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In Jan 2005 took over the wireless internet business! They bought all the online competitors with one exception. At this moment if you buy from,,,, and many other small sites you practically buying from
Once the competition was killed the customer service practically disappeared!

The mail in rebate system they practice:

You can file only after 180 days but NO later then 210 days! Probably they hope you loose the papers or forget

In my case:
I filled the rebates after 185 days (Dec 17 2005)
On Jan 16th 2006 I went online at the check the status. Wasn't available because ?probably was lost in the mail?. After I sent them back an e-mail where I expressed my concern about 7 different rebates lost in the mail ( I had 7 diff. envelopes with diff rebates)I received this e-mail:
"Thank you for submitting your recent Mail-In Rebate Application. We have reviewed your claim and discovered that it is invalid for the following reason(s):

The wireless bill(s) we received is invalid"
My bill was dated Dec 10th so is nothing wrong with it!
This answer came after 217 days so in conformation with their rules you can't file again.
Everything is a SCAM. They owe me $650 and
I personally am going to take the case to a Small Claim Court and I am going to hire an attorney to make sure their fees are going to triple.

Again: is a big SCAM.

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Reporting: Mail in Rebate SCAM system
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T-Mobile and InPhonics Rebate Fraud

I have been fighting InPhonics for six months now on the same issue. Type T-Mobile Rebate Fraud or Inphonics Rebate Fraud into Google and you find there are thousands of people who have been stiffed in this same manner. I am persistent though and I will get the money from them. T-Mobile states they are just the cell phone carrier and not the dealer. My argument that they contracted with the dealer did not go far.

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T-Mobile should stepuo for the agent they paid..

T-Mobile did pay Inphonic for your contract so they are in direct line to make good on what ever INPHONIC said they would do for you.. But do you think T-Mobile is any better then INPHONIC.... I think they will not step up unless they are part of a class action sued...

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Sounds like a mix-up - send me an email

Hi alfaorg,
send me an email with your order number and I'll see what happened.



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Don't believe it

Just check on the internet all of the people who have been scammed by InPhonics / Wirefly or whatever else they call themselves. I have been in contact with the Presidents office at took months to find the number to reach them but I did and they listened...they are just as disgruntled now with InPhonics after I pointed them to the internet and had them search for InPhonics and fraud. They saw my point and have turned it over to their legal department and are going to take action. I remain in contact with them to assure they do.


I am in contact with several govenrmental agencies, it may take some time but you can't be this blatantly dishonest and remain in business.

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I would like to find out more I also have T-mobile looking into this matter as well as ATT. Gen in three states and the Postmaster Gen...
So keep me in the loop, ....
I hope you did not count on "DO NOTHING DOREEN" SHE WORKS FOR THE BOSS UNDER THE BIG BOSS Ms J. kemp, the one that says who gets rebate and who will not,, She part of the scarm to slow down the action...

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Doreen you work for inphonic the great internet rebate RIP-OFF , You must work for the buck stops here MS.J. Kemp, that has all the last say on who will get and who will no get the rebate that your company had said they would recive... So we all know just how much help you will be your just part of the SCAM you are paid by the ones that have RIP-OFF our money given to them by the cell phone company.. So just what can you do NOTHING go talk to your leader MS.J. KEMP, she let you know what to say...Get real how long do you think you can play the same scam before you must answer for your fraud.....Thank you


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scam scam scam

hey if you got an error postcard in the mail, if they sent one out
you have 30 days to correct this
so call them, ask them what they need and how much time you have
they'll tell you
they'll help you
and for the love of god
be nice
they are humans on the phone, humans with lives and jobs they keep them hovering over the poverty line and they get screwed around day to day just like any other human, besides screaming at them accomplishes nothing, they have no power... they dont make the rules, they just follow them, or get fired


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I have poked around to the 35 posts made by greekgodmachine and they are in defense of the scam perpetrated by InPhonics etc. Obviously works there and is part of the system. Sorry O have had jobs where I had to treat people indecent. I left those jobs and cannot defend their actions.

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Yes they are people that work for a company that is the king of REBATES RIP-OFFS they knew just what they work and how many are RIP-OFF but they stay so they are no better then the ones that are doing the stealing....

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180 days is CARRIER policy not InPhonic

The 180-day wait time matches the policies of the carriers.

The authorized agent does not get paid and is out the entire cost of the phone if the carrier won't/can't confirm that you are still a customer. We can't afford to pay out a rebate if we don't get the commission from the carrier, which isn't finalized until 6 months after activation.

Hope that clears some things up. We don't like it either, but this isn't up to us.


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Another crying FOUL

This is to ddennis at wirefly.
First, don't show a Motorola Bluetooth headset which you value on your site at 74.95 as an incentive and deliver a cheap Planatronics headset instead. All of your ad's show one thing, and you deliver something else...Then if we look reallllll hard in the fine print,,,you say we may not get the product you show in your ads. Then when we call to complain, your computers are always down. Now I'm playing the waiting game as so many others are on this chat forum, (of which I will be another unhappy customer writing to the world shortly) for my rebate.....
Got my phones (family plan) 08-27-05.
Sent Rebate by certified letter 11-29-05.....
Still waiting on my $ 400.00 Rebate....

YOU HAVE TO BE MORE HONEST ABOUT YOUR ADVERTISING AND CLEAR CONCERNING REBATES. There are thousands of us reading these issues,,,and now I seem to be another dis=satisfied customer just waiting for the legal battle to start.

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