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Here's the deal. I received notice from my ISP that claimed "Coach Carter" had been downloaded in its entirety from my IP address through "e-Donkey" which I have never downloaded

I have E-mule but use it for reasons strictly for non-copyrighted material. No joke. ( I like user-created clip-art OK? Happy but then I receive a letter saying that I have Coach carter and I am sharing out over my IP.

However, when I received the letter I did a complete search for Coach Carter but found it nowhere on my hardrive. So heres the Question:

How could this happen? I have a LinkSys router and an up to date version of zonealarm. I leave E-mule on for up to 4 days at a time but I still can't imagine how somebody could use my IP as a proxy to make it look like I had the file. and If somehow they actually put the file on my PC and hosted could I not notice that? and still not be able to find the movie in question.

I seriously feel violated, and it makes it worse that I'm not some computer newbie. I have considerable experience?

Any suggestions? Please, Please help!
Violated in North Dakota,

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eMule uses the

Donkey network. If you are downloading/uploading the movie, it would be listed in your "Shared Files" tab. It could also be renamed something else in your shared files, but the hash/file would be the same. File size would be around 700 - 800 MB for each file (2files). Someone else using your computer or you have other computers sharing your connection?

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I grilled every friend that had used my computers in the last three days and none of them did it. And the most scary thing, is that every movie file I had was either honest to god porno Wink or the movies of the games I have that came up in the search. BUT THERE WAS NO INDICATION IN EMULE THAT I HAD THE FILE!! scary huh? I am rather computer savvy, but if that file was on my harddrive (as they claim it was under penalty of my butt)it was hidden there well. It was not in my shared folder and during its supposed download, not once was I aware of it being downloaded. (and I frequently watch my downloads carefully and closely)

does anybody else have ANY ideas at all as to how a hacker could pull this off and how I could prevent it from ever happening again? If the solution involves using 18 different anti-spy and adaware and virus checkers I have been there and done that. Also I would like the solution to involve being able to continue using emule instead of deleting it.
Would using a LowID when connecting to servers solve any problem of potential hacker attempts through emule? is there settings I can set up on my router/firewall? Are there settings in ZoneAlarm that would allow me to leave emule on for 4 days at a time, and not be afraid of some sicko hacking me?

Thank you all so much for your continued help and opinions on this matter!!

CNET ROCKS!!!!!!!!!1

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Contact your ISP as soon as possible.

One of the biggest problems with complaints being made against people, or action being taken against them, (either in internet land or in the real world with legal issues, etc), is that the person being complained against does not contact them.

An example: You have a credit card and you overspend on your limit. The provider writes to you asking why this is, and you mustn't do it again, and what do you intend to do about it and you do not respond. They take you to court. But if you had contacted them immediately, and discussed the matter reasonably, they would not take any further action.

So, contact them, either by email or letter. Refer to their letter, (or email, whichevr way they contacted you), and don't forget to include their reference number.

Put your side of the story, and ask them how they are sure that you downloaded a file called "Coach Carter", and how they know you are now sharing it over the network.

State that you do not use e-donkey, although you accept that you use E-Mule, but you have no knowledge of downloading this or any other large files of the same nature.

Tell them that you have a LinkSys router "and" that you use ZoneAlarm firewall, and ask them if "they" consider that your IP could have been hijacked in any way, either through your computer (which you do not accept), or by impersonating your account.

Ask them if you can see their evidence that you have used e-Donkey to download this particular file, (although as you have already been told, e-Donkey and E-Mule use the same servers).

If they have conclusive proof, then the suspicion falls back onto your computer, and/or your friends, or the network your computer is on if it is on one.


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