Internet dropouts with Hotwire ISP

Hello everyone
Thanks in advance for any help and sorry for the typos.
So here goes and this may be a long story.
The problem:
Randomly,of course,my connection drops out for a few seconds up to 2 minutes.I have run the ping from command line and watched it pass and then reports "request timed out",sometimes for 1 or 2 pings,sometimes many,then it goes back to ok. I have had the Tech for Hotwire out at least three times with same outcome nearly every time,"no problem found".The ISP supplied router,a wired dlink unit,has been replaced twice.I could not say if this does anything even temporarily,due to the intermittent nature of the problem.It may go several days
or even a week or so with no problem,but once it starts it continues for a few days and then it will be ok.Resetting the router by unplugging seems to help short term,but the random nature makes it hard to tell.The service tech blamed my equipment,but I am hooking a laptop directly into the router.Here is another anomaly,I cannot locate a modem.The cat 5 enters the house from the outside,disappears into the wall and in the master bedroom a cat 5 drops in from the attic and into the modem.I have done my best Indiana Jones in the attic,but have not found a modem.Complicating things is the fact that Hotwire doesn't work weekends,so I have to have my Mother-in-law stay at my house to let them in.Needless to say internet speeds are not her cup of tea.

Here are more details,forgive if I ramble.I live in a subdivision with an HOA.This HOA has signed an exclusive contract with Hotwire so no other ISP can serve me.This seems illegal to me,especially since this was never disclosed to me.I found out after I bought the house and could not get an ISP,until finally Comcast,which owns Hotwire I think, filled me in on my awesome situation.So I go with the only ship in the harbor on the basic plan,3mbps up/down.Way too slow.So we upgraded to the "best' service they offer 10mbps up/down.According to Speedtest,nothing changed.Not one iota.So I called and the tech comes out and reports that is as good as it gets for now.Again to my MIL because I am at work.Called Hotwire and they said we are on a contract at the higher speed and we cannot be released from it and that "it will get better"Then the dropouts began.Not right after that,maybe a month or so.This has been going for at least 3 years now.

After several trips from tech,we get a new router.Yippee.Fixed nothing.I have since replaced the router again with nothing changing.I have also borrowed a totally different router,also a dlink,from a friend and it will not really work any better.

I am absolutely fed up.I am getting less than no help from the HOA,I assume kickbacks or discounts.Hotwire does not care because I am a captive audience.I have contacted the Better Business Bureau,my County Commissioner,my State Representative,the Public Service Commission,the State Attorney fraud department and an informal conversation with a family member that is a paralegal.

So here is the point,I need some software or some thing that I can use to record my ping rate and speeds for at least 24 hours with a printable report.I am sick of this and without a hard copy report I can't really go much farther.I am hoping to sue and at least get the money back for the upgraded service I am paying for but not getting.My best case is that I can prove breach of contract due to the fact that they cannot fulfill their end of the contract,and have the contract tossed completely out,freeing the community to get whatever ISP we want.I am not alone in this,as I have quite a few other homeowners with an issue with Hotwire.

Of couse,if somebody has a tip for me to fix this or a better test so I can do a better diagnosis.,let me know.

Thanks again in advance for your help.

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Reporting: Internet dropouts with Hotwire ISP
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Given the online reviews
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You are so very right

I agree with that assessment,but I have zero choice.My HOA has an exclusive contract with them that I was not informed of.I found out about about 2 weeks after closing.How do i test without the router?

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Google tells me how.
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I will try this as soon as I get home.Thanks
I will try anything short of setting the house on fire.I just want this to be over.The sad part for me is when it works,it works fine,if not speedy.

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If it dropped out for a second and came back it buffers it,but 1,2,5 or 10 minutes,not so much.

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I wish I could fix this one.

But if they are a bad ISP then there's little I can offer.

Now I could write about installing a SQUID cache system (you can google that) but that's like driving a car towing a car in case the first car breaks down for a hour then even that isn't a good analogy.

From reviews it's a shame and all but another ISP looks to be the fix.

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