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Intel Matrix Storage - RAID reconfiguring

hi -

i am running two hard drives under the intel matrix storage program, which allows me to have one RAID 1 and on RAID 0 on only two hard drives. one of my drives just died, so now i have to replace it and repair the stupid thing.

i would like to take advantage of this problem to reconfigure my RAID. i think i put too little space on my RAID 1 partition and would like to increase it. is there a way to change my partition sizes without deleting everything on my computer?

i configured the RAID on my motherboard bios, a Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P. the intel matrix runs through windows 7, i guess it just keeps a handle on things and fixes problems.

i've found intel's matrix storage site and documentation to be pretty bad and hard to deal with.


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Reporting: Intel Matrix Storage - RAID reconfiguring
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add on question

i have another problem: i'm not really sure what's wrong with my hard drive. its not really dead, maybe damaged, maybe nothing?

again, I have a RAID 0,1 array, using the Intel Storage Matrix. I have two hard drives put into two partitions, a Stripe RAID 0 and a Mirror RAID 1. i'm running windows 7, and my mobo is a Gigabyte EP45-UD3P.

upon booting, i'm told that

my RAID 1 array is "degraded"
my RAID 0 array is "normal"
one of my physical hard drives - "error occurred 0,1"
the other one is "member drive 0,1"

i can boot up my computer and it looks like windows is running fine, except that the intel matrix storage manager says there is an error with my hard drive (as stated above). however, i can't figure out what the error is, and i can't figure out how to perform a diagnostic on my hard drives. i can only perform a diagnostic on my hard drive PARTITIONS, and those are both labelled "healthy." i cannot figure out how to get to a diagnostic out of my BIOS.

i've tried unplugging the offending hard drive and that causes the RAID 0 to fail completely and all sorts of related problems, leading me to believe that the hard drive is simply damaged.

so - do i need a new hard drive? is there a way to diagnose and maybe fix whatever is wrong with my current drive?

thanks in advance

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Generally, with RAID 1, you just rebuild the array

If the controller sees inconsistency between the two volumes in a RAID 1 array, it can often just rebuild it to match the two again. The ones I've seen offer that option while booting up but I cannot know what you're seeing. This doesn't usually mean data loss but it would be good to back things up. From what I've been reading about newer drives is that, if they were not specifically designed for RAID use, they will cause problems. As I understand, it's due to some sort of deep cycling they do that's built into the firmware and part of their error correction routine. What happens is that one of the two drives may enter this function making it temporarily unavailable. This can break the array....or so I've read. Make sure the drives you are using are RAID capable according to the manufacturer.

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RAID or "Not" to RAID ???

RAID or "Not" to RAID, that is the question.

Whether I should connect my hard drives, into one (x1) storage system !!!
To loose control of independent Hard Drives? !!!

Please Note:
I am not an expert in using ?RAID?.
My first set up was to connect two ?Hard Drives? together, as one complete single (x1) storage unit.

Warning + Dangers = Using Raid - Hard Drive Software / Storage:
This is a history of my own experience.

My first PC, was an Intel, running DOS 3,2.

Years back I decided to build my ?last? most powerful, maximum PC.
At the time, I used all the best top quality made products.
At the time, money was no object.

Only months after the limited warranty, my deluxe power supply failed. Thanks to a built in spike protector, my motherboard and hard drives were saved.
Only months after the limited warranty, my master hard drive, had a major mechanical error. The tracking arm broke. (Mechanical Break Down).

Since I had two (x2) Hard Drives connected using
?Hard Drive ? Intel Raid?, I lost ?all? information, on both hard drives (x2).
It cost me $1,000.00 to retrieve my information.

I live in Kitchener Ontario, Canada.
I am surrounded by famous computer information. Research In Motion (RIM) the ?Blackberry? producer and the University of Waterloo, a major in computer science.


The biggest asset around here for computer stores and computer repairs, is ?fixing? faulty computer hardware. All secondary hardware, power supplies, hard drives and etc. are now all junk. Not reliable.

My own research and development, has found that ?Hard Drives? are failing at a high rate.
Hard Drives are longer a reliable source for secure / private storage.

I am no longer using

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