Anytime you are signing upwith an indirect dealer,(InPhonc,Amazon,etc) you are not only agreeing to the terms and conditions that the carrier has, you are also agreeing to the fine print that the dealer is placing.There are always fine prints available with a rebate,and,unfortunately most people do not read this.I work for a wireless carrier and this is not a rule of ours, but the indirect dealer....that is how they make their money.That and if you get so frustrated at the situation and cancel, you will not only pay an early termination fee for the wireless carrier, but indirect dealers also charge a separate etf. (most likely up to $400 additional per line).
So, my suggestion, in the future is to always read the fine print, no matter if you are being told not to, or are excited about getting a really good deal.
If you are still in the buyers remorse period, you can always cancel and return the equipment.