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iPad - who is this thing for anyhow?...

by shmody / January 27, 2010 10:25 PM PST

iPad - who is this thing for anyhow?...

Who even asked for this?:
I think the print media and education sector were the only ones really salivating at what this thing would be and what they could do with it. If Apple wants to make money off the thing, it's going to be an institutional product before a consumer product.

Where will we see this in the wild?:
Predominantly, I see this as an institutional product for the following:
schools (all levels)
graphic designers
perhaps as a cost effective aid for those with disabilities

Any other uses?:
Of course, it could be a home living/media room device...but I think most don't care for yet another screen in the room.

Oh wait! Isn't it a prototype for...:
The device does seem to be the closest thing to a flexible screen mobile device in existence as far as function is concerned. Form is similar when you have the screen rolled out.

Presentation was misdirected:
Sorry Steve, either you're trying too hard or you misread your audience. You can't just drum up hype about a product the general populous wasn't *seriously* asking for, and expect it to catch on. If it focused on educational uses, print/multi-media uses, and other functions - it would have been waaaaayy more organized and compelling than just showing us the product and going through it's features.


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People asked the same thing about the iPod
by minimalist / January 28, 2010 3:45 AM PST

"Who is this for?" The first iPod was expensive and really limited but what it did it did well. And it was head and shoulders above the current offerings from competitors in the mp3 market (Rios with virtually no storage and big clunky Creative Jukeboxes with lots of storage and horrible UI's)

Now they are trying to upstage the Kindle and the Nook, which being the one trick ponies that they are, isn't all that hard to do. Plus the Nook has a horrible UI and is slow as molasses. The Kindle is slightly better in the UI department but has lovely DRM that locks you down to their store and their devices forever (I know its weird how its Apple who has the open format this time and not Amazon... go figure).

The price is indeed a bit high right now but that can all change over the next year (the iPhone and iPod's initial high prices didn't stop them from becoming huge). But if you were already in the market for a eBook reader and wanted it to do other things as well, the 500 dollar iPad is pretty compelling.

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Yeah, I see your point...
by shmody / January 28, 2010 4:05 AM PST

Yeah, I see your point...

It does seem that this is basically a large *internet tablet* and then some - just like the iPod Touch and devices from Archos, Nokia, etc. just seems too large to be *mobile* and to expensive to be a compelling purchase. But again, I see your point - may be they're just going to introduce it now and let it build interest on it's own...


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It may be a snooze too. But only time will tell.
by minimalist / January 28, 2010 10:00 AM PST

I don't need a mobile tablet though. I have a smart phone for that. In fact I don;t know if I really need cellular data either (already have it on my phone). I need something the right size for books, video and web browsing with good battery life. This thing is the perfect device to live on the bedside table, coffee table and to take on trips. If its an emergency you can always use your smartphone so why pay for data on both?

Then again the iPod and iPhones didn't really take off till they got down to the 200 dollar mark (even though the iPhone still really costs the same). The extra couple hundred dollars might be a deterrent from this thing becoming as ubiquitous as an iPhone.

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Ipad not for me
by dartagnanh / June 23, 2010 9:55 PM PDT

Yes, the price is high, but it wouldn't have mattered to me as long as it can serve my purpose. The first time I heard about it, I was ready to give my new laptop to my wife so I can buy an iPad for myself. But the more I learned about what it can do, the less convinced I became that it's for me.

It's good only for casual surfers and readers. It definitely is not for me who needs to type quickly for my blog, who needs to do some graphics editing with Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, who edits audio with Audition, etc. But oh, it looks cool as you tap and slide on coffee breaks at the coffee shop. Happy

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iPad - who is this thing for anyhow?...
by wizkids32 / January 28, 2010 6:36 AM PST

School kids is who this is for.

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Uh why?
by paintguru / January 28, 2010 9:48 AM PST

To take notes? Heck no. To use as a textbook replacement? Perhaps, but I personally didn't see the point of the Kindle DX and textbooks, so I certainly don't see how this is useful as a textbook replacement.

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by Oltrelogo / June 23, 2010 6:42 PM PDT

Everyone can be used for including kids and all.

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My mum
by Nicholas Buenk / January 28, 2010 7:28 AM PST

She already uses the iPhone around the house to browse the Internet. This would do that better.
Also it would make a good ebook reader.
Although I'd be just as happy to read off my laptop. It's not enough computer for me and my iPhone and laptop entirely overlap. But for my mum it's perfect.

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(NT) Oh oh - trendy restaraunt and bars can use it as a menu!...
by shmody / January 28, 2010 7:39 AM PST
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No flash. Can a restaurant have a website without some
by minimalist / January 28, 2010 10:07 AM PST

form of Flash mumbo jumbo moving all over the page?

Good god I hate restaurant Flash sites (boutique hotels are equally as bad). Tiny pictures, tiny text some totally lame bootyliscious downtempo electronic music to set the mood. Silly flying text and graphics. All this nonsense might have been impressive about 8 years ago but most other sites have moved on. Cut out the BS and get to the point already.

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Yeah. Well, I never said it was a good idea...
by shmody / January 28, 2010 10:20 AM PST

Yeah. Well, I never said it was a good idea...just eluding that it could be a moneymaking idea for Apple and a way to increase the cache' of trendy spots as judged by their loyal clientele.

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Oh I know. Just venting.
by minimalist / January 28, 2010 10:29 AM PST

As a design professional, I'm not the least bit impressed by flash gimmicks.

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(NT) Understood.
by shmody / January 28, 2010 11:06 AM PST
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iPad is a natural evolution
by Machineman88 / January 31, 2010 1:43 AM PST

The iPad is the inevitable result of the multiplicity of devices that people currently carry around. It was bound to happen, and I'm glad Apple is doing it because they make some of the most user-friendly stuff out there.

I'm personally waiting for the iWatch, which would be worn on the wrist, but would extract and expand into a usable phone/internet device. I don't know if they are working on this but they should. But the iPad is going to be one of the best devices of this coming decade and is certainlya forward-looking device

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That's what I really want to know...
by Magishine / January 30, 2010 8:16 AM PST

If it's an e-reader with some extra things thrown in, then it's not bad.

However it seems like they're marketing this as a device between the netbook and the laptop. And for that, it fails completely.

To be honest, it looks wonderful. Most apple products do. However once you look past the polish, you see that this is an extremely locked down device. No multitasking, no usb ports, $70(!!) for a proper keyboard. $130 more if you want 3G. For $700 (Price for the iPad and a keyboard) I can get an actual LAPTOP that does FAR more than this thing.

It's basically a blown up iphone. The thing about the iphone/ipod touch is that one of the best things about it is that it's mobile. It fits in your pocket and is one of the best mobile experiences out there. This thing? Not so much.

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I think the I Pad might be for me.
by germaric / January 31, 2010 5:11 AM PST

I have been waiting for Verizon to pull the trigger on the I-Phone for a long time. In the mean time, I have discovered that browsing on a smart phone's small screen is a drag for my 48 year old eyes.
I was about to buy an Eris out of spite when my wife suggested that I get a basic phone with a qwerty keyboard and no data plan and then get the I-Pad when it comes out. I cut my data plan cost in half and when I do decide to use apps or navigate, I bring my second device along and have a nice big screen.

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Only for die hard Apple fans, I am not one any more
by Krishmac / April 2, 2010 6:13 PM PDT

Apologies in advance, I have copied & pasted this from my reply to another post, my thoughts appear to be as valid here. I can't believe how apple loyalists make excuses for "elephant dung".

I used to be a big time apple fan and would brook no criticism of apple products from any one until a year ago. It struck me when I looked dispassionately at the PC and Mac world last year that I was paying a lot more for prettied up kit with underwhelming hardware designed to run the OS well but to make more money for Apple than to provide better value for the end user who is stupid enough to give apple fanatical loyalty. I and my family owned 3 powerbooks, 1 macbook, 3 macbook pros & 3 iphones in the last few years. Now, most of us have dumped apple after Windows 7 was released and Android came about.

Crippled hardware is hard to tolerate and the deliberate intention of releasing a first "dung" generation only to upgrade it a year or so later with more options built in, is Apple's forte. Look at iPhone and its built in rechargeable battery - customers sick of poor battery life & tied to apple for replacement. Rumor has it that the next (4th) generation will have replaceable battery. There are many more examples of this and I think Apple's Mac OSX was great in its time but it faces serious challenge from Windows 7. I hated previous iterations of Windows but I and family & a large number of friends who used to be apple fans have switched to Win 7 again !

iPad is for people who want a larger iPod Touch, that is it a fancy ebook reader, whatever the apple fans might say (get a life people, there are better products than "pretty" apple-crippled products out there). I was one before, only now I stopped looking at the "ooh" factor. I have a 17" MBPro & a 12" HP 2730P at the moment, the latter runs Win 7. My MBPro is full spec late 2008, 2.6Ghz etc & I thought it used to run pretty fast. I do all the maintenance etc. But my little HP is an absolute screamer, believe me & lots of people have converted to W7, not that much different from OSX now. The MBPro will shortly go and I intend to replace it with a better spec HP laptop. I also have an Irex digital reader, which I have handed to my son (B&W eInk is good), the HP tablet is far better, LED screen not a strain on the eyes.

Netbooks are a lot cheaper, offer sleep mode with resume, battery life is pretty good these days. As with all things, better to get a product with more options (cheaper too !) than a crippled one. If you get iPad, there will come a time (sooner than you think) when you will absolutely hate not having a physical keyboard and not being able to multitask. Whatever your proposed current use, it will change once the wow factor has gone. Look long and hard before you buy iPad, a previous reply by Wolfie2k5 - reply 20 (POST - Tablets: Is the Apple iPad or Netbook right for me?), is superlative and offers a detailed comparison between the PC & Mac products.

Die hard apple fans can't jump at me, I was one until recently ! As soon as a decent Android phone appears, I am dumping iPhone, almost there. I don't see why I should contribute to the wealth of a cynical company which tries to hold its customers hostage to crippled products. Not sure if Apple does anything towards charity, I don't think it matches the Gates foundation and Warren Oates philanthropy. BEAUTY of body is only skin deep, it is what is inside that should make the decision for most people. Fortunately, with computer hardware it is easy to tell which components have been used, unlike with human beings who may look stunning on the outside but completely unpredictable inside.

In the end, it is a philosophy. It is easy for people to justify a purchase any which way, especially if they can afford it but I certainly stop to think these days about how good a product is inside and how well it will serve me now & in future, rather than the "wow' factor. While this post might come across as a mildly socialist and anti-apple rant, I am glad I got it off my chest. I think the iPad in its present form is absolute crap and merely representative of Apple's cynical exploitation of its fan base, whatever said fan base may say to themselves to buy another "bright, shiny, toy from God".

Happy Easter, ladies and gents.

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Not for students either
by Krishmac / April 2, 2010 8:18 PM PDT

For well heeled, fanatically loyal, apple fans ! I used to be a big fan, now I can't dump apple products fast enough. One of the replies suggests this genius "iPad" might be useful for students !

Are students so good at using their fingers to type on the stupid touch screen that they can take notes fast enough ? The most important option missing from iPad among others, for students at least, is a digitizer. They can't write on it, how stupid can that be for a so called "Tablet innovation from the great and good for the adoring worshippers of form over function" !

Why is this thing being mislabeled a Tablet when it is merely a glorified iPod Touch or iPhone ? If you can't write on it, how is it a Tablet ? How can it be useful for students when this glaring omission cripples it ?

I am afraid Apple fans will make the usual excuses to buy this toy, any justification will do for them probably (I am ashamed to say I was one of the sheep until last year). But facts can't be denied and it is a shame that people are swayed by the glitzy adverts to buy vastly overpriced and inferior products. Sad but true, but the real genius is in Apple's ability to capture a whole segment of the population !

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This is for the eternal teenagers
by Charleseye / May 6, 2010 2:05 PM PDT

The iPad (like all iDevices) is for all the eternal teenagers in the world. It's a simple philosophy that brings rage from any with whom I share it.

Ok, so the other day my 13 year old neice was in tears because right after she got her brand new cell phone she was immediately stricken down by the "populars" at her school for not having gotten an iPhone. There was apparent talk of her parents being too poor (which they aren't) or of her just being too much of a loser to own one. I was reminded of this instance when yesterday at a local coffee shop (you know which one) I saw a thirty-something proudly displaying her shiny new iPad when she leans over to a guy sitting near her using a netbook and says "Wow, you should really get with the times. Netbooks are so last week." He mumbled something in her general direction, got up and left. I immediately realized that these things are engineered specifically to separate the "cool" morons from the intelligent "nerds."

An intelligent person buys a device based on necessity, value and desire. A moron will buy any product with an "i" in the beginning of its name because it will make everyone else think they're cool.

There are dozens of incredible smart phones on the market and yet if it doesn't say iPhone its just another phone. Soon there will be dozens of new tablet-like devices on the market but none of them so cool as an iPad because none of them will start with the one letter that symbolizes self importance, "i"

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Who is ipad for?
by hjfok / May 25, 2010 5:38 AM PDT

ipad is a device that I don't need but glad to have bought one.

For my kids, the ibook has saved some space and clutter of the huge collection of children's book in their bookshelves. We have a lot of books in the house, and I was about to convert another room into a second library in the house. So it has saved me some serious money for remodeling.

For my wife, the ipad sits nicely on the kitchen counter top as a recipe book, internet connection to her friends, a portable TV/movie player, etc. It is much easier to hold than a laptop, don't need electric wires/plugs around baby/young toddler. And when the newspaper and megazines sign up with ipad, I can finally recycle the paper clutter in our home library and go green.

For me, it is a nice photo album, an excellent travel companion to look up point of interest and places to eat (and able to read reviews on Zagart before calling them). It allows me to be spontaneous, rather than planning everything and looking up everything ahead of time. Waiting for a laptop to power up can feel like an eternity, and sometimes frustrating when I use less time to look up what I need than to wait for the laptop to power up. There are also a lot of apps for me to accomplish the same tasks as I usually do with a laptop or desktop.

So ipad is a device that can be for anyone who will like to try it out. It does not replace the much more powerful laptop or desktop. But you can certainly find some good use for it.

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