Internet connection blocked after "Windows Repair 7" virus

Hi, I looked for a search feature but could not find one so I apologize if this is a repeat thread. I was just infected with the Windows Repair 7 virus, its a nasty, nasty little bug. I managed to get rid of it and was aware of some of the after effects of the virus.

For those who don't know this happy fella installs itself on your computer, insists you pay it money to repair a heap of hard drive errors etc all the while hiding everything on your computer.

I managed to bring back most of my icons and programs but I am having one huge problem:

Since the virus attacked most programs that automatically connect to the internet wont any more. The first thing I noticed was when I went into Firefox instead of loading a web-page it would say "The proxy server is refusing connections." So I was like "Ok, this must had been changed by the virus" so I switched Firefox from manual proxy to "auto-detect proxy" and that fixed the browser.

The problem now is that other programs can't connect to the internet. World of Warcraft's launch utility wont connect (however if I run the game directly it will), neither will my Curse client for wow's addons. Windows update can't connect. I can't get online with internet explorer either. However, Steam seems to connect, so will google talk.

I admittedly am over my head with this one, and really would appreciate some help.

At the moment I am running Avast anti-virus (was running this when I got infected) and now I have ad-aware and Malwarebytes (trial). As an experiment I disabled everything including my firewall and tried to run windows update, and it still could not connect so I am pretty sure I can rule out my anti-virus and mal-ware apps as well as my firewall as being the reason for my problem. But any help from you guys would be greatly appreciated.

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Reporting: Internet connection blocked after "Windows Repair 7" virus
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Did You Check IE's Settings?

If not, open Internet Explorer. Go to Tools>Internet Options>Connections Tab. Click on the "LAN Settings" button. If there is a check in the box "Use a proxy server for your LAN", uncheck it. Click "OK". Then "OK", again.

You stated you "switched from manual proxy". When you went to FF's network settings, how was Manual proxy configured? Had the "HTTP proxy" and "No Proxy for" been changed to something other than What happens when you tick "No proxy"?

Additionally, you stated you were able to bring back "most" of your icons. If there are still some left "hidden", scroll down to Step #17 in the below guide.

Remove Windows Repair (Uninstall Guide)

If it doesn't work, read this thread and see if it applies. If so, try this version Grinler recently developed.

In regard to not being able to find a search feature. Look at the very top of the page. Wink


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re: Did You Check IE's Settings?

Actually I should had been more specific, by most I mean that I could not get most of my start menu items back. I rarely use my start menu so that's not a huge issue.

Umm, right now to be honest the only residual side-affects are some programs not connecting to the internet. As with wow and some other programs I've installed a reinstallation probably will fix it (I have been thinking about this all day while I've been out and about...) I guess my only real worry is getting windows update back.

As for IE, eh I never ever use IE so that's last on my list.

The manual proxy is If thats what it should be, its not working I don't know why. When I click no proxy it also works fine. It's currently set to auto-detect proxy for this network and that works just fine.

Lasty, as for the search, i thought that was for the general web-page not to include the forums. Good to know for next time.

All in all I actually got rid of the virus pretty fast it's the cleanup that proving to be the problem.

Thank you again for the help.
(still trying to get certain things to connect, what a pain... If I ever meet the guy who wrote this program, his balls are mine D&ltWink

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Check Internet Explorer's settings..


You wrote. "As for IE, eh I never ever use IE so that's last on my list."

The malware doesn't know (or care) if you use IE. Devil

Whether or not the malware changed Internet Explorer's settings to use a Proxy, I don't know. But it still needs to be checked. The truth be known, I'm tending to doubt it, but check it anyway.

It would help to know, what happens when you try to connect to Windows Updates. Are you receiving any error messages? Unless I over-looked it, I don't see where you included your operating system.


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