"not even a blank page"
Can you explain that? If you go to Tools>Internet Options and set the start page to be a blank page (about:blank), do I understand correctly that IE won't display the blank page? What does it display then? And the blank page somehow resides on your system, so that doesn't have any link with a dial-up connection anyway.

"IE won't connect"
That's correct. Dial-up connection connects. IE only uses the connection. Can you reformulate your problem somewhat more correctly? Also tell any (error) messages you get.

Also tell:
- the OS
- the version of IE
- the settings on the Connection tab of Tools>Internet Settings
- can you open a html-file on the hard disk by typing it's name in the address bar
- did IE work on this computer before you did your install things
- what exactly did you install (I wouldn't call going to Dial-up connections and making a new connectoid really installing something)
- (if you've got or can get Mozilla on a cd and install it) does that browser work

I'm sure more help will come if you tell more, but there's just very little information to go into at the moment.