Ineffective customer support, including office of president

I purchased the Samsung Windows 8 tablet (details below), and having / had troubles with the defective tablet. Their policy will not allow for any replacement or refund, but they would only perform a service.

They did already perform a service which was ineffective. Having brought the matter to the Office of President, customer service, the regret is that Samsung displays continued ineffectiveness at the highest level of escalation! So, it is my view that always buyer beware before buying any Samsung product.

Here is the email thread that shows their uncommitted nature -

MAIL 1 -

From: Subbiah, Ramasubramaniyam (US - Wilton)
Sent: Monday, September 02, 2013 9:14 AM
To: President; Officeofpresident@sea.samsung.com
Subject: Painful customer relations and service


I am hoping that I am writing to the highest level in the Samsung Customer Service. It has been a painful experience until now to deal with the support team you have. I have had several conversations, and points of online interactions in dealing with the problems I am facing with a primarily defective Samsung XE500T1C-A01US ATIV Smart PC unit.

Here are the details:

First the unit was sent for repair - Service Ticket # 4120088059. The same issue persists.

Here is yet another interaction after the unit was "repaired" - Online Interaction / Reference - LTK111790686486X
Here is the third online interaction - AVAEXDWG0O9EY.
In the meanwhile, I also called and spoke with an Agent named "G...." then he connected me with the Executive Customer Relations representative, where I had to run through the same verification and problem identification process.

All said, my time has been wasted so much that I am very concerned if it is worth the time again to send this email to the office of the president. However, now that I have a defective unit in hand, I need to take the steps necessary to have it replaced and justify my investment. I do not think it is worth my time and efforts to have the unit sent again for "diagnosis" or "repair", and wait for it to arrive.

I'd appreciate if there's a different solution - I am only looking for a perfectly working Samsung Smart PC.


MAIL2 - Sep 04
I got a response back from Samsung Office of President stating they will not be replacing, but they can only do a service.


MAIL3 - Sep 04
I responded back having to agree with their service attempt asking them to setup the service.


I never got back any response / service setup until now, Sep 08! I had to follow up on a follow up service?!! with the highest level of authorities (presumably) at Samsung customer service.

Fingers crossed if they are at the least "listening"!?! I couldn't copy their actual emails because those have last few lines stating confidentiality.

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Re: Ineffective customer support, including office of presid

Hi dreamsouth,

I apologize for the issues you have experienced with your ATIV. I have reviewed the service ticket notes and see that you have been set up for service by our office of the president. If you have any further issues after this repair is completed please let us know so we can look into other accommodations.

Thank you,

HD Tech

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Still ineffective. Apprehensive about samsung's quality

Here is the email I sent as soon as I sent the unit to the repair facility:

From: Subbiah, Ramasubramaniyam (US - Wilton)
Sent: Wednesday, September 11, 2013 4:52 PM
To: Caitlin Thomason
Subject: RE: In regards to your Samsung

I have sent it across. Just to let you know, I have forgot to pull out the 32 GB micro SD card that I had on the slot.

Just remembered.


Here is the next email I just sent now after hearing back from the repair facility now at Sept 13, 2013, 3:50 PM. I am extremely apprehensive about the quality of repair facility that Samsung employs, and the standards that Samsung adheres. You can get it from the details in my email below. I really think the repair facility is lying about the micro SD card that i accidentally left in the slot. They called and told me that they found a "broken" sd card in the slot?!?!? Are you kidding me??? It was a brand new card, working perfect. I really think they would like to 'steal' it. Here is the follow up email I sent immediately to Samsung office of president:


I just got a call now 3:50PM from your repair facility at New Jersey. The person stated that the tablet had a SD card inside, and it was "Broken". This is absolutely unacceptable and ridiculous. I explained to them that I had communicated with you as soon as I sent that I forgot to take out the SD card that I have placed in the slot. I also told him that I had a video recording of what I sent along to Samsung. He just acknowledged everything and closed the communication. I don't know what resolution they are going to provide, but I am very very disappointed with the professionalism, the way they spoke, and the action they took until now.

Just to let you know. Also, the 32 GB micro SD card that I had put in was BRAND NEW. Absolutely no data in it. And I had probably brought it about a week back. There is no question of it breaking in the slot as he explained. I am very skeptical and apprehensive about the level of quality your repair facility adheres to. In all, I expect a perfectly fine working unit, with its keyboard and charger, and a brand new 32 GB micro SD card.




Let's see if someone is hearing.

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Re: Still ineffective. Apprehensive about samsung's quality

Hi dreamsouth,

I apologize for your experience thus far. I see that the office of the president has requested a receipt for the SD card. Please upload this receipt to the office of the president email address so they can replace this card for you. I apologize for the inconvenience.

HD Tech

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Receipt uploaded

HD Tech,

Yes, I have uploaded the receipt - I am fine with the solution provided until now for the SD card. The cost is being reimbursed. Best is to have the repair facility audited not just against their service levels but including quality and customer orientation.


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The ineffective support continues..

I have gotten a replacement device finally from Samsung - Got a ATIV TAB 3 (XXE300TZC K01US) instead of the bad tablet that I had.

Now, the new tablet is again a failed one - this does not boot at all. I tried all combinations to get to BIOS or do a recovery, but it just will not work. I wrote mails to Office of President, still no use just because I am now in India, and Samsung will not be able to service / replace when you are out of country. I am actually getting fed up with Samsung electronic devices - they look and feel so nice, however, the support is aweful. This happened when I just did a refresh of the PC, putting me to an irrecoverable issue - "Security Version Mismatch Detected" contact manufacturer,... and also shows a error code. I just simply think this is a BIOS security check issue, and I cannot access the BIOS to disable it. The tablet is now like a paperweight, though I got it in October 2013 after so many mails back and forth with Samsung. Not sure if there will be any further help. I am ready to take it to a service center in India, however, not sure if they can handle any windows tablet devices.

If someone can help me including Samsung, that would be great.


Ram (dreamsouth)

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Bad product I'm afraid.

The only help I can offer is to advise you to get a different tablet from company that will stand behind their product.  Samsung has a long history of poor quality and bad customer service. You will most likely be happier in the long run if you take your money and buy from a better company with a better product.

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Samsung Customer Service - VOC Office of the President

I am going through a horrible experience as well.

I've been a long time customer of Samsung products, but Samsung Electronics of America's customer service is rock bottom as well as its service/warranty policy.
Whether you're real-time chatting with tech support, on the phone with the regular customer support, or discussing issues with the "Office of the President" a/k/a "Samsung VOC," the attitude and results are the same.
Bottom line: Samsung will not accept responsibility; Samsung will ignore questions about defects or malfunctions; and Samsung will place blame on the customer.
I'm done with Samsung!

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Samsung just makes "fertilizer"

Star Trek had a saying "Once you have their money, never give it back." This sums up the way Samsung treats their customers. Their products tend to be poor quality, their software is abysmal quality, and since they already have your money, you now represent a cost to them so the less time they spend solving your issue, the better.

In my case, I made the mistake of spending $1300 U.S. on one of their 55 inch "Smart" televisions. I was looking forward to connecting my Samsung Blue Ray/DVD players and using their universal remote to control both products. Well, it turns out Samsung lied and these two devices are incompatible. The Television will identify the DVD player, but you can't configure the television to recognize and control the player. I'm stuck with always having both devices on at the same time, even if I'm not going to play a DVD.

The next (recurring) problem is that the Hulu application will run for a few weeks and then suddenly won't run. This has happened multiple times and the television is only about a year old. I've called for help and every time I get someone who's more interested in confirming my phone number, address, name, birthdate, shoe size, etc. than in actually helping me. After going through a lot of hoops, their final response is that I have to reset the "SmartHub" software. What they don't tell you is that this wipes out all your downloaded applications and login information. You'll spend weeks reloading and re-entering your login info, and you still won't be able to use Hulu on your television.

Requests to speak with Tier II or Tier III technician just get you a long hold time and the same person comes on the phone with some other silly thing to try that doesn't fix anything. I eventually asked to speak with a supervisor and that was also ignored until I repeated the request (while screaming into the phone). I got another know nothing flunky on the line who repeated the same diagnostic issue and then asked for remote access to the television over the network. I told him I would not give access, as the last time that happened the technician reset the television without asking permission and after I had told him not to do a reset.

Bottom line Samsung's primary business model seems to be customer abuse and poor quality products. I've also decided that this is the last Samsung product I'll risk my money on.

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I recently contacted customer service regarding an issue I was having with my TV. A google search alerted me that my issue was a known issue and Samsung even lost a class action law suit because of it. Since I have been a loyal Samsung user, I was quite confident they would stand behind their product and do the right thing. BOY WAS I WRONG! They have absolutely horrific customer service. It was so bad that I filed a BBB complaint. I then noticed you can read many of the previous complaints on the BBB site. I have been doing a lot of on-line research on Samsung and it has been an eye opening experience. I quickly noticed a very common pattern:

Simply do this, search these phrases "samsung complaints", "samsung tv complaints", "samsung class action lawsuits", and "samsung customer service" on cnet forums, google, and facebook. Read through the BBB complaints. Better yet, look at the thousands of complaints on their own facebook pages - Samsung USA, Samsung TV USA, Samsung appliances USA, etc. I will be shocked if you don't come to the same conclusion. They will only stand by their products when forced into it by class action lawsuits

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Will never buy Samsung products again!

I definitely feel your pain. I purchased a 55" Samsung Smart TV because of the many extra features like access to Netflicks, Hulu, Amazon, and Skype. Well, Skype is no more for this platform, and the Hulu app worked only for the first few months I owned the television.

The Hulu app would start to load, then freeze with a generic "error" message. Calls to the service desk had very long wait times (>2 hours in some cases) only to be connected to a "Technician" who could do nothing but follow a script (which they all did regardless of what I told them about the last call I'd made). Requests for escalation to a Tier Three support person were ignored. Eventually the "tech" would ask for remote access to the television and would proceed to remove everything and reinstall the basic apps (only) from scratch. This meant I would have to reload and reconfigure all my selections and reset my Hulu, Amazon, Netflicks login info (a process that takes quite a while). A few days later, I'd have to call again as the Hulu app would stop working again. It was clear there was a memory problem with the television.

After repeated calls to Samsung got no where, I contacted the office of the president. That got me in touch with someone who promised me a one time courtesy service call. The technician showed up without his test equipment charged and asked if I had a Mac charger he could borrow. I didn't, so he called a remote technician and had the (same ones already run multiple time) run again. Lo and behold, there was a memory defect found. The technician packed up his things and left without repairing the television because "they don't order parts unless they know they are needed."

A second appointment was scheduled for three weeks later. That appointment came and went with no technician showing up. It seems the parts hadn't arrived and they were to busy (i.e. lazy) to call and cancel the appointment. A second appointment was scheduled for a week later, and again the technician didn't show up (he wanted to take a personal day and it seems he was the only Samsung television tech in all of Atlanta, [yea right]). A third appointment was arranged under threat of a law suit. This time a different technician showed up and replaced the motherboard. The television does work now, provided you turn the sound up to 75 (out of 100) and strain your ears to hear. This was not the previous behavior.

I've had two Samsung products, the television and a blue ray player. These products are supposed to interface and use he same remote controller. They don't work well with each other at all. The universal remote doesn't work well between the two units and I have to manually turn on the player.

Given the problems Samsung has technically, and the customer service, it is clear this company produces a poor quality product sold at a premium price. These are the last Samsung products I will ever buy and I wish this company a swift, public, and shameful bankruptcy leaving themselves, their children, and grandchildren disgraced forever. May people point at them and their descendants, begging and living homeless on the streets, and hiss "They lied to their customers and sold defective products!" then hurry past lest the stink of their disgrace rub off. And if you want to know how I really feel, be glad profanity is prohibited on this web site.

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Samsung TV

All I want is to curse out Samsung but I can't cause I don't curse. My father in law has had his 55".inch curve TV less then 6 months and all we get is run around around I'm begging Cosco for another TV. Thank goodness for cosco. I wil never purchase another Samsung product ever again I prefer Apple any way. I have the same TV with no problems but I don't care it has been a nightmare. The last lie they told me was we will call you back. The last excuse I got was " you are 105 miles from our service Dept" before that it was " we have to order parts " (how do they know what parts we need) and before that it was " the service guy will be there Monday"

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Note 7

Samsung service is generally terrible. I submitted my Samsung Note 7 in January 2017 and to-date I have not being refunded, as promised. I cannot get any explanation and it is almost impossible to contact senior personnel at Samsung. This matter is long outstanding and I am also losing out on the US$425 discount for the purchase of the Note 8. I am seeking assistance for contact information with senior personnel at Samsung to have these matters resolved as soon as possible.

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Do not buy from Samsung.com!

I'm extremely disappointed with Samsung's immoral practice. I purchased a Galaxy Note 8 and received $425 discount for trading in my GS7 because I was a previous Note 7 owner.

The Note 8 was defective so I had to return the phone/order. Samsung will not issue compensation for my trade in and now I have no phone to use. I was hoping to at least receive a new promotional discount code to place a new order.

They are adamant that they will not issue a credit for my trade in so I feel like I have been robbed big time, especially when it's no fault of mine.

Is this practice even legal or moral?

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Same thing happened to me!

That exactly what's happened to me and still waiting for them to send me a coupon for the trade in phone since September. Never buy Samsung again!

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Worst customer service ever

I call the customer service about two weeks ago about my electric range. My warranty had expired they said they would give me a one time free warranty to fix my range. When I read the serial number she said it was invalid i read the number 6 times still invalid I know I read the number right. She told me because the serial number was invalid I could not get my free one time warranty. I call back and spoke to a different person this time I read the same numbers this time the number was valid they gave me service order number. They they would get back with me in two days. I nevery got a call back.I call them back. They said they were trying to find someone to fix my range.well I never got my range fix.becausee they could not find anyone to fix it .this the worst customer service I have ever experienced my range is still not fix this is a bad experience .why they sell samsung appliances and you can't get it fixed I don't have the money to get it fix so I'm stuck with a range that doesn't work. I need some help. The's people lie to me AL along.

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Terrible Customer Service

Received damaged pedestals n incorrect color n have tried since delivery to get them shipped back n exchange! 42 days later still have these items in my home of no use! I have never seen such lousy customer relations to their consumers loyal or new consumers. I will never recommend or purchase a Samsung product again!

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Open Letter to Office of the President

Dear Sir,
It is very disappointing that we have to write this letter to you. Our household has been a very loyal customer to Samsung. We have two flat screen TVs which have lasted a long time, a tablet and we have owned several of your phones. What I am writing to you about is the full suite of Samsung appliances that we got upgraded when we purchased our new house and moved in to on July 2015.
Over the two plus years that we have been in the new house, three of our Samsung appliances have broken down. In February 2016, our dryer’s heating element failed. It took two weeks before the technician could come out. At that time, the product was under warranty and was fixed.
In March 2017, our induction stove’s control board broke. We called your support line and were hoping for some help as this item, while out of warranty, should not have broken in less than two years. We decided to have a repair technician come in and he replaced one of the five and that didn’t fix it. We called again and got nothing but bad attitude from your support line. Phrases like “Well if you know how to use the product, it wouldn’t break” were used. I can understand that if someone was abusing a phone or other hand held product this excuse might be plausible however, this was a range that can’t be picked up by one human and thrown around. We don’t burn our food in the oven or spill our food all over it. This kind of support is not acceptable. Rather than go through the lengthy and expensive repair process, we were forced to make the decision to purchase a new stove and we made the conscious decision to not purchase a Samsung product.
Now, only nine months later, our dishwasher’s control panel has failed. With the above experiences, we are so far passed considering fixing the product that we are going to replace it with a product from a different manufacturer.
All three of these parts/products should last longer than the two years and five months as it stands now. We have done some reading online and found that we are not alone with these product or support issues and can’t understand why a company with such a renowned name can’t stand by their products or have them last longer than three years. It is understandable that things break down and perhaps it is incumbent upon us the consumer to get the extended warranty but I can’t help but wonder, how long will the replacement part last? Are we talking another 2 years? Speaking with the repair technician, these parts aren’t built better and in fact, they are the same parts put in at time of assembly.
With all this in mind, how can this be sustainable for any company. Yes, Samsung is one of, if not the largest electronic manufacturers in the world but when things like this and other famous issues continue to happen, how can it be sustainable. How can Samsung, in good conscience, allow products like yours to break down and then end up in having to be recycled or worse yet in the landfills across the globe.
It is quite disappointing that it should come to this as we are in the market for a new large flat screen TV and don’t have faith in your products enough to purchase a Samsung TV. I suggest that you look at your business practices and re-evaluate just exactly where these failures are happening and fix them or somewhere in the future, people will find an alternative to your products that are more reliable and economical.
Jeff Putman

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A response from Kwon Oh-hyun (not really)

Good afternoon Mr. Putman:

Ha ha ha. We got you money now, you silly American. What you gonna do about it? Boo hoo, you got junk merchandise. You not read news? Washer's explode, TV's not working, phones catching fire... All our stuff junk, and you bought it so now it your problem.

You want support, here use mine; wear in good health, but wash before you return it. Other than that, you so dumb you bought our junk, you obviously too stupid to use customer service. Better you just shut up and live with what you got stuck with.


Kwon Oh-hyun
Vice Chairman and CEO
Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.

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Refusal to honor promotion

Tried to make purchase of note 8 on website would not allow said pro item was out of stock so i called and spoke with representative about issue with hopes i can make purchase over phone and just have item sent to me when in stock u was told i have to make purchase over website instructed to try again because website was having issues got same problem representative instructed me to clear browser and try again but now item has changed so the representative logs on to website and say not to worry that promo has just expired but now you can get Dex Station with purchase and trade in of note 8. So i purchase and phone and ordered phone so got email of item being shipped but no dex station so i called back and now im being told since phone has shipped they would send me promo Dex Station was given ref # called back to check on status and now im being told that since the station didn't ship with phone there is nothing anyone at samsung can do for me and to have a nice say I have been a customer of Samsung for years this is the worst customer service i have ever received you mean to tell me this big company won't honor there promotion and i should be just happy with my phone but you have 12 days of give aways and i was told there is no one that will help me everyone will tell me the same thing your customer service sounds like we not going to honor anything cause we going to go broke we don't care about our customers we already have your money it sounds like i need to start shipping somewhere else this by far the worst customer service i ever got in my life i couldn't even get a manager or corporate number or email to complain thanks for the worst service ever.
and I'm not getting any type of assistance at all

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So many problems, no solution

Just had to email the office of the president myself but doubt I'll get a response.

My S6 has caught fire 3 times (actual smoke coming out and not charging), completely stopped working and wouldn't turn on once, and now the buttons are stuck inside the phone. I'm about to be on my 5th S6 since all they would do is send me another refurbished.

I seriously hate this phone due to it constantly having problems, and customer service was a joke. They just wanted me to be phoneless so they could pry out the buttons and give me back a phone that probably still wouldn't work.

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fed up and filing lawsuit

My experience was almost identical to yours. I am filing complaints with appropriate agencies and will follow up with a lawsuit at some point. I sent a certified intent to their corporate office and I am waiting for the response. Samsung is falling apart and their warranties are meaningless. Their corporate numbers busy 24/7. average waiting time is apparently more than 8hrs and they absolutely refuse any written communication at this point.

I would love to hear from people who pursued legal action. any feedback will be appreciated.
may thanks D

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feed Up with Samsung

We should start a class action suit lawsuit. I just spoke with the office of the president and it was a waste of time. My dryer heating unit failed after a year costing $287 dollars and they refuse to give any compensation!

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Heat pump dryer

Please just kill me now been trying to get a replacement dryer which was less than 6 months old (it had a gas leak) I'm still waiting for a replacement dryer have spoken to Samsung that many times to no avail I am at my wits end with this company, I am furious. Spent 1500 on a dryer and now I don't even have one, just give me a new dryer how hard can it be seriously. I need help....there must be something we can all do such as a class action lawsuit.

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Refrigerator Required 8 Service Calls in 2 Years --- No help

I sent this email to Samsung:

On December 13, 2015 I purchased a Samsung RF23HCEDBSR Refrigerator from Canadian Appliances Source in Ottawa. Attached is the original bill of sale. I also purchased an extended maintenance contract.

Since owning the appliance I have had a service technician here 7 times for problems with the refrigerator. Most of the problems have been with the ice maker. After the last repair, the tech did something that caused the refrigerator to fail (the freezer was still working). When we got up the next morning we found the fridge temp at 15C and had to throw out all of the food in the unit.

On all service calls, new parts were ordered and so a second visit was required. On the last visit to replace parts, I observed the tech spraying water into the ice maker section and using a hair dryer to defrost the ice maker parts. Reading the manual, I see that both these actions are specifically mentioned as things not to do. After he left we found a large amount of water in the bottom of the fridge the next day, that we had to clean up.

The tech was here again yesterday (visit #7) and said he had to order more parts and then return next week and defrost the fridge using a hair dryer and replace some other parts, The ice maker is still not working properly, however it may be due to the fact that the fridge temp is 15C.

We were forced to go out and buy a small fridge to tide us over until the Samsung is fixed.

To say we are less than pleased with this fridge and on-going service would be an understatement. We paid a hefty price for this unit, and based on consumer reports believed Samsung to be a reliable manufacture. Our opinion has changed and we are now not sure at what to do, as we have a fridge we can no longer trust and certainly have no faith that the service technician will resolve the issues with this unit.

Any suggestions or help with these problems would be much appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

This was the reply from the Office of the CEO:


Thank you for taking the time to share with us your experience with Samsung.

We would like to invite you to contact the place of purchase for further assistance under the extended warranty.
Please note that Samsung's limited warranty only covers one year from date of purchase.

Please accept all our sincere apologies for the inconvenience this issue may have caused you.

We appreciate your efforts in communicating your needs with us.

Thank you for your time.


Office of the President
Samsung Electronics Canada Inc.
NOTICE: This message, including any attachments, is only for the use of the intended recipient(s) and may contain confidential and privileged information, or information otherwise protected from disclosure by law. If the reader of this message is not the intended recipient, you are hereby notified that any use, disclosure, copying, dissemination or distribution of this message or any of its attachments is strictly prohibited. If you received this message in error, please contact the sender immediately by reply email and destroy this message, including all attachments, and any copies thereof.

Clearly no help at all. Filed a complaint with the BBB.

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BBB is worthless for this

Because it's imported item, sold in many stores. You want action? Call your state attorney's office. Gather the news of yester years when half of all the US state's attorneys went after Packard Bell for this same level of non support and crappy hardware they failed to repair. You can run Search on these forums and find hundreds of these stories. What is needed is something similar now in the US toward Samsung company. If a number of state attorneys from other states too, all join together and go after Samsung, then some real action will finally happen. They will either make good on their defective products, or end up banned from the USA markets.

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Samsung Appliances are the Worst

You are 100% correct and Samsung should outright be banned from selling their appliances in the US until they meet our standards. They have had to make the same accommodations for all sorts of products...
I do not see how years later Samsung and LG are both churning out these trash appliances built to fail (especially their refrigerators and washers).
As a repair tech, I know some regular folks who were truly financially set-back and burdened due to a Samsung refrigerator repair bi-annually costing them a minimum of $500+ just for parts...
With Maytag refrigerator and freezer units and other American brands like Whirlpool and GE the parts are coming from local suppliers. Same day service is usually the norm...
But with Samsung and LG appliances most the time those parts are coming from South Korea. Even in LA we have no major distributor who carries each and every part...
I know many repair techs who outright refuse to deal with both brands just because, of having to explain to customers how bad their investment was.
But sometimes the truth hurts.
Just my 2 cents...
Repair Tech

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Dryer heating unit failed after a year

We should start a class action suit lawsuit!!!

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Lemon fridge

I have been in contact with Samsung appliance customer service for months now. It is in need of the same repair it is had for other times. The first person I talked to should have told me that since it was out of warranty my refrigerator could not be repaired or replaced by Samsung. Instead, they required me to send copies of all my repair receipt, four of them for the same issue. And then they requested the purchase receipt . Instead of having me jump through hoops for months at a time talking with 8 to 12 different people, they should have just said in the first place they weren’t going to do anything. They did tell me however that they would replace the refrigerator or give us money to buy a new one. That’s why they were requesting all of this information. Evidently, the people I spoke with who made that promise didn’t type it into the notes. That means that they don’t believe what I’m saying about Samsung’s promises of the last few months. The fact that they asked for all that verification is proof enough in my mind that they were planning to do something about it even though it was out of warranty and they knew ihat at the beginning.


I will never buy another Samsung product. Ever.

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Samsung Customer service is maddening

I would not recommend purchasing any appliances from Samsung. Unfortunately we bought 2 kitchens full (2 refrigerators, 2 gas ovens, 2 convection ovens, 2 dishwashers). So far we experienced issues with one of the refrigerators and the convection oven multiple times. The convection oven has broken 5 times in the past 2 years. 3 of which were still covered under warranty. The same error comes up. Samsung customer service all gives you different answers and no real follow through on their solutions. They have sent a repairman out 4x's to fix the same problem, but have refused to deem the product defective when it obviously is. They try charging me for the repair each time and I have escalated this up to the head of the customer service (Teddy) who provided me his email address after my multiple complaints. I said Teddy are we going to talk about this convection oven until the day we die? And so when I emailed him a week ago to indicate that the C-DO error is back, he just never replied! Now I have to go through and restate my complaints to a whole new channel of ineffective people who at best will just send a repairman to fix the oven again only for it to break again in a few months. Do yourself a favor, don't buy Samsung!

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Samsung does not care

We have been having issues with our now 9 month old refrigerator for the last 5 months. Our freezer failed after having the fridge for only 6 months. It took about 2 months to resolve the freezer issue after many phone calls, 5 service calls and scratches on our new kitchen floor. Shortly after that, the unit developed "noise" issues that range from a low vibrating noise to a very loud noise that can last anywhere from a minute to 1/2 an hour. After numerous phone calls and a few more service calls, no one can solve the issue. We have been told numerous times over the last 6 weeks that now "accomodations" will be made, but nothing happens. I am told that someone will call me back soon, but no one ever does. I have written letters to the office of the president, had online chats, email correspondance, and phone calls to the president's office and all were ineffective. I was asked about a month ago to email my bill of sale to them, which I did, but now am told they did not receive it. I have come to believe that this is being dragged out so that my warranty will be up and I will have no further recourse in this matter. Samsung doesn't care because there will always be another unsuspecting customer around the corner....

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