Intel CPU speed not turbo boosting during gameplay.

This is about to drive me crazy. I have an intel i7-6700HQ cpu paired with 960m. I have been having performance issues with this for the last 2 years since its a fairly old laptop 3-4years and im not expecting it to run witcher 3 with ultra settings but i have issues with even osrs this thing can not keep steady 60+fps in almost anything(Im only expecting to get this fps from games that i meet the recommanded reqs of). A week ago i tried to boot the laptop and met with black screen with cursor being able to move. No matter how many times i closed/reopened the pc it wouldnt help so i figured i would send it to tech. It came back and they said there was some sort of virus that even prevented bios from opening so the pc was wiped everything gone fresh install. Now as it stands my cpu's speed is 2.6 but with turbo technology it goes to 3.4 before the full wipe of data i was able to play games with turboboost activated so i would have 3.2ghz speed during gameplay. Now as it stands im using the same games the same windows10 ultra performance battery mode but the damn thing is sitting around 2.6-2.9 but when the games are not running it stays 3.2-3.4

Short version; Laptop could play games with turboboost steady at 3.2ghz cpu speed. Had to fresh install the entire pc now while playing the same games with same battery mode its staying 2.6-2.9.

Im struggling to get 60+ frames with the lowest possible settings on even Overwatch its very frustrating.

Help is much appriciated please excuse my grammer mistakes and such english isnt my native language.

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Reporting: Intel CPU speed not turbo boosting during gameplay.
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There's a problem in your expectations.

Here's the problem "this thing can not keep steady 60+fps in almost anything".

No PC today outside that crazy desktop I will link to is expected to keep a steady FPS. I see over at Tom's Hardware they graph out the FPS rate during gaming and it's NEVER STEADY.

If that is your goal, you are going to be disappointed.

Crazy PC:

Even a desktop 970 did not do what you ask at this graph.

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My expectation;

I think i misphrased it, i dont expect a steady fps like always at 80. Im just expecting it to not go below 60s this regularly. Seeing the tests i run, checking cpu-gpu usage, it seems my cpu speed is failing me temp stays around 70-75Celcious while playing. I dont see gpu throttling it doesnt hit 100%. Also what makes me think this is about cpu speed is that this isnt only in Overwatch or any gpu heavy game this happens even on oldschoolrunescape, heartstone. Even thought i have optimised windows10 for performance to the best of my ability and what i knew.

Talking about overwatch; im hitting every Recommanded system req of this game except the cpu speed, it says 2.8ghz is recommended, my pc is supposed to be 3.4 max but while playing its 2.6. Even if this isnt the cause i still want to know why this is happening because it wasnt like this before my speed was always at 3.2 steady always.

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"every Recommanded system req". Also, you may have found it.

I've seen that for over a decade and they are laughably misguiding so many.

Take ANY game and in complex scenes I've seen FPS drop from 60+ to 10ish. Now is that a bug the game maker should have addressed or something gamers have known about for years? My view is that we can't expect top flight performance during all scenes of gameplay today. This really upsets those that haven't been around long enough.

Not to leave you without recourse but for each game I usually find articles about optimizing.

At 70-75C most systems throttle so you have that complaint as well. Source:

-> Now about why this didn't happen before. When the system was new it was likely the insides were spotless and the fans worked super. As time passes most laptop owners NEVER clean the vents or use canned air to keep the dust and lint from building up. So performance does throttle. Sometimes a deep clean and if need be new fans bring it back to as-new performance.

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PS. Here's the 960m system my son uses.

I have moved up to an Acer Predator with the 1060m+i7, etc and both are all SSD to avoid HDD speed impacts.

I can't see your system but a quick look at the Speccy report is always nice if I can see it. You already revealed one reason it's not at full tilt (temp) so you have at least one great reason for the lag.
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My specs and clarification

I couldnt quiet understand what a speccy report meant but im assuming my full system specs Silly.
-intel i-7 6700HQ
-gtx 960m 4gb
-8gb ram ddr3 1600mhz
-Running the ultimate performance battery mode.
-win10 pro ver. 1809 up to date.
-Using ssd cant remember its type tho sadly.

To add, What i mean when i say it used to be able to always stay at 3.2 speed is that right after the data wipe and fresh windows install, like literally 2days before me creating this thread it was fine always at 3.2 speed. This makes me believe its not something phisical rather a software/setting type thing.

What i usually do is get a vacuum cleaner and put it right at the fan locations trying to get the dust and stuff out. My laptop is wierd like a closed system thingy, battery has a seperate little box embedded into the case i can take it out but i dont think i can pull the entire thing open. Surely a tech person can but i lack the knowledge and balls for it.

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The last few laptops

Look a lot more closed and to get inside even I had to find a YouTube to make sure I was doing it right.

All it takes for this to happen is a fan to slow, some lint to build up and other. All the above looks typical in my view over the years. You are doing great to at least try to keep the lint and dust at bay but now with 70 to 75C you can see others yelp about the throttling.

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