Installing fresh copy of Windows 10 with no disc

So, here's my predicament.

I have an old laptop which was shipped with Windows 7. I upgraded this in the free-upgrade window to Windows 10. This laptop has since died.

I do not have any recovery discs for W7, nor do I have access to my product code.

I am building a new machine with a new SSD, and I need to get Windows on here. What can I do here without having to buy it fresh?

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Reporting: Installing fresh copy of Windows 10 with no disc
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Clarification Request
what do you need windows for?
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Re: buy Windows

You have to choose between buying a Windows license (the license is enough, since you can download the installer) or installing Linux (which is free). But since you say you need Windows, I think only the first option is realistic.

And, no you don't need a DVD-burner or reader, a USB-stick is enough. So that meets the requirement of your subject line. That's nice, isn't it?

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Pretty crappy isn't it? I've just looked and because Windows 7 was shipped with my laptop and upgraded, the licence is tied to the hardware. So even if I did have a way of recovery, it's useless.

I know it's good they have given 10 away for free, it's still a bit crap they don't let people move it onto a new machine, considering I paid for it in the first place!

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If the Windows 7 came with the laptop

It's still locked to the original machine as is the free upgrade. So neither license is transferable.

Many folk don't understand the license system so they get upset over not being able to take an OEM license from their old PC.

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I understand the licencing system

I just don't agree with it.

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Re: buy

Some things in live aren't free. Such as cars, burgers and Windows. Others are free, such as the Central Park and Linux.
Which of the 5 examples you don't agree with and why?

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I already purchased the licence

when I bought the laptop originally. I don't see why I should have to buy it again.

Just seems stupid that if you purchased/built another PC that you have to repurchase it again.

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And there are various license agreements.

I see you understood the license but don't agree. The first license was the usual OEM and dies with the machine. If you wanted a full retail version, you would have to pay for that with the first PC.

The OEM licenses seem to cost about 5 to 15 dollars and the retail versions 99 to more dollars depending on Home, Pro or others.

That first license was non-transferable which is what many folk want to change. Yes, you bought it but its terms is what irked you.

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Re: license

So you would like a license that last your whole life, from now till you're 100. Would be nice.
It would even be nicer if it could be transferred to one of your childs after you died and then on to a grandchild and so on. An eternal license for you and your heirs. After all, you paid for it, so it's yours and part of the inheritance.

Alas, that's not Microsofts business model.

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Well the issue is when you buy a PC

you buy a license for Windows that has been licensed through the OEM. The OEM is responsible for supporting the system which the OS is included. So part of that support involves drivers and they only support drivers they have certified.

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Buy a license

You should buy a license and install it via USB , easiest way imo

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Buy a license

Nothing new here. 71 years ago I bought a licence for my car and I have paid a fee every year since. Not for the same car but for the replacements as well.

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