

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Hard to differentiate!

See iphone has its own market demand and S3 has its own....lastly its an individual verdict that which one is the way to go for?
For your concern i would tells you that iphone and S3 both can do all the things you are looking for, but iphone is short handed in terms of connectivity with other devices whereas S3 don't. Hence, considering this fact finalize your decision.

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iphone vs samsung s3

first, dont buy samsung s3, go ahead with iphone 5s because iphone 5s is really made for humans. first full sensar based technologyused in iphone 5s.

dont worry about malware and spywares. The samsungs3 defined them itself.

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Worthless waste of bytes

This is one of the most worthless, self-serving, biased responses I've seen in a long time.

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My advice...

I have both an Android device and an Apple iPhone on my account. I think an Android device is the better choice. This is only my opinion and I won't try to convince anyone otherwise. Both devices have benefits and drawbacks, but I wouldn't say that either type is "superior" to the other. I suggest that the OP talk to friends and relatives for more opinions. Good luck, OP..

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Here we've had both

And since I grew up when the best PC was the TRS-80 the fiddliness of Android is fine by me. The iPhone feels more polished but the openness of Android even with it's issues means I went that way.

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