We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience here, and we take issues of this nature very seriously. All products on Download.com are downloaded, installed, and scanned for viruses and malware before being published in our library.

Many software titles on our site do use the Download.com Installer (http://t.cnet.com/1dSQYi4), which securely delivers software from Download.com's servers to your computer. During this process, the Download.com Installer also shows offers for additional, free applications provided by our partners. Some individual software publishers include such offers in their own installers too.

All offers, whether included in the Download.com Installer or in individual publishers' installers, must conform with our security policies prohibiting malware, and must also provide a working method to decline or opt-out of them during the download. You are never required to accept any offers in order to complete a download, but you will want to keep a close eye out to be sure you see and have a chance to select the decline or opt-out option for any third party offers you do not want.

That said, offers of this nature can cause false positive detections from certain antivirus programs, which is most likely what you are seeing.

We sent a message to the email address indicated in your post, to request additional information about the specific program you downloaded so that we can double-check it. In future, if you wish to contact our support team directly, you can use the form at the following location:


That form, and our FAQ section, can be accessed by clicking the "Download Help Center" link in the "More" column at the very bottom of all Download.com pages. From the main FAQ section, or from any individual article, click the "Submit a Question" link to access the above form.

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