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Intermittent Internet connection issues in Windows XP

I have a connection problem where the connection to the internet is intermittent. Clicking on links will work for a few minutes(a seemingly random amount of time) then, after going to a few sites it will start timing out. I can try to refresh the page or navigate to any number of other pages, but it will just keep timing out. Restarting IE(or whatever app Im using), seems to resolve it. Although sometimes it takes a few IE restarts for it to get to the home page again. Strangely, connections already made will persist but new connections won't. For example, youtube video will keep loading although any links I click on the same page will time out even while the video is still loading.

It started doing this after I restored my PC with Windows XP with all the newest updates and the latest firewall and antivirus software. I previously was running windows XP which was about 6 months behind on updates and n-1 versions of firewall and antivirus software, and this problem did not occur.

It does this on both my XP PC and laptop, which ive both restored and updated recently(so its not hardware related)
It does this when connecting directly to the router over ethernet cable and also when using wireless(so its not a wireless problem)
It does this with both firefox and IE(so its not an IE problem)
It does this even when firewall is off(so its not the firewall)
It does this even when antivirus is off(so its no the antivirus software)

It does NOT do this on my linux PC
It does NOT do this on my roommates Windows Vista

This leads me to believe that this could only be a problem with XP.

Were there any XP updates that you know of that would affect internet connectivity? Any other ideas?

Btw, I had to restart IE a few times just to create this post.

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Which anti-virus?

I ask that because I know the latest version of AVG includes the LinkScanner browser add-on. If you are using AVG with this add-on, (any browser), perhaps that is causing links to time out.

If not AVG, what other security applications do you have, eg Spybot, Lavasoft's AdAware, etc.


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Re: Which anti-virus?

youre the man, MarkFlax. It looks like it was AVG. I turned off the link scanner and it seemed to reduce the problem, then i completely uninstalled AVG and that seemed to completely fix the problem. Thanks for the help.

Kind of irritated with AVG. I can't use it if its just going to prevent me from using the internet(even with link scanner deactivated). Also kind of irritated that I cant easily turn off AVG(like in older versions), only "deactivate" components. Looks like Ill be looking for another virusscan.

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About AVG

I agree with the comments about AVG. It was a great 'light' application early on, but has bloomed a little.

There is a way around the LinkScanner problem. Reinstall AVG if you wish but watch the install process carefully. That is when LinkScanner is offered. The default, (naturally), is to add it in, but I am informed that you can remove that option during the install process.

Good luck.


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Other suites in their efforts to protect users can and do result in similar irritations. I think it's come down to this. Either we become better users and use what works (there are many good choices for antivirus) or we install HEAVY (read slows down or stops the internet connections) PROTECTIONS.

Here we don't use IE often (or OE) and even with the free antivirus packed into google apps the scans we do with the usual titles you see here find nothing.

But that's not what I'm seeing in the field. Ready?

I'm encountering folk that feel an antivirus should stop infections even when the user is behaving badly by opening attachments and clicking OK to install warnings.

I'm taken a bit aback by such attitudes.

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re: BTW

I hear what youre saying.

Originally, one of the main appeals of AVG was that it was light. It being free was the other main appeal. I was turned away from the commercial anti-virus apps like McAfee and Norton because they became so large, wrapping their tentacles around every facet of your PC, causing it to be irritating and slow.

Unfortunately with this last release of AVG it seems to be following that same trend.

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I agree.

There are other free protection software which does fine if the owner is not taking risks. I'm using the one from Google Apps but I bet folk expect nothing less than protection that works under all circumstances (the new owners that click on any link?)

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