I really can't dispute anything in the article.
Going back to the VHS/Beta wars. It's fall of 1982, I'm looking a getting a home video tape recorder. I looked a Beta and VHS units, I only know two people that have any, one have VHS, one has a Beta unit, both cost $900~1000. Which to buy???
I look at the cassettes both cost $15 at the time. Beta, smaller holds less tape shorter playing time. VHS bigger holds more tape longer playing time. Beta gets 1 hour in the standard play mode, VHS gets two hours in the standard play mode.

Picture quality, Beta 1 speed wins over VHS SP, but VHS SP wins over Beta 2 speed and this is the the speed used to record the two hour movies on Beta tapes. Thus movies looked better on VHS than Beta.
Also there were many more companies making VHS over Beta, this caused the prices of VHS units to drop faster the the prices of Beta units.

While I'm not predicting which one will win, if I compare the facts from the article to the history of VHS/Beta wars it would seem that B-Ray has more in it's favor at this point in time. John