Internet Randomly Drops out - Wireless Router or Modem Issue

Within the last year I had to upgrade my cable modem as it was outdated. I have Charter/Spectrum internet. The set up went fine and have not had any issues until the last 4 months.

What will happen is that all of a sudden the internet will get incredibly slow, and I'm talking less than a megabit per second slow (I tested it through ookala), and then just drop out. And at first it was only at night or early in the morning but now it happens whever. Sometimes I'd leave it over night and the next morning it would be fine without doing anything. I've tried just restarting the router but that never fixes it. All I have to do is reset the modem and then it's fine for about a week, and it happens again.

I have called spectrum and they have checked my modem out and it's working fine. Especially when the modem is directly plugged into my computer. They gave me a few tips to try and set the channel the router was on. That didn't work. I'm now suspecting possibly the Modem and the Router are not playing nicely with each other? Anyone know of an incompatibility with the Arris TM1602 Cable Modem and the R6400/AC1750 Router? I did post in the Netgear Community. No one has responded to my post. So now I'm looking elsewhere for help.

I happens on any computer ( anything connected to the internet). I'm not sure if it happens on the 2.4ghz. Most of my computers, Fire TV Box, and cell phones all connect to the 5g. There are not multiple people streaming stuff at the same time. Usually Just watching Netflix or not even streaming anything. Could just be on the internet. It just randomly drops out and I have to reset the modem and then it's fine.

Of course I can't call spectrum when it's happening because I only have a cell phone. I live in a rural area that gets no reception, so I have to have a network extender (that is plugged into the router) to get signals and make calls. So calling Spectrum when it happens is impossible. But they can't find anything wrong with it. They tell me they suspect the router has the issues. Of course Netgear won't help because it's past 90 days and so they will help for a fee.

I'm not sure if there is a setting that needs to be set or what. But resetting the modem even once a week is getting old. Sometimes it's more than once a week.

Is there a setting I need to change to get them to cooperate with each other?

Thanks in advance


Model: R6400|AC1750 Smart WiFi Router

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Reporting: Internet Randomly Drops out - Wireless Router or Modem Issue
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Tell a little more.

I see the AC1750 listed but:

1. What is this extender?
a. Is it an extender or a WAP?
b. Is it just 2.4GHz? Try it on 5GHz.
c. Is the extender firmware current?

2. Is the firmware current for the router?
a. What about 5GHz use?
b. Is the router sitting on top of the modem? (HOT!)

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Internet Randomly Drops Out

1.) Network Extender basically takes the internet and an antenna giving me more reception for the cell phones in the house. It is plugged into one of the router ports. It's a Samsung SCS-2U01. As far as I know it's updated by Verizon and I can not do it. Here is a link to what I have:

b.) It happened tonight and it was 2.4ghz and 5ghz no internet connection on either.

2.) The router firmware is current. When the issue started happening that's the first thing I did.
a.) No nothing is sitting on the modem. The network extender is on the top of the computer desk in the office nothing around it. The modem is on the desk top of the desk with nothing around it or on it.

I also did a factory reset on the router, and then shut the modem down. Started the modem and once it had internet then started the router. That didn't seem to help at all.

I never have to reset the router, just the modem. So not sure what's causing it.


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1. That network extender is not WiFi but.

For Verizon service. There is a fine caveat to its use and it's the GPS. and other articles note this. Be sure it's by a window and not in some basement so it can pick up a GPS lock.

This item is not really in play about the Internet connection issues but I'll note the GPS if there is any issue with Verizon service in the home.

Again, this network extender is for the cellular phone, not WiFi. Also, for me this is not used as much as my carrier has moved to using my WiFi for calling and more (I'm on Tmobile.)

2. The TM1602 looks to be an old model. From 2014 or beyond. These things don't last forever. Also, too many threads about this model such as

The PUMA chipset seems to get slammed a lot.

But all that aside. tells us this model needs a router to connect more than one PC. And the routine to start up as almost as you wrote.

Test One: From the manual I would power down and connect my powered down PC to the modem's Ethernet port. Then I'd power up the modem and wait for the lights to do their thing. When it's done (see manual) then power up the PC and see if the Internet is working. If it is not, bum modem, cable or PC.

WORTH MENTIONING. Sometimes you find a home where they owner has run more cable splitters to TVs or boxes. You remove all that and connect just the cable modem. Usually fires right up. Then you discuss the cost to troubleshoot the cable wiring. Cheaper to rewire a lot of the time.

If this test fails with our tech's PC then it's always a bum modem.

-> If this test passes then the second test.
TEST TWO: Now we bring the router into the picture. The cable modem and router is powered off and we connect it as usual. The PC is powered off too and we use Ethernet again to it.

Power up the cable modem and wait per the manual. Power up the router and wait for it to finish. Now the PC. Test for the Internet. May take two tries depending on the ISP.

TEST THREE: Now we can try WiFi. WiFi is only tested up to 20 feet and in the same room. Beyond that in some homes is iffy. I can't guess your construction.

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Thought of that Too

I know it's not Wifi, but I thought I'd mention the extender is plugged into the router in case that might have been causing an issue that I was not thinking about. I was really just wondering about the router and the modem.

I only have the modem hooked up into the router. All phones, computers, tablets TV's, and a FireTV Boxe are all wirelessly connected to the router. No hard wires to a computer. Just hard wired from modem to router, and extender into router. That's it.

On the modem aspect, I just got that modem brand new in a box about 6 months ago. Good to know it's an older model. I will have to call them and see if they have anything newer.

I also thought about the cable wiring. I went downstairs and followed where the cable comes into the house. When we originally moved into the house we had cable in the living room, and two bedrooms. So when I saw the mess of wires that came in from outside, I found two splitters hooked up. And after looking at all that mess, I realized we have no cable. Just internet. All we need is the one wire coming in going straight to the modem. So I took that mess apart and took that wire directly to the modem. I'm hoping it was all those splitters causing the issue. That would be an easy fix. If that doesn't then I will start with replacing wires. Those are from god knows when. We've lived in the house 11 years. So at least that old if not older.

I just wanted to know if there was a setting in the router that I might have had to set to get things to flow better. Netgear community really didn't answer me at all.


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The tests are not optional if

You want to narrow it down. As to WiFi, until the wired tests are done we don't bother with WiFi. That comes later.

As to the router settings, that's almost always the factory condition then what the (poor?) router manual shows for connection to a cable modem. Here I change so little it's funny.

About all I ever do is:
1. Update the firmware.
2. Factory reset the router.
3. Set it up being sure the date and time is correct in the router (yes it matters for WiFi.)
4. Test.

There was some time years ago you would adjust the MTU (see google) but that number would come from the ISP.

Today? Haven't changed that in over a decade.

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