I have used System Mechanic for many years. Recently, I had version 14 unable to open at all on one of my computers. It was crashing right after I launched it and would not open at all.

I sent a detailed support request to Iolo support, and even attached the full text of one Windows Event Viewer error in my email. Do you know how they responded, after about 2 days? -

(1) The "tech support" dude told me to update System Mechanic to the latest version from WITHIN System Mechanic! Not bad ey? LOL! I tell them it does not open and they tell me to open it and update it!
(2) After I responded that it won't open and that I had done a clean uninstall of it as per their instructions on their website ... a few DAYS later, I got another response showing me the EXACT SAME CLEAN UNINSTALL INSTRUCTIONS which I had already written that I had used!

I will never use system mechanic or any iolo product ever again! I have used it since 1999 on and off but this is the icing on the cake for me! Just giving some specific examples to everyone here so they understand how little Iolo cares about its customer technical support!