I see some today. Here's Steve...


"How is battery life with the MacBook?
About the same?this with a dual processor [chip]! Each processor is as fast as a G5, and the battery life will be the same as [the previous PowerBook?s] G4."

"Your heavy-duty professional machine is the PowerMac, and it hasn?t gotten its Intel transplant yet. Won?t this kill sales in the meantime?
Yes and no. If you?re an individual that?s probably true, but if you?re a business, you?re thinking, ?I?ve got someone who?s going to use this four hours a day with PhotoShop. Photoshop might not be available [in native code] until the spring or summer, and I need Photoshop native. So I better get one of those quad PowerMacs while they?re still around.?"