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A while back I and my sister bought our own “cable modems” so that we wouldn't have to pay Time Warner Cable their monthly fee. It's called a 'surfboard SB6141' DOCSIS 3.0 CABLE MODEM. Right away I noticed that her “link” light was blinking “amber”, which indicated that, I came to find out, that the Ethernet was 10/100 on her Compaq-Presario computer. My “link” light was blinking “blue”, which indicated that the Ethernet was 10/100/1000 on my Dell 3647 computer. Since we could connect without issue, we didn't worry about it. We're both using our computers for normal basic 'home' stuff.

First question, is what I just stated, correct? The 10/100 thing vs 10/100/1000. And if that is correct, nothing can be done unless you buy something or get the computer modified? Or is this a Time Warner issue? In the past, I would run a “Belarc Advisor” report and it would 'show' this 10/100 – 10/100/1000 thing on our respective computers. I updated both computers to windows 10 during the first week of August and ran a Belarc Advisor 'report then'. I now see that neither computer “report” shows this “10/100 or 10/100/1000 thing. Maybe minor point, her computer was a windows 7 and mine was windows 8.1.

So, my sister called today and said that she had no “Internet” connection. And, by chance, a Time Warner Cable “rep” dropped by. And from “her” point of view, there must be a major issue because the “link” light is “amber”. In the past, I would simply turn the computer off, unplug the power cord to the cable modem, wait a minute, power up the cable modem, wait till all “lights” were on, turn the computer back on, and the issue would be resolved, internet connection would be re-established.

The TWC rep left without fixing the internet connection issue, and plans on returning on Friday. So, I'm guessing the issue might be more serious, unless “she” just got hung-up on this “amber” light thing. I'm looking for any suggestions that might fix her computer. Hopefully we don't need to buy a new 'cable modem'. On a related note, what report could I run, or where can I look on the computer to see this “10/100” thing. I tried looking in 'device manager', but didn't see anything there.

Sorry for the long report and thanks in advance for any suggestions,


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Reporting: Internet Connection Issue
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First I want to say amber light...

is not the reason why she doesn't have internet. Is it blinking regular? What about the other lights? receive and send, are they blue? The online and power should be green. If all these are working properly then the problem, I think, is in the computer itself. As far as the 10/100 go, you said your services is 50mbps, the card is plenty capable.

Oh I almost forget. Did the problem started with win10. If so, you need to reinstall the LAN driver. This happen to me on one of my upgraded computer also.

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Oh, what's her computer brand and model?

You might have to visit their support site to down load the driver.

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All 'lights' normal

Thanks for replying. And yes, all the lights are as they should be – power and online are green, and send and receive are steady blue, and the 'link' light is blinking regular. Regarding - “the card is plenty capable” - do you mean that the 'amber' light should be 'blue' on her computer as 'mine' is?

Installed “our” cable modems over two years ago, and her link light has always been 'amber' and mine always 'blue', thus the question of this 10/100 vs 10/100/1000.

Regarding windows 10, installed on both computers in first week of August and had been working fine until yesterday.

Her computer - compaq presario ay030aa-aba cq5320f

Thanks again for any suggestions

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Amber light is ok when it's blinking regularly.

My experience says the signal from TW appears to be ok. the issue is in the computer.

lets do a little troubleshoot and see if we can discover where the issue is. Try this: start->control panel->network and internet->network and sharing->troubleshoot problem->internet connection. Hope we can find out what the problem is.

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Intermittent problem

Just returned from Sisters home. Turned on her computer and for about the first hour everything seemed to be working fine. I took the time to visit HP website to check on any updates – none. I went to 'device manager' and checked to see if I could update the modem driver – said it already had the latest. I ran the “Ccleaner” apt to clean out any 'junk' stuff. And then I just did stuff, to see if the problem would return. And then the problem returned. I noticed that the “lights” on the modem were going in and out. Did the network troubleshooter thing while the connection was out – said it found something and fixed it. But the modem was still going in and out. I turned the computer off, unplugged the modem, waited a minute, plugged it back on, waited for the lights to come back on, turned the computer back on. And for the next, at least, hour and a half, the internet connection worked. So I don't know if its fixed or not. Will have to wait for my Sister to call back later, as I had to leave to go on an errand.

Thanks for helping

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Cable modem

As far as I know, you have to call the (in this case time warner) and register that modem with them first. you can do it for saving the fee every month, but you have to let them know. Try it.

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All ready did that - two years ago

when I got the modems, so been saving that monthly fee ever since.

Thanks for replying

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