Internet and driver problem

I have a Dell Optiplex 7010. It was one that I was using but have since purchased another computer and gave this one to my wife. I removed the HDD that was in it and put in a new WD Black performance hard drive (1TB) I installed Windows 7 Professional SP1 64-Bit.
Everything works well so far except for a very important item. I am unable to access the internet. When I click on the Internet Explorer icon button this is what comes up "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" Then I click on Diagnose Connection Problems and this is what comes up:
Windows Network Diagnostics
Install a driver for your network adapter
Windows did not detect a properly install network adapter. If you have a network adapter, you will need to re-install the driver.
Troubleshooting has completed
Troubleshooting was unable to automatically fix all of the issues found. You can find more details below
Problems found
Windows could not find a driver for your network adapter Detected

I more or less anticipated this and have Dell's Drivers for Optiplex 7010. But I now have a related problem. When I try to install a driver this is what happens:
Chipset_Driver_CPNKY_WN32_9.3.0.1019_A00.EXE - Entry Point Not Found
The procedure entry point Add DllDirectory could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.DLL. So how do I go about getting Add DllDirectory into the dynamic ling library KERNEL32.DLL?
Just remember that I am 90 years old and not technologically savvy.

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I went to the Dell drivers site at

And the Intel Chipset Driver at looks to have a date of 2012.

Chipset_Driver_CPNKY_WN32_9.3.0.1019_A00.EXE is on their download list too so I'd try a new version.

Dell has a 2019 dated download at

But it's the same file.


Try INF_allOS_9.3.0.1019.exe from Intel at:

But notice the words at the Intel Link. This OS and a lot of drivers are at end of life so you are pushed to W10 or Linux soon.

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Re: I went to the Dell...

I went to the like you listed and downloaded it to a thumb drive and then tried to install it and this is what came up
This computer contains software version, which is newer than the version you are about to install. So I didn't install it. I then decided to reinstall windows 7 again but ended up with the same problem. I have put the old hard drive back in which has my stuff on it and everything works fine. I will just need to take out all of my stuff, both docs and apps that my wife won't need.

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If I were to do more sleuthing.

I'd want to find the version that works and then install that. I would overwrite since that appears to be broken for this machine.

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Re: If were to do more sleuthing

I probably should have tried that first and if what I am doing now doesn't work I will give that a try. What I am doing now is cloning the new drive with the older one that was in the computer and working okay. That will take some time, according to the program for doing this it will take about 16 hours to do the cloning and as of now there are about 12 hrs and 50 minutes left. So sometime tomorrow I will know if this works or not.

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This is what most should do.

Very few want or have the time to do that work (does this driver version work? What driver version is in the working OS?)

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The new drive that I cloned now works fine. I just have to spend some time removing some of the apps that my wife won't need, remove my data which is backup elsewhere, and put in my wife's data which is backed up elsewhere

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Contact Dell

Ask if they have a w7 pro sp1 64 bit disc or disk you can buy.

If so that should get you the drivers needed to get the machine to function.

Then it's off to Dell to run their scanner.

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More specifically you want.

"Recovery media."

Installing Windows from scratch is asking a lot of users today and why Linux makes sense for those that need a machine to say:

1. Run Chrome.
2. A word processor, spreadsheet, and more such as what's in LibreOffice.
3. Not deal with driver hunts.

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Re; Contact Dell

That is what I put on the computer - I used a W7 pro sp1 64 bit disc that I purchased sometime ago. I don't believe that there is anything wrong with the disc because I have used it on 4 other computers in the house without there being any problems.

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That's hard for some to understand.

As a PC is not a set design, your "W7 Pro SP1" disc is fine for the OS but won't have the drivers and apps necessary for all PCs you encounter.

So there's that. Then to get a PC working correctly (Windows) we find that even seasoned technicians can struggle. I'm pretty good at this but I've been at this since before DOS 1.0 and ran repair shops, etc. Even with this experience once in a while I find a machine that the maker dropped the ball as to their site as to drivers and apps.

-> So again, your W7 disc holds the OS. It does not have what is needed for most PCs to get it entirely functional.

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W7 disc

That disc seems to be missing something to get your dell machine to function.

This is where the factory restore media comes in.

It has everything needed to get the machine to function.

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