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I just started a job that I am able to work from home. Since it is a job in the healthcare field I am required to have Ethernet connection and not Wifi for privacy concerns. I am also required to have a minimum download speed of 25 Mbps and an upload speed of 5 Mbps. Now since I live in a very rural area I can only get two internet service providers. Windstream (my current provider) and Hughsnet. Windstream is not able to increase my speed and the most I get is 18 down and 1.1 up. Hughsnet states they can only offer me 25 down and 3 up after signing a 2 year contract with a $400 cancelation fee. I have no other options due to the rural area I live in and the amount of Amish in the area, high speed internet isn't really a priority. (Believe me I have called every internet service provider possible). Our company does have a vpn we log into but since we work with several different electronic medical records I am told my slow internet speed is causing the WHOLE electronic medical record system to "slow down" due to my bandwith. I have to issues with connection or staying connected at all. (I find it hard to believe one persons internet can slow a whole hospitals electronic medical record to slow down). I wanted to know if anyone know if there is any truth to what I am being told. And also I wanted to know if there is anything I can do to increase my speed. (I have gotten a new modem, changed the DNS and do restarts). Is there a device that can get me faster internet? I read something about 2 connections to one device can increase speed. The only reason I took this job was to work from home and now I am told I am unable to due to my internet speed and I am all out of options. THANKS!

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I don't believe you. Here's why.

I have contacts inside the VA hospital system and they use WiFi links all over. For PCs, tablets and now phones. The link is of course WPA2 and that Cisco system so something is off here. It must be some overreaching IT staffer that wrote this up.

As to your current download speed, that's more enough for two 1080p Neflix streams so what is that made them write up 25 megabit?

It's also shady to outright a lie that your connection speed slows down everyone else. Are they using your PC as the server?

Something's way off in the story. Or they are not who they say they are and are scammers.

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That’s what I thought...

They are saying it is my bandwidth apparently and that it shows I’m disconnecting from the EMR frequently. (However I never get kicked off from my end or seem to have a problem). My company works with several different EMRs, some are web based some are platforms. But I’m guessing my WiFi wouldn’t be any better since my service provider can’t give me anything higher. I have worked with this hospital directly and helped roll out the EMR so I know it is just a terrible EMR.

This is what I am being told by my companies IT because the hospitals IT is complaining. I am no expert in computer networking but this is what I got from it when explained to me.

We were told in the beginning what the internet speed requirement a were however I did not find out until after I had no other options. I will double check with my IT to make sure I am understanding everything correctly and provide updates. I did however thought it was a bunch of BS but I am wondering if there are several other people logging onto the EMR causing it to slow down and since I’m the slowest internet speed I get the boot? I don’t know but I’m determined to get to the bottom of this so I can work in my pajamas all day. That’s all a girl wants. Lol. Thanks for your help!!

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As to speeding up what you have.

That's limited by the ISP and not your gear. Again, if your connection slows down the entire medical record system, something is terribly wrong or someone is lying big time. Not one database system works like that.

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