I use XP-Pro SP2..I have found that the Installion of your OS is Targeted from the SYSTEM Set-Up Program..
The HDD just uses a Flat-Cable[DATA]for connection to the Motherboard..
..I would take NOTES concerning the TWO-> SYSTEM Set-Up Program INFO's..
Are there HDD Acoustic's Settings..that might need some match-UP..??
Pagefile Size....have you made some change..??..the Defragmentor Program gives GOOD-eyeball on the HDD..that little GREEN-area..should maintain some CONSTANT-area on ther HDD..that GREEN-area will change its dimension pertaining to the PAGEFILE Size..I will use this "small" View in Disk Defragmentor as a QUICK-look see into my OS vs. HDD..My UN-Movable Files(Green)/maintains a section in the LEFT of the VIEWING Window..and will SPLIT into two parts if I corrupt my OS..or shows a Broader appearance if I use a LARGE Pagefile..SLIMS down for a Smaller Pagefile...
That's about all I could consider..
I never mess w/the OS...its the First Place MY PROJECT begins....
and its 100% compliance thru-out is a must in DVD-Video Creation.