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Internet Cleanup for Windows
I get an invalid page fault in MXBROWSE.DLL. Or the message saying: "This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down." How can I fix this?

This is usually caused by a corrupt ActiveX control. Locate the ActiveX folder
(in Windows XP, 98, ME, and 95, it is C:\WINDOWS\Downloaded Program Files
in Windows 2000, it is C:\WINNT\Downloaded Program Files)
Open this "Downloaded Program Files" folder in Explorer or by browsing to it in My Computer, and delete (right click and press "remove") all files within it.

Have seen this with AOL 8.0 and there may be an incompatibility between AOL 8.0 and Internet Cleanup 3.0.
Good Luck!

Try to replace the msvcrt.dll that is in your system. The following link will show you how to do it:
Replacing mscvcrt.dll on Windows ME
After replacing, I would then reboot the system and try it out again.
If this doesn't work, I would remove all the items inside the "Temporary Internet Items" folder that exists inside "C:\Windows\". I would then try to copy the new "msvcrt.dll" that was replaced to "c:\windows\system" to the folder where the Internet Cleanup executable is located. I would reboot and then try launching the program once the system comes up.

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