In Search Of Great Laptop For At Most $2000

hey everyone

im looking for a real nice laptop for at most $2000. top of the line for that budget. should i get alienware??? here is what i need a laptop for: mail web browsing streaming games (nothing too crazy maybe grand theft auto but id love to get something that can more than handle the upcoming Friday The 13th game and able to handle without problems my torrenting over seedbox. hence why i cannot use windows 10 cause of recent tracker banning of that OS. i plan on using lots of software like spotify firefox movie collector lastpass disc burning software ftp software foobar2000 plex mezzmo trillian skype freemake video converter
i like to play games like some action like grand theft auto and older games like roms and point and click games like old school Sierra or LucasArts.i usually run a lot of programs running at the same time. i keep both music and pictures on my os drive more so video and music. id like to overclock my laptop if possible but never tried it dont know how but would try if able to on a laptop so lemme know guys. it has to be windows 8.1 cannot be windows 10. one last requirement is 4k display and a bluray burner oh yeah a nice hdd size preferably like a sshd drive like at least a 1tb size maybe, also is it possible to add another hdd or sshd in a laptop?

thanks in advance everyone. cheers!.

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Have to write no. Torrents are trouble and so far

I've yet to find a PC that survives the nasties that are in too many torrents.

I don't know what you mean about w10. I just used Deluge to get a Linux distro in a few minutes. Worked great.

-> If not 10, you have a HUGE issue today. I've been running into current leading edge PCs without drivers for Windows 7 or 8. This may mean you are looking at what is left with the OS you want to run.

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laptop advice


ive been torrenting for many many years and i know how to protect myself and a seedbox helps in its own way. so no worries i take my chances. besides i have pretty good protection on my computer its not flawless i give you that but its ultimately my decision. thank you tho for your concern Happy

google windows 10 and private tracker banning of that os. something like that. it has to do with windows 10 security. since i have a seedbox i use rtorrent which is a web gui but i can't and will not risk getting kicked off for that off my trackers.

yea its a shame that win 10 is taking over but im not ready to get into it for many personal reasons that os. but i have seen plenty of laptops with windows 8 or 8.1 like on amazon and newegg i just need guidance on what is best for my needs above.

thank you for the reply. if you or anyone else can help me with suggested laptops based on my criteria id greatly appreciate it ten fold.

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Then why is the torrenting on this list.

It made it sound as if the choice of the laptop would matter.

Since you have left out W10 laptops and makers are not keen on prior driver versions I think you'll have to make a short list of your finds.

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not 100% clear what you mean. lemme explain again


as i pointed out it can't have windows 10 cause of its security issues somne torrent sites with it. besides the info i provided in OP forget the torrenting aspect for now and i just want to state again i need windows 8 or 8.1. it simply cannot be windows 10

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What Bob meant was this

Please supply a list of the sub $2000 laptops that support Windows 8.1 you found and would be willing to buy.

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i found like 80 something laptops wit windows 8.1 on amazon and some newegg called too and they couldn't help. based on my criteria you get nothing or a handful. l wanna buy something really good and if its high priced no problem only if its under $2000 the max. im overwhelmed. thinking of maybe takinng a ride to microcenter and get a custom build. but thats a last result and they'll probably overcharge.

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best laptops

btw according to a article below ios mac or whatever dell comes 2nd in best laptops

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80 is not as many as you think.

You should be able to narrow down what you want in say CPU or GPU then it will be less.

We've dismissed W10 laptops for a reason I didn't find to hamper me using Deluge to go get a few Linux distros. I don't want to debate that area since you seem convinced torrents don't work. They worked fine here.

Back to you. READ THIS. Windows may be the wrong OS for you. Makers are not putting out drivers for Windows 7 and even 8.x now. This is really riling to those that have a reason not to use W10. This applies to you.

This means that the models I have first hand experience with are off the list as they are current, good value, nice and all but no W7/8 due to drivers.

What's wrong with torrenting on a dual boot Linux? Then you get it all. Current hardware and more.

Note: Edited for spelling error.

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laptop needed that's pimped out and not a w10 os

hey thanks for the input i would like to tho end officially one aspect of discussion. read this article below about why i simply cannot and refuse to use windows 10 and torrenting (keep in mind im on private torrent sites which i believe is the target if i recall reading)

its a year old almost but i couldn't find anything recent so maybe its different now but regardless im not plunking down my hard earned to find out the hard way. i torrent a lot and have been for many years on a server aka seedbox and i use rutorrent gui for my client so i can't find afford to get banned or lose my seedbox provider. that is where im coming from and that is all on this torrent topic. just wanted to point that out. anyways....

i dont know linux at all and it would be too frustrating for me to learn based on what i heard about that OS. maybe in the future ill learn it. but not interested. good suggestion tho.

i'd rather order online cause i prefer better selection online. thats just me. and i can't stand hearing about orlando cause that guy was a total psycho and i hopes he totally suffering in hell for his evil crimes at that club. the world is so screwed up and will last like that forever if you ask me.

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So it's the torrent sites that blocked and not Microsoft?

This remind me of this picture.

My son picked up a really nice Asus ROG 15 inch with all the latest trimmings. It worked so well I bought the slightly better model with 4GB video memory and pushed the M2 drive up in size. It's really really nice and it was much less than 2000.

All's not perfect as I need to go find a driver for the 6th gen i7 graphics. For reasons we all know, the driver is signed for W8 and well, it has restarted the Intel graphics driver a few times. This is not a killer for me since I'm a bit of an old hand at this. I've been in the PC industry since before the PC.

Good luck in your quest but if you can get back to W10, then there are great machines out there.

If not, install the OS of your choice and enjoy.

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I have an Alienware 18 and

I love it. I would go to Best Buy and look as my local Best Buy has the Alienware 17, Asus ROG and MSI gaming machines right next to each other to compare. I know lots of people that use WIndows 10 and torrents and have no issues. Maybe is Windows 10 collected as much information as they say then they would have been able to stop the killer in Orlando this weekend.

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It seems that you will really need massive CPU and GPU computing power. Win8.1 now is with less choices as free of upgrading to Win10 is almost ended in July. As I searched for 4K+Wini8.1 with <$2000 on Amazon, there are 5 models, but only GS60 is with 1TB among these 5. If Win10 will be acceptable, you'll get more options.

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