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Installing old dos programs

Problem #1--(I hope this is not too long for the forum)
I have an old MYM 10 dos program that I want to install on my XP media center computer. The MYM dos program is on 3 floppies. I really cherish this program plus have a lot of data on it. This program has a wonderful old address book and alert system that no other program has duplicated yet. It is so simple to operate. I have but cannot find my old MYM windows version anywhere in my junk pile. So i must ask about MYM 10 DOS.
This program has been on a lot of my old computers. I kept it running on an old computer that has crashed and the old computer is not worth trying to restore. I ran mym programs on dos computers and later on wimdows 3.1 etc thru windows 95 and ME. I never could get it installed on XP as to where it would come up in a window that I could minimize or enlarge. I could only open the program or close it. So I kept it on the old box and that was about all that I ran on the old box. Now the old box is no longer operative. So suggestions and some direction would be appreciated.
The computer I want to install the program on does not have a floppy drive. It has a cd/dvd disk reader-writer. I have access to another computer with xp that has a floppy and a cd writer. Do you think I could copy each disk to the xp computer with the floppy and then copy each floppy to it's own separate cd. (copying #1 floppy disk to #1 cd. Floppy Disk #2 to #2 cd, floppy disk #3 to #3cd and then it would load to my floppyless computer via cd? like the old program did to the old computers.? Or maybe a flash/thumb drive ?. or use an external portable?
I don't quite know how to go about this. I will appreciate any and all answers but I am not much of a techie so if your suggestions could be thorough and simple I would really appreciate that.
And if that becomes successful then there will be a question # two and I will save it for a later date. (that will involve trying to use a usb printer when the program only recognizes the LP1 for printing.) Thanks in advance.

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addendum to the question

In reply to: Installing old dos programs

The MYM DOS program is installed on the old computer and runs fine. I am not running it from the floppies. I can retrieve my data from the old computer and put it in a file on the newer computer but I have to have the MYM program up and running to access it. I tried copying the entire contents of the MYM program from the old computer to the new one but it wouldn't run. Thanks.

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not sure but

In reply to: addendum to the question

you should be able to copy all the floppies onto one cd and install it from there. Unless the install is specifically looking for the A:. You could make 3 folders named disk 1, disk 2 and disk 3 and copy each floppy to that folder. Then if it comes up and says it cant find disk 2 you can point it to D:\Disk 2. If it doesnt work this way, I cant imagine it would work by using 3 seperate cds.

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for Mark 04276

In reply to: Installing old dos programs

I tried suggestion first. It would not install all the way. It wored for disk 1 but would not follow up to disk 2.. It would if I wanted to install disk 2 to the cd, shich was drive D:. So I went ahead and installed the program on another computer on drive c:, (the hard drive). This computer has a floppy and a cd reader/writer. Then i copied the installed program to cd. I was able to run the program from the cd. So now as soon as the bad weather (Lightening) passes on, I will install the program that I copied to cd onto the the floppyless computer and see how it works. But for right now, I'm shutting down due to weather. Thanks. I'll let you know how it comes out. btw, I couldn't get a full window and had to open the program that was on the computer via establishing shortcut to the desktop. Later.

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installed the program successfully but---

In reply to: Installing old dos programs

I installed the MYM program on the xp computer with the floppy and cd reader/writer. It would only install to the c: drive. I copied the installed program that showed on c: to the cd. Then I copied that to the floppyless computer to c: drive. Found the file that would open the program and right clicked it to put an icon for that file on the desktop. Now I can open the program from the desktop and it functions fine EXCEPT I can't get the window to full screen. If I click minimize it naturally gets smaller. If I click maximize, it goes back to the small size that it was before. If I right click the icon on the desktop and go to properties and set the window to full then it goes to a big presentation but only half screen. Also then I can't min or max it because there is not a bar at the top that has the min/max/close to allow me to do anything to the program. I have to go to file and exit to close it. This program worked fine on the old xp computer. I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. I guess there is only so much you can do with old programs. Any suggestions?

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Just a note.

In reply to: installed the program successfully but---

This may not address your screen size issues but to copy DOS programs from machine to machine has been "easy" for me. Let's say MYM is on a machine in the C:\MYM directory. All I ever needed to do was copy that to the new machine to the same C:\MYM directory. In rare cases I'd have to duplicate some PATH or other DOS environment variable but we're all DOSHEADS here so that's simple.

-> But here's something that tripped up a few DOSHEADS. When we moved the files with CDR the files were marked READ ONLY. Oops. Just a short trip to explorer and uncheck the readonly checkbox and apply that.

Hope this helps,


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Half screen

In reply to: installed the program successfully but---

What I've had to do with a few old dos programs that ran fine in W98 or lower now that I've gone to XP is to right click the shortcut icon, choose Properties, and then click Compatability.....the force it to run in a W95/98 environment instead of XP's. I don't know if this will work for your half screen problem, but it doesn't cost anything to try it.

When you say 'half screen' I'm not visualizing what you are trying to describe....sorry. Also...have you tried just resizing the screen with your mouse to get it the size you want when you have the small screen that DOES give you the buttons for min/max/close?


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For Toni H and anyone concerning old DOS program question

In reply to: Half screen

Thanks for your interest and here are some answers to your questions:

1. Q-?choose Properties, and then click Compatability??

A-Good idea. I tried as you suggested and it didn?t change a thing. But it was worth a try.

2. Q-?When you say 'half screen' I'm not visualizing what you are trying to describe?---

A-After right clicking on the program?s desktop icon and selecting properties - screen -full screen ? apply-ok and then opening the program , I get a full size screen with no min/max/close choices at top right but the program only occupies the top half of the screen and the bottom half is black. It did not do that under 95 or ME. It worked fine under 95 and ME. I think it also worked well under xp too because I upgraded from ME to XP and didn?t do a clean XP install on that computer.

3. Q-...?have you tried just resizing the screen with your mouse to get it the size you want when you have the small screen
that DOES give you the buttons for min/max/close??

A-That was a good suggestion also. I really had my hopes up on that one. But, no, it didn?t work either.

FYI-When I go back to properties and reselect "window", then open the program again, the program window size is about 8"wide x 4'high on a 19" monitor. And if I alternate between little window( I don't know what else to call it right now) and max window in top right corner, it doesn't change size but moves up to top left of monitor.. The "-" symbol in top right ( I call it minimizing the screen and parking it in tray?) does work ok. Then if I click on the program name in the tray? after doing that, it opens the program back into that small window. So I just can't get it to go to full window. But for now I'm better off than I was a few days ago because of the help I have gotten here plus finding an old cd backup disk.
Pardon me for not using the correct terminology. It's been a long, long, day
Thanks a lot for your input. If you think of anything else, send it to me, I?ll gladly try it.

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In reply to: For Toni H and anyone concerning old DOS program question

I don't have a 'full screen' option....only normal, minimized, and maximized.

However, when you say that the program flies to the top left corner, are you saying that part of the program window is now 'off' screen? If so, you can use the MOVE keyboard command if the top bar isn't available for you to drag it into place with the mouse.

Press ALT and the spacebar for the open program window to get the MOVE option. You will see a bold four sided arrow show up and it can be used to move the window where you want it to be with the mouse...it can be used from anywhere and not just across the top of the window top bar.


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Toni-old dos properties

In reply to: Properties....window

Hi Toni, thanks for your continued interest in this "old dos program" issue.
1- "I don't have a 'full screen' option....only normal, minimized, and maximized"

When I right click on the MYM program icon/properties, I get the properties box, it is quite different from the properties box on most other programs. This one has 8 tabs to choose from instead of the normal three. One of those choices of tabs is screen. Some of the screen choices are "Full screen" and "window". Another tab is "program" and has the normal, max, min choice, which is probably what you saw when you clicked a properties selection on one your icons. Plus the icon you clicked on probably had only three tabs, i.e. general, shortcut, and compatabliity. I think most programs just have those but some like IE have 7 tabs. Earlier I was only vaguely aware of all of this but after starting trying to install MYM and your input did I become more familiar with it. So that explains the difference in what I was seeing versus what you were seeing.( I think)

2- "However, when you say that the program flies to the top left corner, are you saying that part of the program window is now 'off' screen?"
No, the program stays the same size and just moves up to top left and all of it stays on the screen. Move doesn't help. But nice thoguht anyway.
If you run across anything later, let me know. Thanks a lot! R

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Bob-your suggestion about copy is exactly

In reply to: Installing old dos programs

what I did. But first I had to load the program disks onto a computer with a floppy drive because the old computer did crash and I couldn't get the program or my data off of it. It loaded to c: drive. So then I copied that to cd and copied the cd to the C: drive in the floppyless computer.
I haven't had a problem with the "read only' factor. But I went to windows explorer as you suggested and checked any way.
I still have the small screen. Can't seem to rectify that for now. I also can't find any info that pertains to this specific problem.
BUT I did find a way to print from the program to my present usb printer.. This is a major victory for me because I want to continue to use my usb connected printer and not have to hook up another one via LPT.
I also found an old cd that had my backup data from 24 months ago that has my base data! So I'll just update it and have everything working except the half screen.
I have had a struggle with making backups onto cds. I am pleased that I had backed the data up using xp's copy to cd feature instead of an old Roxio type program that I used to have. I don't have it anymore so I couldn't have gotten the info for the data if I had used it. I hope Vista's dvd copy backup feature will work as well. I used to use floppies for that and never got back in the groove when I got the floppyless computer until I learned how.
Also the flash/thumb drives make it real easy. ANd the portable external is really great.
Thanks for your interest in my problem and for your input. If you find out anything about a way to make the screen flexible please post the info. Thanks again to you and the other folks.

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Try converting your data to Quicken

In reply to: Installing old dos programs

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Thanks for the info

In reply to: Try converting your data to Quicken

I haven't had a chance to have an in depth look at the site you recommended but I will later this week. I did follow a link from your link to read that the mym author is still in the investing business.

I converted most of my financial stuff to quicken a while back and have always liked quicken. I'll have to check to see if I still have some of the old dos quicken programs too. Ha. I mainly used MYM in later years for the address book feature. Partly because I was to lazy to transfer several hundred contacts to another program but mainly becasue it had a great variety of "warning' days and methods to keep me alerted for "things to do today" that other programs have yet to incorporate. If quicken would use the some of those methods then it would be even better.. I'm interested to see if the link you suggested will convert the mym address items to quicken address items. That would be very nice to do that. Thanks for your input and info. Again if anything else happens along, please forward to me. Thanks,R.

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Old DOS Programs

In reply to: Installing old dos programs

Have you noticed how nice and "user friendly" some of the old DOS programs were? What's happened to those days? Lately between VISTA, and the Microsoft Programs, you need to go to college just to figure out how to run them. What's wrong with Microsoft? It's like they hire the techies who's minds are way up in the clouds, and can't talk to the common person who actually buys the software. (that's a fact)
So in the meantime, i'm trying to either use an old DOS program to print my business contracts, or try to figure out how to use Microsoft Word and Access (which I may add is almost IMPOSSIBLE)!
Someone needs to tell Microsoft to hire people who can relate to talk to us users. We don't know the names they give to all the parts of their programs, and it's so frustrating trying to read how to use it with no visual aids. They need someone like YOU or ME to set there with them and go thru the program they write so we can translate into laymans language how to use them Happy Just my frustrated 2 cents!

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old dos programs

In reply to: Old DOS Programs

When you have the 'half-screen' window. Do you have a blue bar at the top with the minimize,maximize and close items on the far right?
If so, put your cursor on the blue section and right click. This should bring up a menu and you should choose 'properties'.

Then under 'Options' on the right is a section for 'Display Options'. Choose 'Full Screen'.

Next it will give you two options one of which is 'save properties for future windows with the same title', choose that one.

Hope this helps. Like you, I find my old DOS progs are easier, and faster than Windows.

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MYM 10 Running Half Screen

In reply to: Installing old dos programs


I ran across your 2007 forum entries re above subject. I have run MYM 10 in DOS, 95, 98 and XP SP-2 and it has operated full screen perfectly without ever using the compatibility mode. I ran MYM 12 For Windows in XP for a while but kept using 10 as it had the Reminders in it which 12 did not. I ultimately converted the financial data from 12 to Quicken and uninstalled 12 some years ago. I recently completely upgraded and rebuilt my 7-year old PC which required reloading all software including XP SP-2 and MYM 10. My problem since rebuilding is now identical to yours as described in the forum, i.e., the program operates fine with the MYM screen full width and with the selected MYM background color but it only fills the top half of the screen with the bottom half black. I have tried everything I can come up with to no avail. Did you ever find a solution?

Would appreciate any suggestions,


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dos program, half-screen

In reply to: MYM 10 Running Half Screen

I don't if anyone suggested it, or if you've already tried independently, but maybe ALT+ENTER?

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dos program, half-screen

In reply to: dos program, half-screen

Wow! ALT+ENTER worked.

Some old dos programs worked with full screen mode like lotus, wp. But Quicken 7 came up with 1/2 screen. I changed it to Windows mode vice full screen mode and it comes up with a smallish window that I could not expand. Used ALT+ENTER and it goes to a full screen.

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