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perception is everything

Mickey Mouse has a bone to pick with Uncle Sam.

Some U.S. travel executives ? including those who run Disneyland and Walt Disney World ? think the government needs to do more to improve the country?s image with foreign tourists who increasingly are choosing other places for their vacations.

Tourism officials ascribe the decline partly to anti-Americanism that arose after the country launched military action in Afghanistan and Iraq and to the ?hassle factor? associated with new visa application and airport security procedures.

?We have developed an image in many countries as fortress America,? said Betsy O?Rourke, senior vice president for marketing at the Travel Industry Association of America, a Washington-based trade group. O?Rourke said tourists should be greeted as ?customers,? not potential ?invaders.?

a November poll of 8,000 consumers from eight industrialized nations found that 55 percent of respondents had an increasingly negative perception of that United States, according to Seattle-based market research firm GMI Inc.

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They are mad at us because

of Afganistan? Those must be Muslim countries. Who cares? Tell them to stay out of the country.

I'm wondering if Disney is blaming the European Disneyland and other flops on Bush too.

The company is doing bad so the gave Micheal Eisner over a half BILLION dollars in bonuses (plus his salery and numerous perks) then built that nightmare sucking expense called 'Animal Park' or whatever it's called. What a waste of money, I went once, I'll never go again. It was the worse thing they ever did, while Universal is doing things closer to the publics liking and taking the market by leaps and bounds.

That's right Disney, blame Bush, that is the way to identify a problem and solve it.

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Re: In politics and tourism?JP, it ain?t Disneyland anymore

Hi JP?excellent post.

U.S. travel executives doing the Big Boo Hoo because of Fortress America? Well, it?s slippery slope time, post-9/11 Travel Fans. Read you passport and, your soon to be issued, REAL ID-National ID and weep. The Papers Please, Security Hassle Factor will eventually be imposed at state border crossings for U.S. Interstate Highway traveling tourists. So when you travel to visit Grandma or Aunt Martha for Thanksgiving, you and yours will be assumed to be a Terrorist Family Band until the gatekeepers at the state border screen and O.K. your Ali bin Travlin-Tulong van load of are we there yet? little terrorists.

Trucks have been hassled in this way for some decades now under the guise of Agricultural Inspections. So it won?t be long before we private citizens get treated to these same You Are Leaving Florida?You Are Entering Georgia border crossing inspection-screenings. It will be easily done. Down the Fortress America security imposition road, all of today's state border WELCOME INFORMATION-REST STOPS will be converted into multi-lane Tijuana-San Diego Border/State Police DUI Check border-check styled spot-check, screening-inspection stations..

When Fortress America Real ID really gets spun up, forget about International Travel and passport issues. Soon we all will have domestic, pseudo-National ID related Domestic Travel issues to concern ourselves about.

Before long, when boarding the Greyfield Inn Ferry to make the ?Border Crossing? from Florida-to-Georgia to take my Bride-For-Life true love to Cumberland Island?s Greyfield Inn for a romantic Bed & Breakfast Week-End Get-Away, I and my wife will have to show our Nationally Certified REAL ID Driver?s Licenses to board the Ferry both going over and coming back.

My point?THE U.S. AIN'T DISNEYLAND ANY MORE?not even for its own born & bred citizens. All those complaining foreign tourist and travel executives from eight industrialized nations can take off their shoes, remove the car keys and change from their pockets, open their purse, car doors, trunk and hood and get in the security inspection-screening line like all the rest of us Yankee Doodlers are made to do.

NEWS FLASH: George Washington isn?t President, George Bush is. William Jefferson Clinton was President when the terrorists first bombed the WTC, not Thomas Jefferson.

JP, the Catgic Cool

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