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installing dvd burner to mac mini?!

ok so apparently my mac mini does not burn dvd's. so i was wondering if it is possible if i can install one in it? and if so where? i have a mac mini running on mac OSX. Version 10.4.2. 512 MB. 1.42 GHz PowerPC G4. hope this helps. so can any1 help me? please. thanks in advance.

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Reporting: installing dvd burner to mac mini?!
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your best bet

would be to attach a Firewire DVD burner to your Mac Mini.

Take a look at for their line of external DVD Burners.
They are really very inexpensive. Firewire is the connection of choice for the Mac, don't go with USB.

Getting an external will save you hours of tears and frustration and be very much cheaper than trying to find a DVD burner that both fits into the space available and is supported by the OS. The existing drive would have to be removed.


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ok so i looked at the site. not to bad of prices. so you dont recommend letting them install it to my mac mini? or doing it myself?

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I wouldn't

bother with the internal installation

Once you move on and get yourself another Mac, this Firewire device will still work in the new one.

I use an external DVD, from them, with all of my Macs. I don't have a built in DVD burner in any of them. (OK, so I'm cheap, but it works!)


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One other thing

I notice that you are running 10.4.2

You really ought to update that to 10.4.9 and get all the other updates that have been issued since you got that machine.


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Q about external Drive

With OSX Version 10.4.2, does it come with the iDVD version that will recognize an external drive? My iDVD doesn't, but I read that the newer iDVD and OS does. I guess if his iDVD doesn't work with an external, he could buy Toast or Popcorn. That would be the trick setup.

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It is likely that the version of iLife is 06 which, along with 05 is capable of supporting external drives.
The early versions of iLife only supported the built-in superdrive but there was/is a patch that will work around that.
The devices up at macsales are compatible with the drivers installed in OS X

Should be no problem


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thank you.

ok thanks guys! you been a big help!

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DVD for Mac Mini


I'm looking into doing precisely the same thing ... trying to get a DVD burner into my Mac Mini.

It's not difficult!

1. Ebay has lots of the right DVD burners for sale ... they are new ... just do a search (I'm tracking several of these right now and will probably go for the Pioneer since I've got Pioneer DVD burners in all my Macs and they work beautifully).

2. Make sure you're comfortable with opening the Mini and working in tight spaces (I cut my teeth on Mac SE's and SE/30's so I'm quite comfy with this).

To prepare myself for this, I took it apart and replaced the RAM in my Mac Mini Core Solo. This is different from the Mac Mini PowerPC version ... the RAM is more difficult to get to in the Intel Mini's!

There is plenty of help available on the internet on how to open the Mini and how to get to the various parts.

The optical drive has an interface card attached directly to the back. This interface card plugs into a slot on the motherboard.

As long as you take care when taking the machine apart and putting it together again, it is not difficult to replace the optical drive. Just take your time and don't be distracted by anything else.

Good luck!

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Mac OS X 10;5.6 Mac Mini Memory GB 667 MHz DDR2 SdRAM

On IMovie I cannot burn my movie from my video camera that I have imported.

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Start a new thread with this problem

and tell us exactly what you have done, or tried to do.

Start the thread with a new post in the Mac Software Forum.

This thread is about another subject and is over 2 years old

See you over there


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Please read the post above this and post your query using the link provided in it.



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