This seems to be a different question (or I missed it) than on another forum.

Here I see you need to "find any information on resetting BIOS". You best be very specific and not ask for the world or "complete information" or do ask, but don't expect it.

About the BIOS settings. Back then, the BIOS chips were very costly. The setup of the BIOS was done from a setup disk that would essentially have DOS and run a BIOSSETUP.EXE or something like that. Back then, the 286 BIOS's were very compatible with each other and I could use a generic setup.exe to change the date/time and more.

I'll see if I can find it, but first there is a problem with the year 2000 on most of these relics. Either you can't set the year or if you do, a time-dilation issue can occur. In 2000, that term would make sense as we were discussing it widely. In internet time and 4 years ago, nobody might remember the Real-Time-Clock time-dilation issue and maybe it doesn't make any difference. finds mention of the SETUP.EXE that you need to find.