brand of speakers. They sell the Infinity line laregly through using Best Buy & Circuit City as retail outlets.

Do live in the boonies; a lovely ruraL bucolic lifestyle but unfortunate for shopping resources? No one speaker name is the one & only speaker best for you. Yolu may have to make an opportunity to drive some distance for auditioning opportunities. Your forum nickname infers you might be a Texan of Dutch ancestry. Well, I am a now retired New Mexican of Dutch ancestry. Texas has lots of space between those major metropolitan areas of Dallas & Houston.

If rural & with little opportunity to get around & about, how about considering the highly regarded Axiom & Aperion lines which are sold direct from maker to consumer with 30 day in-home trial? I haven't heard them personally, but c/net & other reviewer sites have high praise for these brands. Yeah, the prospects of repacking & returning even if it's just to make an adjustment within that brand, is a certain hassle but those 2 compaanies are said to do very decent customer service. You might consider starting with a serious phone call with them for advice.

Never a bad idea to explore every resource around. Yes, they will recommend themselves but, with details of room size it may be that a lot of people think they want what is too much speaker for the space. Folks get caught up in numbers games such as how many tgotal watts of power the receiver puts out. And, specs are from the maker themselves. Some overinflate numbers. Conservatively stated numbers drive the speakers WITHOUT clipping. Peak power that causes clipping is useless.

Lots of luck.