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Internet keeps disconnecting after about 10 minutes

While playing my online game, the internet keeps disconnecting after about 10 minutes. It's very consistent , and annoying. It says the internet has, "limited or no connectivity". I have to disconnect and reconnect it to get the internet working for another 10 minutes. It's very annoying. PLEASE HELP!!!

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Reporting: Internet keeps disconnecting after about 10 minutes
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Try this

Did you try to clean temp and prefetch folder? If not, then try the following steps:
1. Open your browser and clean all cache and temp files.
2. Go to Start->Run. Type "prefetch" and press enter. It will open a folder. Delete all files within it.
3. Go to Start->Run. Type "%temp%" and press enter. It will open a folder. Delete all files within it.

Restart your computer and try again.

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I'll try that

I will try that on Wednesday, when I get back home. I'll post what happens right after I try it. Thanks for the fast reply.

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Solved! woohooo!

Wooohooo! That did it! I played for about an hour, and it didn't disconnect once! I've been trying to figure out that problem for a while. Wooo! Thank you!

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Great !

Great buddy! Enjoy Happy

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Auto Disconnect keeps shuting down windows every 20 min.

HELP ! Why is auto disconnect appearing every 20 min. asking if i want to stay on line, or disconnect. If I don't click on stay on line, It will disconnect.
I seen something simular in an anser with another doing same thing in 10 min. and you suggested going to run, type prefetch and also %temp% and deleteing all files in both of these. My fear is are there things that i may not want to delete, or not to worry and delete all. ????

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don't worry

Hi Jim,
You can delete all those files without any fear.

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What's the logic behind this fix?

I'm all for doing anything that works, but on the surface, I'm not seeing anything --particularly in the Prefetch folder-- that would contribute to a loss of internet connection. Even the temp file deletion doesn't really make sense without a further explanation.

Can you please cite sources on why this *works*?

Please don't misunderstand. I'm hoping to learn something here that I didn't know. But I need to know the "why" this might work, and right now, I'm not seeing it. I'm not even sure the original poster's problem was directly affected by this action. In other words, I'm not convinced of cause and effect here.

So please provide the tech info you have on why this might restore internet connections that are flakey. Thanks!

In the meantime, here's some good scoop on what the Prefetch folder is all about, and why deleting its contents ordinarily does nothing for you, save for temporarily increasing the Windows load time for the OS and frequently used apps:

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Delete %temp% and prefetch !

By deleteing these two suggested items my system is back working the way its supposed to !!!!! YEA. Thanks guy, and now I'm a super happy camper. I also should mention that my family computors are also running great now also.

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It's good to here that your problem is solved Happy

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%temp% and prefetch Deleteing Great deletetion for speeding

Deleteing these two items, esp. after they are loading up the folders they are in really speed up my windows. Sure they will re-appear, but if you delete them as you computor starts to slow down again, ( once a week or two ), there is no harm done at all.One thing I din come to find out, is that prefetch becomes a startup item, and I simply disabled it, till i need again.

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Prefetch mythology...
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Still disconnects

Bad news, it's not working anymore! It doesn't even last 5 minutes before it disconnects. AAAAAAAAA!!!! Very annoying! Please help!

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Still Disconnects ( Auto Disconnect )

I had the same problem, and did the same thing with deleting %temp% and prefetch. Seamed to work at first, and thought it was fixed, but it came back ! Here is what I did , When the auto disconnect box came up again, and asked if i wanted to stay on line, or disconnect, there is a check box asking don't show this window again, and i put a check in the box. Haven't had a disconnect since. Now however, when i want to go off line, I have to click on the duel computor images lower right bottom of screen, and the window comes up asking the same as the the window I put that check mark in. No big deal to me, and I'm note a tech. This is another idea that was suggested, but i haven't tried it yet, Close out your account, and reinstall, which may put all back the way it should be? I will try this someday, but for now, this is working just fine the way it is. Also Forget deleting Prefetch, as this is there to bring up windows faster, Not there to slow it down, as I have since found out !!!!! %temp% deleting you can continue deleting OK !!! FORGET PREFETCH !!!!!!!
Reguards , Jim

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Doesn't even ask

The problem is, that it doesn't even ask me if I want to stay connected. It disconnects, and the little box pops up, saying it has limited or no connectivity.

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Possible That An Energy Saving

setting CP > Power Options is set to disconnect if not re-enabled in set time? Just a W.A.G.

Some ISP's have, of late, tried to control/"balance" flow by slowing connections rather than supply/obtain more band width. many sub-suppliers/re-sellers are complaining that their main ISP is doing this to them causing grief for their customers. Usually this is being applied to big file transfer situations (as if they were 2nd class users who could be delayed). Good Luck! Happy

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Thats Strange !

Try doing a search or Go to , and find his configuration page setup for the system you are running. If you have a printer setup, this will be very handy, as your want to print out the settings. Once you do this print out, you will click on start, control panel, administrative tools, then double click on services. When screen come up, expand it to full screen. Follow the list line by line, and check to see if they are set same as the list. If there are changes ,double click on the item and set as manual, automatic, ect . Click apply, then click start. go to next that needs changed if any, & do the same. Once done,shut down, restart, and see if this solves the problem.
Hope this is of help to ya. I also use Skybot and after scannig, fix anything that comes up in RED !This solved a lot of problems for me as well, has this , and I install on every computor I have and would highly suggest this for everyone.

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Ok...a few things

First, at least this bogus "Empty Prefetch" myth has been dispelled.

Now, on to your problem:

Need more info:

What setup do you have? In other words, are you using a router to connect between the cable modem and your PC? If so, what model router is it?

What model PC is it?

Please do this as well: When you get the limited or no connectivity message, please do the following:

Click Start. Click Run. In the Run box, type:


Click OK. A Dos-type command box will open up on your screen. At the blinking cursor, type:

ipconfig /all

Tap the enter key. Note that there's a space between "ipconfig" and "/all".

Now, your pc will list your current network information as it applies to your network card. Look down to the "IP Address" line. Does it start with

IP addresses that begin with 169 indicate that your PC has not been able to acquire a legitimate IP address from either your router or your cable modem (if connecting directly to cable modem).

Again, please do the test above AFTER you get the limited or no connectivity message. There is no need to type out your actual IP address here. I'm just interested to see if you get the IP address (where x=any number).

One other test you can do, and do it in THIS order:

Power OFF PC . Power OFF Router (if you have one). Power OFF cable/DSL modem.

Wait about two or three minutes.

Now, do the following in this order:

Power ON Cable/DSL modem. Wait at least two minutes for it to sync up with the ISP.

Power ON Router. Wait at least two minutes for it to sync up with the cable modem/DSL modem.

After waiting the required two minutes after powering on Router (or powering on cable modem/DSL modem if you don't have a router), then

Power On PC and log into Windows.

See how it works out for you.

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See my response to James on page 2

Follow instructions on my response to James on Page 2 if you would.

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it IS a 169 ip address

HI! Sorry for the long delay but I got the info. When the "limited or no connectivity" came on, I got the ip and it IS a "". So now what do I do?
Oh and my router is this: Verizon GT704WG Wireless DSL Modem/Router
And I"m running XP sp3

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Heellp Please!!

Yes, er... how do I clean out all the cache files in my browser?

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Here is what I did to solve the problem

I did a ?print screen? of a pop-up that tells me that my connection to the internet will disconnect in 25 seconds if I do not click the ?stay connected button?. How do I stop this action of disconnection when I am not here to click the stay connection button?

Here is what some experts said------

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\LanmanServer\Parameters. In the right pane, find Autodisconnect and change the time accordingly.
Start/Run/net config server /autodisconnect:30 (30 being an example). The valid value range is -1 to 65535 minutes at the command line. To disable Auto-Disconnect set it to -1. Setting Autodisconnect to 0 does not turn it off and results in very fast disconnects, within a few seconds of idle time. (However, the RAS Autodisconnect parameter is turned off if you set it to a value of 0.)

However, Here is what I had to do to finally solve my problem---because the experts were not correct when using my XP version----
Go to Start, then go to Run, type in-- regedit.exe in the command box, then drill down by selecting the following sequence: hkey_local_machine\systemcontrolset002\TermService\PERFORMANCE\open timeout. After double clicking and opening ?open timeout?, The Timeout command box is completed with FFFF in the box meaning decimal 65535, which is the maximum amount of time before a disconnect. When done it should look like this: REG_DWORD 0X0000FFFF(65535)--then reboot your computer and go back and see if the change took---if so, then great and enjoy no disconnects!

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Yep...its annoying

Easy solution..... do a system restore back to when your pc was ok,this will put it right Wink

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