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Installing a PCI express video card in the new HP slimline

The new slimline model has a PCI express slot. Abviously you can only install a half height pci express video card in there, but i found a few out on the market that i can purchase. But the power supply issue is concerning me. The review on cnet says we can install a video card, but they never talk about the power supply requirements. The power supply is a 160 W power supply in there. Can i still install a half-height pci express video card in there ? Because if i were to replace that power supply with something more powerfull, its hard to find that type of power supply. Its a really small power supply. Does anyone know any possible solutions ? I want the portability of this system and also options to expand this system into a mediocre gaming machine that can handle basic real time strategies of the present and future.

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Reporting: Installing a PCI express video card in the new HP slimline
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Help us to help you

Please provide the exact model number of the HP computer.

While exploring the possibilities, note that different video cards have different PSU requirements. The better gaming cards require more Watts and need a roomy case to help with heat dissipation.

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re: video card in hp slimline

hp slimlines typically use sfx power supplies. measure your existing power supply first to be sure. here are some to choose from:

i suggest you get at least a 240W unit. as for low-end gaming video cards, your choices are 7300gs or radeon x1550 (skip the 7300le, 6200, and x1300) and they'll run about $60.

this x1600pro is the best gaming option that will fit but you'd need about a 300w power supply. its up to you if middling performance is worth $150 (including power supply).

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re: video card in hp slimline

I'm trying to find a power supply for the HP slimline s3020n. The ones referred to from newegg will not fit. If anyone has a suggestion, I would appreciate it.

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video card in HP slimline

Has anyone found a suitable power supply for the slimline?
I've contacted HP and they do not provide one.

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You could check here
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video card in HP slimline

Thanks for the link. The slimlines aren't there. They use a non-standard size power supply.
What I do know is that the PSA is ~ 3.25 x 1.6 x 8.5". There are a number of Slex ATX size power supplies that would fit the bill, though they all have 20 pin MB power connectors and the slimline board requires a 24 pin connector. I have seen adaptors for that.

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video card in HP slimline
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RE: video card in HP slimline
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Video card in HP slimline

Both the shuttle power supplies have 20 pin power connectors.
The s3020n, motherboard : HP/Compaq name: HematiteXL-GL8E has a 24 pin power connector. Would need an additional wire harness to convert, but it looks like the supply would fit in the case.

I ordered the Sparkle 270W with the 20+4 connector. I'll post my findings when I squeeze it in the box.

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Video card in HP slimline...

I'll be eager to hear how this goes for you. I'm also very interested in upgrading the power supply in my HP. Good luck to you.

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power supply upgrade

To tony2socks:

Could you post the model number of the power supply that you ordered and where you got it ftom?


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Power supply upgrade
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Video card


that Sparkle 270 watt power supply is the one that I am looking at also. I'm hoping that it will fit in the S3020n without problems. Perhaps we could exchange email addresses and work together on this project. Let me know what you think.

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power supply connector
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RE: power supply connector
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Power supply connector size

What I found on another board was that someone has one of these weirdo MB and the power connector is 24 pin, but is a nonstandard size.

The picture shows the 24 pin power supply and a 20 pin connector. The 24 pin connector should be larger because they they should be somewhat interchangable, but this is not.

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Guys! Please let me know if this solution worked out for you? I have the same PC and is stuck with the same problem. HP tech told me not to install any other vga cards there because "they can build" one with dvi connector for me anbd i should return the one i bought back to the store.
I really appreciate your time and help.
if needed, i am also at this addy xrayboy777 at y*hoo

Thank you much!

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HP Video Card

I doubt they have the capacity to build you a video card.
I replaced the power supply and dropped in a low profile PCI-e video card, works like a charm. Worst part was wiring up an adaptor for the power supply to the motherboard and replacing the power supply itself.

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I'll sell you my children if you tell me ;-)

What hardware and where you have purachsed it for your VGA upgrade. Along with the pin adapter if needed.

Thank you so much for your help.

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re: re: video card in hp slimline

mforce01, feel free to email me tony2socks_at_gmail_dot_com.

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HP Slimline Video Card Upgrade... Said and Done

As I see it, there are 3 main points to upgrading the video card.

1. Finding a power supply that will fit
2. Finding a video card that will fit
3. Adapting the power connector to connect to the board.

Point 1. I don't recall the exact measurements, but Spakle makes a 270W power supply that fit rather well.
It's a flex-form factor sized unit. This is where I purchased mine from.

Point 2. You'll need a low-profile PCI express card (they come in x1 and x16 varieties). If it's not 'low-profile', it won't fit, too wide. if it's not PCI express, it won't fit either. Different connection altogether. This is what I purchased.

Point 3. The standard power connector is too large for the connection on the motherboard in the Slimline series. It utilized a stanard pinout (all 24 circuits are the same) but the connector itself is a diferent size. Both are produced by Molex, the standard is called a Mini-fit whereas the HP board uses a Micro-fit connector. There are 2 ways to address this:
1. Cut the connector off the old power supply and reconnect to the new power supply.
2. Get an extra set of connectors and create a wire harness/adaptor to plug the new power supply in to( this has the advantage of causing no permanant damage to either power supply. (Thats what I did).
don't forget the pins:
and somethig to splice it to:

The philisophical aspect of this whole project... Would I do it again? NO!!
The cost to benefit from doing this didnt weigh out for me. I spent about $225 all said and done on parts and countless time researching and making the upgrade. I still do not have a gaming rig, though it is slightly better than before. my vVsta numbers went up slightly, but actual performance still has me thinking I need more RAM over the video card upgrade.
I would have rather bought a full tower that uses more readily available cards and power supplies and put the extra money to a better card.

The Slimlines small form factor fills a certian niche, and though it's possible, it's not meant to be a tricked out power house.

Something to think about.

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Thank you tony2socks

Thank you tony2socks,

I sucssesfuly upgraded my s3015 thanks to your post.

8600 GT - low profile;
2x1GB Crucial Ballistix
PC50 300W Silent X power supply (Shuttle replacement).

It was relatively easy, I spent the most of the time in assembling the 24 pin Micro-Fit connector.

Today I will change the 3800+ processor with 5200+ and next upgrade would be to find a smaller heatsink for the graphic card, so I can use again the tv tuner card.

If you can give me advice on this point, that would be great.
Here are some photos:

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Just a bit more info please

Hi avto1,

Just curious where you got the parts to make the interconnect for the adapter. I saw the ones that tony2socks listed, it's just that there aren't any pictures there to let you know exactly what you're buying.

Your setup looks nice and clean, so just wondering if that's what you got from mouser, or from somewhere else.


Also - the Shuttle power supply is about an inch longer than the HP one, did you have any issues fitting it in there?


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Hi please can you help me

I have the hp slimline s3620f and I bough the PC50 300W Silent X power supply (Shuttle replacement) to upgrade the video card, but the connector pin it's too big, can you tell what connectors did you use, and where did you get them, please!! and how did you connect the video card to the mother board, I'm new with this, please!! Thank you!!

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Hey do you have more pics of what you did with the hp slimli

Because I about to do it, myself, but I really need some help! can you please send me some pictures, of the connection? please! this is my email,

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Hp Slimline model s3127c

I just bought the Hp Slimline model # s3127c and was wondering if that model had a PCE-E or regular PCI slot available? In regards to both what vid card would be good for this model w/out having to upgrade power supply? Thanks for any info i'm really not very savvy when it comes down to all the tech stuff Happy

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(NT) What's your product manual say ?
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PCI-E card

found out it takes a PCI-E card but since its a slimline model i have no idea what card would be good. I'm looking for a card that's just mid range and will play WoW decently. Thanks.

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Shuttle PC50

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