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Integra DTR - 7.7 Receiver for Home theater

Does anyone have any input pro or con re: the Integra line? The sales clerk at the a/v shop told me that it was the Onkyo "client" line and inferred that it's Onkyo's higher end product. Although I have seen Onkyos priced considerably higher under its own label. So, why the name change? It is priced at about $1100.00. Don't know if that's good or bad. They also recommended a Paradigm speaker system to go with it. Total outlay (receiver and speakers)of about $3000. Any insight is appreciated.

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Reporting: Integra DTR - 7.7 Receiver for Home theater
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Yes, Integra is Onkyo's premium line. Prices do overlap.

If you're amenable with the dealer, he's not trying to push junk. I've had Onkyo in the past & have Paradigms now for the A/V set up. I do appreciate those Paradigms for very good sound at a value price.

That said, neither has to be the chosen ones & the dealer is sort of pushing for a sale, but that's what you were there for. You got his recommendations, certainly not bad ones at that. Take it from there. Are you ready to make the move? Do you want to invest some time & effort in comparison shopping? Part of that temptation depends on what resources are accessible where you live. In a major metro area many resources will be found.

Actually an $1100 receiver is overkill as to ordinary needs. Depends if you appreciate the fine unit. For an alternative look in c/net's receiver reviews. They are fond of the Denon AVR2807, $1100list, a grand street price, as an affordable sweet spot in the Denon line, rated 8.7 Excellent. It's a new model.

Compare feature for feature with the Integra. Denon is #1 in mid price sales. As a result other brands may tack on a desirable feature or two more, discount more frequently & deeper. Couldn't go wrong with either. Disclosure: I do have 4 Denon components as they have been bullet-proof for me.

Some personal comparison may find a preference for, say the remote control. Sounds minor to some folks, but it's a thing you live with daily. Even with my fondness for them, Denon does lack a bit in user friendliness of accessing features & the remote unit.

Inquiring about speaker possibilities could be even more daunting. Must be 50 fine speaker makers. Paradigms are probably the most available of a group of fine value Canadian speakers. Others include PSB & Totem. Canadian speaker makers leg up is that their government has set up a state of the art & science audio research center & encourage their speaker makers to utilize that otherwise expensive technical knowledge. It's significant to not have to do the research on their own. Seems those lines have fine performance at a good price point.

Depends how complicated you want to make it as a hobby quest. Aside from some checking for obvious alternatives & bargaining for price, the first dealer is not steering you wrong.

Post back to let us in on what you went for.

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Yes, Integra is Onkyo's premium line. Prices do overlap

NM. Thanks for your valued response. Actually, I was leaning toward the Denon that you mention before I went to the A/V shop, based on my internet research.They are a reputable dealer and I don't have any qualms dealing with them. Your response addressed my question as to whether or not this was the unit for me. While I love good music and have a 50" plasma tv, I'm not sure just how much is too much. I am in a metro area and have a number of resources and dealers to explore. I also live on the Canadian border and maybe a trip to Canada for Paradigms would be a choice to save a buck or two. Thanks again.

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Worth a quick trip over the line to see if Paradigms can be

gotten there at a savings.

As a practical matter (even thought I as a long time audiophile wannabee have an even more overkill Denon receiver - 4806, 50% off as soom as it was superceded) - I really do feel either receiver is actually more receiver than you actually need.

Whatever way you go, I'm sure you'll enjoy & that's what its all about.

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They make excellent d.v.d. players and amps but fact is they hold there value I just upgraded to a blue ray player and sold my old Denon d.v.d. player on e-bay and got a good price for it , also the old Denon looked much better with standard d.v.d.s than my Sony does I also have the Denon 3805 A/V amp and love it it does everything but make coffie good luck steweee

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ONKYO A/VR rather the INTEGRA (save a few bucks for the speaker budget.)

Your salesperson seems very much on the ball, as far as what a premium
system should consist. I like PARADIGM's, though I feel they are a bit overpriced. So I suggest taking a listen to following for comparison, [no order],


Good luck, riverledge.

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Hey riv, I've had nice Missions for about 25 years

No current U.S. distributor. Seems a shame.

Someone clued us in that a Philly area shop, The Stereo Traders Outlet at apparently is aggressive enough to have bought a chunk of Missions to sell. A smattering of models rom modest to $1500 M-cube 5.1 system & $2000 Elegante E82 towers.

Other than locals, all the rest of us would be buying blind. Again, a pity.

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