The ancient one,

Thanks for taking the time to make our members aware of this PayPal phishing scam. Especially this one. Note the reason why Malwarebytes added the "update" to their blog post .............

"Paypal Phishing Flood UPDATED "

Underneath where you see an email similar to the one you received it reads .......


To add even more urgency to this particular scam, similar e-mails have been going out that advise the user of a recent deposit to their PayPal accounts. The email includes a PDF receipt with all the details, however the attachment is a poorly masked EXE, made to look like a PDF. In reality, the executable launches a well known Zeus variant on the system.

For those that don't remember, Zeus is a family of Banker Trojans that steal users credit card and bank login information. The family has been around for many years, always modifying it's tactics with each new variant to avoid security protections. The current sample being sent with the malicious e-mail is well known and detected by many popular antivirus applications, including Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, which detect it as Spyware.Zbot.ED.

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To those in doubt as to the emails' legitimacy, read the "Comments:" section under a copy of the email. Paypal Take Action

Thanks again!