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Iphone 6 Plus - Do not recommend buying it

Apr 13, 2015 12:20AM PDT

Brazilian resident, I exchanged my old Iphone 5S for a new unblocked Iphone 6 Plus for approximately U$500.
To start, the battery life was considerable shorter (especially with some apps open) and the Iphone 6 Plus BENDS if you leave it in your back pocket when sitting for longer periods of time.

The worse, it was supposed to be more robust. On the contrary, its extremelly fragile. I dropped from a 1 meter height (3.3feet) and the front panel was completely damaged/crashed. Went to the Apple store in Brazil who wanted to charge me also $456 (1.400 reais) to repair/replace it. Took it to an Apple Store in London/UK and they wanted to charge me $364 (GBP249) to repair/replace it.

Not only, the quality of this new Iphone 6 Plus is poor - but now Apple want to charge ridiculous high fees to repair an Iphone.

Do not recommend this product to anyone.

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It's not the product, it's the user(!)
Apr 13, 2015 1:47AM PDT

Ask yourself how many (rigid!) screens can withstand a similar drop. Not many. Then, ask yourself if it is actually a wise to place a phone all the time in your back pocket while sitting. Basic common sense, amigo.

You also could have used a third party to repair the screen for less $. We are done here...

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Bendbot agrees.
Apr 13, 2015 1:49AM PDT
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Read that link.
Apr 13, 2015 2:04AM PDT

"The Apple iPhone 6 Plus deformation occurred at 110 pounds, but it continued to function normally. When pushed to catastrophic failure, its breaking point was an impressive 179 pounds."

There's more there. If you are bending this phone, you are bending this phone.

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iphone 6
Apr 14, 2015 3:27AM PDT

Bummer that you broke your screen. I've dropped my phone several times but had a case that saved the day. Part of the issue with the iPhone 6+ is that the phone itself is so big that an additional case makes it unusually large.

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David Pogue did a good video on this product. Bumper.
Apr 14, 2015 3:51AM PDT
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Apr 17, 2015 6:24AM PDT

That looks interesting. I might be looking for a new case soon.

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Was planning to buy iPhone 6
May 6, 2015 11:22PM PDT

OMG! I am planning to buy a new phone and was thinking of buying iPhone 6. However, after reading your review about iPhone 6 I am not going to buy it because it is very costly and as you said not robust which does not makes any sense to me.

Can you suggest any other which I can use..instead of iPhone 6? RIght now, I am using iPhone 4.

Hope to hear from you soon.

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Then no other phone will do better?
May 6, 2015 11:27PM PDT
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You seem to believe everything you see
May 7, 2015 9:00AM PDT

on the internet.

It's not all true and in this case it is just one persons opinion.

The same applies to the advice about Siri, that you decided not to use ever again.


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You are the problem......
May 7, 2015 9:18AM PDT

.....In this case. No phone is bulletproof and you need to treat it accordingly. I have had more than a dozen phones and only had to file 1 insurance claim. I happily paid the insurance deductible and got my replacement phone with no troubles.

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There was that Brick phone.
May 7, 2015 9:37AM PDT