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I have the opportunity to acquire an i6 which is currently with AT&T. However, my service is with Verizon. Can the ATT i6 be unlocked and then be activated using my Verizon service?

Sorry if I am asking a question that has been answered many times already. I didn't see this particular thread listed already.


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I wouldn't

Most of those are still subsidized and to unlock you have to pay up to get the deal. You didn't reveal what the deal was so I'm going to make the assumption this is the usual deal.

As to you not seeing the particular thread, the discussion about folk feeling ripped off over subsidized phones (is it or not your phone discussions) is rather well done. Too many times the poster flames out about that.

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"deal" meaning a gift. Anyhow, I am clueless as to what the process might be. I don't want a nice phone that will be glitchy to use.

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Need to know more.
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I've been told...

that it will cost around $20.00 to unlock and switch. I have also heard that some features on the ATT phone might not work with Verizon. My i4 works just fine and although I would like an i6, I don't want to have issues with tweaking it.

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That's true.

ATT in its quest to deliver features will not transition all to the next carrier. But the basic phone sounds like it will make the jump at this point.

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But won't you want a phone that has CDMA/EV-DO?

If you need CDMA coverage, using an ATT branded iPhone 6 without the appropriate frequency bands/technology makes no sense on Verizon. YMMV.

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Agreed with Pepe.....

It could be a little difficult to activate an At&t iPhone with Verizon.

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The activation isn't an issue if you already have service

Provided the ATT branded iPhone 6 is already unlocked, he wouldn't have an issue on Verizon activating it provided he already has an active Verizon SIM and this is not a new line of service w/ Verizon. From what I understand, the process has been made easier w/ Verizon if you have either an unlocked 6 or 6S.

My issue with that particular phone would be the one time I traveled out west (etc.) where CDMA still comes in quite handy- where ATT traditionally lacks some GSM coverage in spots. YMMV.


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Let me see if I have the straight of it......

AT&T must first unlock the phone? The original owner must get it unlocked, or would ATT unlock it for me?

Then, I would go to my current carrier which is Verizon and have them activate the new phone?

I was told by a friend that there is an online service that will handle the entire process for around $20.00. Tomorrow, I will drop by his computer store and get the name of that online service. I am trying to evaluate if this is a good thing, or more trouble than it is worth.

Thank you all for your input.

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Of late ATT is more liberal than they used to be

If possible, have your friend request the unlock code for free from ATT since the IMEI of the actual handset is likely associated with his current ATT account.

Yes, the third party unlocking services can assist, but they don't always get the job done correctly. They DO NOT handle the entire process, meaning the activation w/ Verizon. That's handled by V only. Unlock services only take care of making the hardware able to be utilized on other networks.

Good luck Wink

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Before the i6 phone was given to me I asked the previous owner to contact ATT and ask for the phone to be unlocked. ATT did that via web contact within 20 minutes. I then took the phone to my local Verizon store and the rep inserted a Verizon sims card at no charge. The rep then activated my phone and all is well. It was very simple.

Thanks for all the input.

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